Performing a love spell

Could you please tag me on that unsuccessful ritual post so that I may know some more?

It seems like a bad idea (to me) to ask this.

If I may give you an option:
Tomorrow (Wednesday is the day of swiftness and communication - Mercury)
The Moon will be in the 17th Mansion - which is favorable for love.
The hour of Venus starts just after the sun has set, and just before the moon rises (about 8:30 PM)
The ascending sign is Libra, which is also a favorable sign for communication.

O, and Venus is still above the horizon then. Look towards the South West for her.

These factors + the full moon could be beneficial for you.


I have looked up the hundreds of comments in the love spell he posted, with Astarte. Ofcourse i cannot find it among the 450comments. There was a person said she saw some movements, but after some days the target just changed his mind and left again…anyway
I dont want to affect any opinion about anyone.
What it needs to be said , and the point here is:
Before suggesting to someone giving this huuuge anount of money in this case, let him also know that its a risk. The results are not sure and not guaranteed, no matter who casts the spell…


I appreciate it.

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Because love magick is very tricky as there are many internal and external factors involved.
Today, I saw a video of EA Koetting in which he was talking about the success rate of his rituals. He said that he has performed for thousands and all were successful except three. The three of them didn’t watch the video EA sent to them, the video of the ritual he performed.

The mind of those three didn’t know if the ritual was actually performed. All magick is from within. BTW they really charge a lot but that’s how they earn money.


A key to love workings in general is the ability to let go and basically forget about the goal basically. You can still want it but it’s crucial to be at a mental and emotional point where you almost don’t care if you fail. I’ve seen some success with my own workings but quickly ruined it because I became wayyyy to attached to the results/goal. Same rules apply if you hire someone, forget about it and almost don’t care about it, I.e. be at peace with the possibility of failure


That’s one thing I never could understand - people care so much about a person that they’re willing to do this type of work to get them back. If you’re doing this then you must be, for the most part, emotionally attached/involved. How can one turn off their emotions after doing such work and “forget about it” or not care if you fail at the work. If someone can turn off their emotions like that and the person does come back, more than likely they’re not going to be interested anymore if they can just cut off their feelings like that. I’ve always had a hard time understanding this part.

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It’s not a turning off of the emotion, it is a letting go of the desperation.

You still love the person, and want to be with them, but after the ritual you either have to know beyond all doubt that they are yours and are just waiting for the universe to catch up or release the attachment and be okay with not having them.

A good way to look at it, once the spell is done, is that the target is currently away on a business trip and you are simply waiting for them to come home. You expect them to return, even if you don’t know exactly when.

The problem a lot of people have with love spells is the waiting part. They are so desperate and impatient that they are focusing more on the lack of this person than on an expectation of them returning.


Nicely put. Thank you :+1:


well said

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How do I contact him? I can’t seem to PM him on here, does he have a website or social media?

You may not be able to PM yet. Just @C.Kendall here and when he has time, he’ll send you a message.


These are just some of the many successful reviews you can check out the Facebook page “The Infernal Obelisk” for the reviews of my clients that they did on video too.

Just for those that have asked for the reviews of the services have a good day :smiley:


Perhaps my post will appear impertinent, but what is this promotion of certain members over others, especially with paid services? Kinda makes the whole forum look like a marketing exercise to gather clients for a few select people, who rarely post on the forums anyway. When was the last time the forum founder made a post, for instance?

I’m not denying that any of the regulars here are skilled magicians with real power, it just seems to me, that those members who are not part of the inner sanctum aren’t getting the full picture of how this community works and how its operations are funded. A bit more transparency and honesty would be most welcome.


@C.Kendall has explicit permission from Balg founders to advertise his services on the forums. He is endorsed by Balg and appears as an author in a few of their more recent books. He is the only member that is allowed to advertise their products and services on the Balg forums per @Timothy

Perhaps @Lady_Eva can explain it better however.


:point_up: That sums it up, actually - BALG authors are permitted to advertise, NO-ONE else, (I don’t actually do paid services, but if I did, that would also include me, and includes ALL Regulars who are not Conner, and any future members-turned-BALG-authors). :smiley:

People ARE permitted to put links to any paid stuff, stores, etc., in their forum Profiles, even price lists, BUT not to say “Check my Profile” (which is equivalent to just dropping the link to the store) - this allows anyone interested to see what someone’s posted, cick through, see if they do paid stuff, and hire them if they wish, but it distinguishes that it’s NOT a forum service, NOT BALG affiliated, accredited, etc.

Regular status is about being active on the forum and is not, repeat IS NOT :smiley: anything to do with one’s ability to perform magick, nor one’s magickal experience. It’s awarded automatically by System which is the smart software this forum is run on.

Let me repeat agin: Being a Regular on here is nothing whatsoever to do with magick, period. :+1:

The full thing is explained here:

Rules around free services are explained here:


Ok, thanks for the explanation.

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@C.Kendall would you be willing to help me? I’m unable to send you a pm presently

Did you get a reply?

THIS is incredible.

This is perhaps the best post spell mindset analogy I’ve ever seen!

Because it’s true there’s a lag in the universe for things to unfold so by making this your mindset you really keep away doubts.