Scanning newbies?

Just curious if there’s a practice of scanning newbies.

I’ve been thinking about if for a while. This happened within 1-2 days of posting my intro back in August.

After the intro post, I was doing my usual meditation and out of no where this giant face pops and is checking me out. My gut reaction was to show him all the love in my heart. Lame AF I know! But it backed up (I saw full body of this entity now in the distance). Then disappeared. The next day in meditation I saw a brief flash of this face again, and then nothing else since then.

I immediately felt it was related to first post on balg, but put it aside. But I recently saw a post something about newbies being scanned I thought it said. Sorry I can’t find the post now.

This entity kind of looked like Jak from the video game jak and dakster, but with a beaded necklace.

I admit it could have been the ACT of me posting to balg was me flipping a switch internally and was kind of me becoming receptive to the outside. So I’m not sure.

Anyone else have these experiences after posting?

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Well, it’d be interesting to know if newbs or anyone gets scanned from time to time. Some people may not as an act of respecting others space. Big head made me think of that god aweful robocop 2 visual. Ugh! Why can’t they do that franchise correct.

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Scanning people without permission is generally frowned upon, and I consider it plain rude.
It can happen by accident as well I guess.

There’s a scanning thread people can post in if they want to take part in being scanned.

There are some rules for this forum around free readings:


I doubt anyone here actively scans newbies without permission. Passively maybe, some people’s senses are always “on” so they get a general feel on what your like behind the keyboard beyond what they might learn from just plain reading your posts.


The forum itself has an egregore attached to it, and it is most likely that which might have peeked in at you rather than any member. He protects the forum and has a sort of maintenance cycle he goes through. If you made your opening post during this cycle it might have caught his attention so he checked in. I once got caught in the cycle myself and had a portal open up in my computer screen. He means no harm and is quite helpful.


That’s cool! On plus side it finally motivated me to learn and start LBRP haha


You know I thought I was mad when I returned to the BALG forum because I could “feel the forums power”.
I found myself at a point where i was just staring at my screen, feeling something piercing me as to making an assessment of sorts. At first I thought it was draining me. I’ve also found that I tend to read new posts in my mind and conversations with people before they even occur.

How do you perceive him/her, Im starting to see it as a web crawler of sorts. What do you feel/think?

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I feel the same way. I was just browsing online trying to find answers and I kept ending up back on this forum. At this point even when I read info on other sites I always get drawn back here. It’s like I was led to this specific forum and the people here. Im very glad about it.


No-one ever wants to scan newbies, they should, gives an insight to the newcomers,

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Haha I’m a newbie lol


Does anyone want to scan me ?

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Кто нибудь может меня отсканировать??