Linking to offsite live Tarot readings

Folks, this is very important - please do not post linking to free offsite live Tarot readings.

We have a rule on here that even forum members may only offer free readings having been reasonably active as members for 3 calendar months, which is linked below. This is obviously completely sideswiped when people direct someone to an offsite reader, and it has come up twice in the last day.

The forum does not exist to drive traffic to complete strangers, and there are multiple issues with it, so please bear in mind that future topics and posts of this nature will be removed on sight.

If you know a good offsite reader, by all means invite them to join, but posting or initiating a PM linking to offsite live readings is not permitted. Thanks!


Say if the offsite reader is a member exceeding the allotted time period, would it still be unpermitted?

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Twitch readings are a pretty new thing on here: at the moment I don’t see an issue with someone who’s been an active member on here for more than 3 months making a topic (aka new thread) saying “I am offering X number of readings, they will be done via Twitch, PM me for the link” because that should in theory be the same as doing them via PM. :+1:

Posting the Twitch link in the OP creates too much of a risk of misleading casual observers what is permitted, people go by example and precedent and having “Come here to get your live readings” is just going to confuse folks. But using Twitch in place of PM and asking people to 1. claim their place by posting and 2. PM for the link, should be basically the same system.

However, usual rules (don’t bait and switch to try and get more paid work etc) still apply, and if some new problem arises as a result of something innate to that platform, it may have to change, at the moment it seems to be equivalent to using PM or offering to livestream on YouTube though.

The last thing I want (and I think this goes for most of us) is more rules, and more byzantine complexities on how to apply them. :wink:

Maybe set up usernames on other platforms so they are clearly you, also one of the reasons for doing readings is to get feedback so it would be nice to collect that on here as well, it also helps members in future if that person makes a second offer of free readings. :sunny:

Like this:

  • active member for three months? Yes? You’re good to go :+1:

  • make a New Topic, describe type of reading (and any details or restrictions the reader wants to add), state number of people accepted

  • request people claim their place in the topic, and then PM you for the link

  • PM them the link, remind them at the end of the reading to leave feedback on the BALG forum topic.

This should work, I haven’t used Twitch so I am presuming this doesn’t violate any of their ToS - if anything changes, I’ll make sure everyone knows, and rules are not enacted retroactively (aka you won’t get a warning for something that was not against the rules when you did it).

Does that cover what you asked? :thinking:


Indeed, thank you. Well put as always.

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