Friends with benefits: Reborn

Hey all,
Some of you are familiar with the concept, some may not. There’s an unwritten tradition here on the forum, where sorcerers gather and do spellwork and ritual for one another. My good friend, Velotak, who’s a user that’s no longer with us (on here at least) that started it. Then another friend of mine @Eye_of_Ra, who may have left (if you’re still here and you want to do this, you can have it if you want) took over. But it seems that it’s my turn.

The Concept: Everyone gets a specific day over the span of a month or two. On that day, everyone funnels energy and spells into the goal requested.
Example: Mr.Vulture wants money. His day is December 31st. When that day comes people involved cast spells for that goal.

Terms of Engagement: While you can request anything, including curses BUT you have to comply with forum rules, meaning, dont name names outside of PMS. There will be a group PM giving the assigned dates. Don’t try to attack a group member. I will know. Above all, keep your promise aka do the work.

I’ll link some old FWB workings for clarification. Any questions? In the comments below, if you’re interested, list your request.

Sound about right? @Lady_Eva

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Looking good to me guv. :+1:


its an amazing act of kindness. though i believe its for the people who have experience in magic and can perform it. i mean its give and take rite?
or is there a way for us newcomers to get involve in it as well?


Obviously, who can join is at the group-runner’s discretion, they may or may not prefer to set a level of experience, that’s their right to do.

The 3-month rule doesn’t bar participation because it’s a give-and-take scenario, and actions in the group are witnessed by those taking part, which rules out most concerns.

The rule is primarily intended to keep scammers from abusing free readings and also, give members time to get to know someone before accepting a free reading where they may be revealing personal information.

However it does apply to the person overseeing a group like this, as that would be perfect cover for a scammer, troll, or other blowhard to mess with members.

If we let it start to slip or give exemptions, we open to accusations of favourtism and special pleading and make the rule unenforcable, so this is why i specify these details.


New comers can be involved


true and i can’t argue with that, though if i am a part of it, i will do as much as i can.

one thing i have learned and understand is, that it is better to not mess with the witches and mages of BALG community, it is so much safer to be friends with them and learn from them in any way possible. (hence benefits)


Sorry, but Velotak did not start the Friends with Benefits concept. It started way back in 2012, before his time on the forum and was created by Bran, a former moderator here, based on an idea from another member called Maxx.

Nice of you to take it on again though :slight_smile:


count me in!
@Lady_Eva sadly i am always late to the party of free readings, due to a huge time difference.
i should change my days to nights and vice versa


It sounds interesting. Perhaps we can help each other manifest our goals quicker.

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I’d like to be part of this also.

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That’s the idea.

Besides the point.

If you’re interested please leave your request.

I’d love to be part of this. I need more practice with magick but I’m inherently lazy, so signing up to something like this where I have to do the work that I’ve committed to is a perfect way to motivate me, as I always keep my commitments.

My request is:
To find love with someone who is right for me and wants the same things as me


I’d love to be part of this, but I’m sick so my focus is shot. I can do the best I can though.

My request is financial success.


All of this is true with me as well I would like to join this time and actually practice the things I learned

But i would like to be last on the list in case I flake out like usual and I would still be contributing to helping the others


I participated in a previous “Friends with Benefits” run by @Eye_of_Ra. It was great.

That is all.


Glad to have you back :slight_smile:

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ATTENTION: Deadline to join is next Wednesday.

We will start sometime in January. I’m still working and fleshing the details out.




Can I get a seat please?? :slight_smile: