FREE Rune readings

Hello guys! To celebrate the end of yuletide, I am doing free rune readings to ring in the new year. Please comment below that you would like one done and I will respond as soon as possible.


Yes please. I have never had a rune reading. Thank you x

I’m interested. Would you prefer details in PM or here?

Before anyone has concerns, you’re actually 11 days short of the 3 months rule to offer free readings, but given the time of year and high likelihood of people wanting readings for the New Year I am waiving it for this. This is not “fair” but I’m making the decision based on not wanting to be a grinch over less than 2 weeks, and because of your solid post history. :+1:


I would like one, that would be greatly appreciated

Would love one!

I’d like one, should I pm you?

Interested in one, thanks.

Nice interception, Eva. I was just going to flag lol


Could I please have mine by PM.

Thank you.

I’d also like one, if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

I would like one!
I would like reading between my relationship with lucifer what he wants from me?

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I would like to have one rune reading, thanks.

i would to get a reading

I would

I’ll like one

whatever you feel comfortable with

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@Bloodwarrior @xxm3141 @Jonny_somthing @zzzzzzz @Manosman
you can either post your questions here or if theyre personal pm them to me

@Lady_Eva I apologize lol, i was previously unaware of this rule but thank you for waiving me


I’d like one, if your offer is still on the table.

Should I continue with Ahriman and go on to Norse or should I stay Ahriman this is something I’m having trouble deciding

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