Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

Having no tarot in open threads like this also prevents professional readers from joining and trolling for customers. We’ve had a few of them try that before.

I don’t either, but I cannot remember what Eva gave for her reasoning behind letting new members participate in the scanning threads.


Now that I understand.


Good point.

Scans in this thread are conditional on being shared openly, that’s one big thing - this thread is ideally for swaps, and not the dynamic of one person being the querent, where the other is an all-wise service provider. That helps deter would-be spammers.

Second, it’s easier to make a complex feast of a Tarot reading, using weird technical terms or even faking cards, and offering to do a second reading via PM, which then lends itself to spammers, and even scammers.

Someone can easily pick out a bunch of Swords & The Tower, Death, etc., which are frightening just to see for many people. Scans don’t have that same shock and awe potential, which a scammer could then paylay into the old “Look at these cards! I see a curse is about to strike, you must pay me $200 for materials to stop it.” Etc.

Third, trying to police people’s impressions, or sharing what they sense or feel from a post or photos (equivalent to a “scan”), starts pushing moderation (including member-moderation) to bizarre places, and we can only expect people to take our rules seriously when they’re reasonable, and realistic.

We could end up jumping on someone who uses the word “scan” and ignoring someone who says"feeling" - that’s absurd. Moderation must be the art of the possible, and not enter Kafkaesque extremes.

Finally, this thread has so far not had any problems, whereas other free services did, so it’s messy “accomodate real life” concession which kind of overlays the rule (rather than being a perfect fit with it) in order to allow new members some route to test skills.

If this expanded to Tarot, we can just rip that rule up completely… whereas this nibbles a little into it, but in the method which is most accessible (no tools needed) and least damaging to the rule.

But if this thread ever becomes a problem, in a manner which repeats and cannot be handled any other way, it will most assuredly be nuked. Its survival so far suggests that’s unlikely, though. :smiley:

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Thanks, Eva :slight_smile:

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One other quick thing - ninety days is rule-of-thumb but in the wording, it’s actually a 3-month rule, date-to-date, that was specifically to stop it being complex:

So just check the date of joining, and then count three months, even if one is February or whatever. :+1:

Again, art of the possible. :slight_smile:


True but I could just as easily “see” doom if I “wanted to”

So my question is does this apply to all new people?

Otherwise I get the idea a little more.


Yes, but it wouldn’t have the same visceral impact on most people as a photo of a card layout full of Death & Towers that looks like disaster. :thinking:

The line’s drawn at allowing scans, but no other methods, because the grey area of someone replying and talking about what they feel and sense is not viable to “police.”

Art of the possible means not tying ourselves up in knots over what’s a reply based on gut feeling, what someone senses, and what’s a scan. It’s simpler and fairer just to allow scans as an exception, than trying to bring everything which could possibly constitute divination/scrying/psi perceptions, under the 3-month rule.

Yes, including Patrons & people who attain TL3 at the earliest date possible.


Why not just make a rule that if you ask someone to PM after a tarot/rune reading like that you will get automatically banned. Making people wait 3 months before they can preform their scam only deters those with no patience and hinders those like me who just want to practice my art without the ridicule of people I have everyday contact with. I completely understand your reasoning I just fail to see how it’s the best solution.

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To address this first, automatic bans are generally something I avoid because they can catch the innocent, who just happened not to be aware of something. I do not automatically ban people for offering readings under the 3-month limit, if for example it’s clear they didn’t know, I usually just remove the post and notify them.

On here, if someone joins and breaks a rule, unless it’s threats or trolling, serious abuse, most of the time, depending on the circs I’m going to either point out what the problem is (if they genuinely didn’t know, eg joined posting their shop link right in their intro) or, if it’s someone who keeps doing something a bit out of line, I’d try having a conversation about it, or issuing a caution, then a final formal warning.

Automatic instant bans out of the blue are going to take one action and make that person lose all their PMs, bookmarks, and everything else. Banning people is an absolute last resort, and this avoids that need.

I don’t read all the rules before I join a new community (I figure I’m on there with good intentions, and most forums have the same basic requirements of conduct) and I don’t expect people joining on here to, either.

There are also two things I didn’t address when I was replying to @itsnathanm7 above (because he was asking about what types of readings are permitted < 3 months) which are more relevant to what you’re asking.

  1. if someone gets a reading, and that reading contains strong advice, like your wife is cheating, don’t marry that guy, or you need to take that job overseas, it’s important for the recipient to be able to evaluate a body of work, by viewing someone’s posts so far, and therefore being able to decide whether that person is serious.

If all the reader’s posts are all “Yo I’m the sworn Son Of Zeus lol :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :smiley: :selfie: yeah but no but is magick really real?” and yet they’re advising someone to leave a job, or home, etc., then that will normally be weighted differently than if they have made thoughtful and considered posts which support their skills.

Also, some of us just click in life, and some not, so if the reader has been around a while, the querent will be able to figure out who’s on their wavelength.

While no reader can claim to be 100%, you can get a better feel for the reader’s overall persona from their posts, and 3 months of being reasonably active gives the person getting the reading a chance to do that.

  1. the second reason, and this was the original reason for this rule being brought in, was a guy was being very abusive, he then got banned, so he snuck back in under a new account & name, proxy, etc., and began offering readings - with the direct purpose of getting the people he was abusing to disclose info.

And people have tried the same thing since (but the rule caught them right away).

Now it may seem crazy but people who are usually cautious online will hand over name, mother’s maiden name, date of birth, photos, even stories of personal shames and mistakes for a reading in ways which lay them open to all manner of abuses, phishing attacks, and more.

While 3 months is no guarantee, we have repeatedly found that it’s long enough for formerly-banned people to expose their true identity, because that rush of sneaking straight back on as a new caring persona fades, and they blow themselves up.

The very thing about it which bugs people - that it’s a drag, that it can’t be bought via subscription, nor fast-tracked by posting a lot in a short period - is what helps to kind of weed out a lot of problems.

Obviously, any reading is always something people need to run by their personal bullshit meter regardless, and no reader can claim 100% accuracy, even with the best of intentions, but this is the best we can do to try and keep the biggest known problems away, and give the person getting the reading some information to evaluate what they’ve been told.


Thank you bro, so Ra is with me

Understandable. I’ve always viewed reading as more of a confirmation to what you already know even if you dont know you know it. I’ll be straight up honest and tell you now, when I’m able to, take my reading with a large dose of salt, I have no idea what I’m doing I’ve only done reading for myself and my wife. That’s a lot different than doing a reading for a stranger.

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Hello, I am looking for a scan. If requested, I may perform a return scan for you.

Warm regards! P

Hello - and Hail Satan.
I would love somebody to scan me and provide some sincere and honest feedback.
Thank you.

Hey all,two spirits are with me,and i would ask someone for scan.I really want too know who are they.

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Are they malicious spirits?

No,my guess is that he and she are sexual spirits,but i need confirmation


Want to trade then?

I wish i can,but i am totally newbie in this stuff