Beginners: Sifting Trash From Treasure

Sometimes members on here with experience in magick witness beginners inadvertantly stepping into the land of, frankly, delusion, and running the risk of misleading others in turn.

While no-one on this forum can claim to be the reality police, it is something that many of us observe, so I thought a constructive way to handle it would be for people with experience in getting results with our magick, to share methods and ideas we use, or experiences we have that are on topic, to help beginners also raise their game. :+1:

My main recommendation is ask for material results of some kind; could be a cheese sandwich, to have your boss say a specific thing to you praising your work, or a material item like jewellery, a coat, or a sum of money.

This helps you verify which spirits/voices to trust, and which not to trust.

I also recommend offering readings (once you have been active for three months, per this rule) and asking for honest detailed feedback about how you can improve. :smiley:

That way, you can avoid misleading yourself or not being able to filter signal from the noise…

I invite others, Regular or not, to share their own constructive thoughts on this. :smiley:


I think this topic has been long in coming. Sometimes I read some of these threads and I think a lot of newbies are simply insane. In many of the topics some members are basically communicating that they have serious mental issues and may also be suffering from addiction issues. The matter of unrealistic expectations, incompetence and irresponsibility due naivety are other matters entirely. I often wonder why no one flatly tells some of the newbies to be very cautious or they risk seriously harming their lives. Since I have my own problems to deal with, I usually open the topics and just as quickly leave them.

My advice is for newbies to start with simple magical books like New Avatar Power and simple rituals like LBRP until they perfect them.

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How do you define “Perfect them”? Calling people insane is (with respect) not constructive, showing how you overcame doubt or what you consider to verify a thing as real is. :+1:

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Problem with this is, a bunch of us (myself very much included) do have real, diagnosed mental health issues. And while it is true that there is quite the difference between depression and schizophrenia, it is also true that at least 90% of the issues a person could have shouldn’t stop them from practicing magik, or anything else, for that matter.

On the topic, something to take into account is that this has another effect: a bunch of people can’t get the results others claim and end up thinking “what am I doing wrong?”. They find no answer and every single claim they read push them a little further to quit practicing.

Now, I know that as a general rule we shouldn’t compare with others, but for real, when you see that everyone says they do amazing stuff in half of the time you’ve been at it (with little or not results) the frustration can lead you to think that magick simple isn’t for you, when the reality is that, as it happens with any other skill, it will take time to develop. I know this happened to me. Now I’m taking it with more patience, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

And another thing: it is easy to confuse your own thoughts with an external intelligence communicating when nobody explains you the difference between a spirit talking to you and your own thoughts. I can’t yet communicate with nobody, but after asking and reading, I know it doesn’t sound like my fucking own inner voice. So, I really believe there is no ill intention on most people’s end, just a lot of confusion. And sometimes imagination can go overboard and then, yes, I believe it would be incredibly easy to think “Hey, that was a vision!”. But no. Imagination does exist.

Another problem is that sometimes people forget the world around us. Yes, magic is real, so is the world. Not everything has meaning. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And, honestly, I think that thinking otherwise may be dangerous. Not life-threatening dangerous, but time-wasting dangerous (at least).

All of that being said, @Lady_Eva please drop in the main post the link to the tutorials, I feel it would be useful here.


It’s not that safe to dive into it headfirst cause the more activity you do with spiritual beings your activity on other dimensional levels is heightened , I think the best course of action is to find a mentor , cause if you get something attached which can happen so easily as a beginner your kind of screwed

I’d make a more detailed post but I have to go to work.

My advice to beginners is simply to take a step back from time to time and reflect on your experiences in a critical way.
Reflect on your results, on everything that happened after you contacted a spirit. Test the spirits you’re in contact with, either by making them show results, or by banishing all unwanted energies. A demon King won’t be offended by this.

And in the end, don’t be afraid to admit a mistake, we all did them.


How do you find a mentor?

Find someone that’s skilled and knows what they’re talking about , who you resonate with

Material results got me hooked on my path (I don’t talk about the materialization thing, money and food and toothpaste out of thin air came later into the mix. But Situations/People bending to my will all of a sudden in absolute trash situations, tables getting turned from one minute to another almost casually). I must say that I was MOST critical about the experiences outside of that materialization phase, probably because my senses needed training and I could not discern if something was in my head or if something “happened” inside from an extern source. I was in the lucky position that I received very firm and specific touches because I’ve asked for them as additional confirmation tool (Divination wasn’t a thing for me, back then) but I would probably not recommend this method to beginners for obvious reasons :thinking:


I don’t think there’s a need , there are a variety of things to find via the search function

@Lady_Eva just wanted to say and thanx or all you do, my three months are almost over, also sorry for the joke earlier you probably didn’t even know about it but I posted a new joke and got flagged,
So yes how is LadyEva? Anything you wanna testafy about?

You can hardly expect people with “realistic” expectations to turn to the occult and magic.