Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps

Still want more scanning xx

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I see you standing in the rain. Long black hair. You seem sad. But then a man comes up to you and places a coat over your shoulders. You turn around and kiss him intensely. As you kiss him the rain stops and it becomes sunny again.

You have a white golden aura as far as i can see. Very beautiful with white wings and emerald green eyes. You have a goddess and angelic feel.

That is what i see…
Want to read me too @Tattersail

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Hi I’m asking if this is allowed- I haven’t been on BALG long enough to offer free readings but if it is ok could someone please do a free scan or reading for me?

I usually wouldn’t ask but I’m feeling really bad today and could use some answers/clarity

And again if it is I allowed I apologize I just wanted to ask


Its allowed. There is a whole topic for this sort of thing. Its called;

Power Sensing - Scans and Swaps

I can give you a read though.

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I see you as a figure of light. Banging your head to some music but also feeling sad at the same time. Trying to get rid of the sadness through the music.
A man places a hand on your back and you perk up a little but are still saddened.

Let me try to heal your sadness and give you some happiness.

But what you need to do is say this which has helped me get through depression but i have modified it for this specific problem. Say this as many times as you need to feel better;
“All the things that put me down turn it all around. No more tears from eyes no more pain coming from the inside. Turn my sadness into happiness. Remove this weight from my shoulders. Make this so, so mote it be.”

I hope this helps and i hope it was accurate enough for you.


Thanks for knowing about that, it does slip under the radar sometimes, appreciate it! :+1:

@Gitana7 I’ve moved all this topic to the Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps. :smiley:


I see a clock on a quarter past twelve. Then I see two pillars and a beautiful garden with pink, lavender and green colours. Two young lovers (somehow I get romeo and juliet feels) was playing there. Someone on the pillar who looks like a queen is watching. The clock is now at 02.55. There’s no one in the garden but a black shadow who wanders around, might be a ghost idk. He/she has blue and purple aura. The garden then turns into a big swimming pool. The water is green. I see a mermaid with orange hair and orange scales, smiling at me. As if she invites me to swim with her. The clock was at 03.15

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Very cool thanks.

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Very accurate thank you


anyone can read me ? … but i cant read you back …
i have been try to work with sitri with pendant that i buy from local for a past month … and i think im not get any positive result
and now im try to work with dantalion for same cases … and i dont know how it will be come
and i have a clauneck pendant but i never done any serious ritual with it

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Still here to swap

Can I get a read…!!?

Please can you pm me and give me a divine incantations tongues for vivid visions and prophecy

Still looking for a swap~ I can return back in 1-2 hours

Can you get incantations for seeing vision

Dude, seriously. Stop asking people for spells and incantations.

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Thanks, but I’m not your enemy bro. Love me as your brother

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Im not gonna even engage that red herring fallacy :joy:

Stop spell begging. Plain and simple. @Lady_Eva


Im not begging, but need help. Thanks.

Spirited guru spells is the best. I won’t bother anyone for spells again