New Introduction (Update/Repost)

Hello Everyone I’m 19 years old and from Australia :australia:
I’m new to magic and Demons/Spirits
I like to make music and currently working on some songs with my cousin who also does magic and stuff.
I have battle with depression and anxiety in my life but since I graduated school I’ve been a lot better now Then those tormenting days.
I have worked with Lilith and developed a strong connection (was thinking of making a pact with her maybe) and worked with Amdusias with my music and helping me get better at guitar. So yeah I also like to play video games and talk about anything really. Now here’s the update so last weekend I worked with Dantalion because I want his help on him getting me a girlfriend which I made a post about but yeah he’s really great and nice. I did panic when he touched my back and so I got the razor blade and cut my leg very deep it started bleeding crazy cried in pain while cutting my leg on never having a lover in my life but Dantalia told me to relax its okay don’t cry I will help you. so hes really nice and helped me, now I just have to wait for a mouth for my reward. Thanks everyone :heart:

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What are you looking for in a Succibus?. Because I can definitely help you get one for you and you would definitely be satisfied.
Once you tell me what you want from them I’ll you give a step by step for you.
There are 4 spirits of the Succibus

Do you want one that would be very horny for you and gives you the best sex you ever had or do you want a playful one that touches you or one that’s more of a supporter that kind of treats you likes she’s a sexy step mum MILF for you?.
Let me know and I’ll be happy to help you

You’re new to magick, 2 days ago in your intro, yet you’re making the kinds of promises even professionals with 20+ years’ experience would be wary about making.

Also, please pay attention to this rule if you offer to start doing magick for others:


Want one that supports me. MILF. Thank you,

@XLOUIEX cannot do any sort of magick for you, @caboose60, sorry. Please read the post above by @Lady_Eva. He is new to magick, and new to the forum, so it is a breach of the forum rules for him to even offer.

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I replied on your intro here: New member intro - #2 by Lady_Eva

ok. thank you.

Ok jezz just wanted to help him I’ve been using magic for about 3 mouths now so just wanted to help

Another bloody Aussie! What is happening to this group?

Welcome anyway. ‘Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Satanists!’



Hey Mate!
Don’t worry about what happened in the group

I’m from Central Coast, NSW. There are so few of us and so many of them.


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Nice man I’m from Lara, Victoria
The only person I know that does magic and other stuff like that is my cousin
He influence me to try magic and get in contact with Spirits btw he has 5 years of experience so he knows what he’s doing! :blush:

I still want your help.

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I got it Lady-Eva.

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Ok All Good Man :yellow_heart::star: