Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

This is a thread along the lines of the old Power Sensing topics One and Two which were popular.

  • please keep this to sensing power, scanning, similar exchanges with consenting members who request that in this thread
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  • no bantz, memes, etc., keep on-topic please! :smiley_cat:

Two important things: this thread will automatically lock at 10,000 posts, can the person who makes the sequel please link to this post in their own OP if I don’t do it myself; secondly, new members are welcome to take part, but outside this thread we have a very important rule regarding offering free readings etc., which it’s important you read here. :+1:

Part 1 on this topic was maxing out as well, this is the new thread. Old thread link.


Yo Op wanna Scan me

someone please scan me, I’m feeling in need of some info

anyone could scan me ?

Can someone teach me how to scan… so i can stop being ignored when i ask for one in return lol.


HAHHA i feel you wait 1 sec

I will pm u it

okay thanks a bunchy you give me a magnificent feeling when i read your username.

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I think this thread was opened a bit prematurely. The other one hasn’t hit 10, 000 and locked yet so this is basically a duplicate thread. There’s still 500 posts to go.

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If you want a scan, post in the other thread.


I read what was put after posting here and went there. Thanks.

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I would like a scan

Then post in the other thread.


please PM me too … thanks

Hello this is now open for discussion

Yes the qp is good prefer mcchicken tho

Now this new thread is alive!!!

Trad u ppl , anyone?

@Leander_Jordan. Balance heaven and hell. Call upon the great god Anshar and goddess Kishar

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Why you say call on them?