Traditional Qabalah Q & A

Anyone with questions about “straight” (i.e., “Right Hand Path”) Qabalah, I will happily endeavor to provide answers or, at least, try to point you in the right direction. The only caveat is that my knowledge of the subject is drawn primarily from the original sources, and only secondarily from Hermetic sources.

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Are you going to be able to use Qabalah as a means of divination or scanning to help me better understand things? Or is it just how Qabalah can help me with some things I’ve been facing?

Judging from my posts, assuming you’ve seen them (specifically my journal) do you think I’ve been doing the Sephiroth correctly?

Basically talking to the spirit in charge, going through the sephira and just taking what comes until there’s not much left to do.

Why occidental kabala and european difere so much,? Its bcse it waterdoen here in usa andakimg easy to us, or do you tink we have the same teachings,?

Friendly reminder that we do ask people to members for 3 months before offering readings, this is because otherwise a low barrier facilitates spammers, even scammers, coming in making offers and gathering contact details and even phishable info.

If we bend that rule for anyone, it just risks muddying the waters and creating perceptions of unfairness and favouritism, so please, everyone, bear this in mind. It has helped avoid genuine problems on here and was only brought in from necessity. :+1:


Could you give me any more information on what you know of the Elohim? Specifically, Astrea Elohim

@ Epsilon: I will happily help you to do these things, to whatever degree they are different. As far as I’m concerned, the Tarot is as functional as it gets in terms of Qabalah & Divination. There is a long biblical & rabbinic history of “casting lots” in various ways, all of which essentially reduce to the same basic system as the Tarot (astrological symbols and letters on pieces of parchment or dice, bibliomancy & gematria, even the Hanukkah “dreidl”).

Ask specific questions, and I’ll have a better framework for an answer.

@Maxwell: I just joined the forums; I’ll take a look at your posts & comment there, as that will be more pertinent. See if my response to Zorrito, below, answers any of your concerns.

@zorrito: Not so much watered down, as layered with a lot of information that works well, but won’t be found in Hebrew sources. The Hermetic Qabalah has a tendency to divide the sefirot from each other in such a way as to make them stand “too much” alone, for lack of a way to put it. The traditional view constantly warns against seeing them as separate, which can lead to deifying them. Considering that the Hermetic tradition does indeed attribute specific gods, names, archangels, angels, & spirits to each sefirah, that criticism isn’t too far from the mark. That’s more a function of the Neoplatonic spheres than the sefirot (which are the same in many ways, but different in some important respects, particularly this one).

As a devout heretic, I see the usefulness of this “filing system” approach, to use a popular comparison, but while Mars may be in Geburah, Geburah is not Mars. I’ve seen people get overly anal about these sort of correspondences, at the loss of the coherence of the entire Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is very fluid & flexible. To give an example from “Gates of Light” (Shaarei Orah; Portae Lucis) ~ & remember, we’re dealing with “White magic/RHP” here, so don’t mind the Judeo references here:

The Land of Israel is Yesod, when the whole Earth is Malkhut; but the Land of Israel is Malchut, with Jerusalem in Yesod… But Jerusalem is Malkhut when the Temple Mount is in Yesod. Do you see where I’m going with this?

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Let me say this: My journal and my exploration of the Sephira was a fucking acid trip

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Like all of the sense and jesus were sucked out of it and in it’s place these weird lessons and assimilations were added in an abstract manner.

Thing is, it works somehow, because I learned both of the birth of the world and a lot about alchemy from it. I quote Michael, “Different people need to learn different things in different ways.”


Ah; the Elohim! Great question. I’m not sure what you mean by “Astrea Elohim”, but I’ll say this:

All the apologists say that “Elohim” just means a certain class of angels. This is all fine & dandy for me when it’s Elohim Tzevaot (“Sabaoth”) in Hod, but as a Name in the Supernal Triad, it means something a lot closer to it’s literal meaning of “gods”. This is, I believe, the real & proper meaning of it in Psalm 82, where it’s often translated as “judges”, “angelic beings”, “the divine council”, “the great assembly”, etc. [A cursory reading of that Psalm always make me think of the Fallen Angels, especially verses 6 & 7.]

But “Elohim” is also the word/Name for God throughout the first couple of chapters of Genesis, where there’s some very interesting stuff going on, as most here will probably know. [358!]

And this is my key regarding “Becoming A Living God”:

Genesis 3:
22 And IHVH Elohim said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” 23 So IHVH Elohim banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. 24 After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.

It’s probably not news to many here that there was no “sin” in Eden. IHVH Elohim just didn’t want them to eat from that other Tree, also. He had essentially lied to Adam to begin with when He told him he would die if he ate the fruit of “Knowledge of Good & Evil” (& how does one sin if one doesn’t yet have that knowledge? It’s like telling a toddler not to touch the stove, and then - when he does - kicking him out of your house & putting a guard on the door).

No, the Expulsion was to delay - not even prevent - “eating” from the Tree of Life and becoming Elohim; Living Gods.


Max - may I call you Max? - I’ll definitely take a look at those posts in a day or two (got weekend plans, sorry), hopefully tomorrow night. I must say this; I wrote something about 20 years ago that I like to dredge up every once & a while:

“Religion may be the opium of the masses, but only a select few can make it their LSD!”

Yes, you may.

I just… really broke out into madness there. Like I was sane, but Michael somehow taught me of the void with a ton of crystals and grass and stars and shit. Like he didn’t even say anything, I just always knew there was a deeper meaning and he just nodded his head when I caught on.

So like, it was illuminating.

My ex has similar experiences with Michael… And Anubis, FWIW.

I am looking for something that contains theory and practice, which book would be the best?