The Scanning Challenge: And the winner is... (Plus notes on the next game after the winning announcement post)

For a little holiday fun, I have a game for everyone. I’ve been told quite often that I am difficult to scan, or read clairvoyantly. As such I am inviting anyone who would like to scan me or do a clairvoyant read to do so, and there’s a prize. The most accurate scan wins.

Please read this entire post for details and rules for participation. Yes I am cruel and unusual, so the Prize details will follow the rules, to increase the odds ya’ll will actually read them! :rofl: :rofl:

  • Deadline for participation is Sunday, 12/20/20 7pm eastern standard time.
  • Each participant is limited to three attempts each.
  • Because this is public, and just a scan, new members are allowed to enter, please note we have a rule against offering Tarot & other free services with under 3 months’ active membership.
  • Nothing I’ve blatantly posted counts, however you may use that to connect to my energy to increase your odds of success.
  • Place answers under a spoiler (:gear: shaped icon above the box where you type your reply, choose “Hide details” or "Blur spoiler) to prevent frontloading for future entrants.
  • I will not be responding to any entries until after 7pm eastern on 12/20/20 to prevent frontloading and devising more accurate information from other participants responses.
  • Winner will be announced by midnight on 12/20/20

The winning participant will receive their choice of servitor, from a list of premade servitors, that I have already created. This list will be pm’d to the winning participant, and the image and programming sheets for the servitor will be sent via pm, once I’ve received their pick.


I’m in!


Does tarot reading count as scanning?


No, I’m going to defer to what the forum traditionally views as scanning, as I do occasionally (though rarely) get accurate tarot readings.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to practice their skills, and you do get three chances each. If you’ve never done a scan or could use a refresher on how to, here’s a pretty good tutorial on it;


Is there anything particular we are trying to scan about you? Like what’s your soul origin or what’s your future like?

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Nope leaving it up to you guys and your skill set, the person that gets the most accurate information is going to take the prize, so the more you are able to conjure up, the better your odds are :slight_smile:

I can’t tell you which things I can verify already, or you’d know what to look for :slight_smile:


So basically we choose what we want to scan for, then tell you what we scanned when scanning. Then you decide the accuracy. Think I got it. I’m also assuming that were meant to tell you the info over pms so that others don’t try and take the info.


I think it’s more fair to have it out in the open, tbh so that at the end I can respond to each person. No one can say I cheated or picked a friend that way either. I wouldn’t advise reading anyone else’s reply, as it might front load your own, but I will not be responding to any of them until after the deadline :slight_smile:

So no one is going to know what is right or what is wrong, and if you copy of each other. Well You might all be wrong then based on the scans I have gotten from forum members. Lets just the number of accurate scans I’ve gotten from the forum to date, is 1 and everyone else has been so far off base, I’ve wondered if they had any idea what they were doing, or if maybe they were scanning the dog (that I don’t have)- by mistake. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Also, if it hasn’t been inferred, I’m in. I may or may not give an accurate scan (I’ve always had a affinity with divination, but scanning isn’t something I ever really do) so it should be interesting. Also I think that when giving the scan results, they should at least be put in a spoiler format like this. That way you won’t accidentally read someone elses scan if you don’t want to.


Fair enough. @Lady_Eva will hopefully be editing the first post to add that it is okay for newcomers to participate, as they are allowed to participate in the general reading thread,(when she has a minute to do so) and I’ve asked her to also add something to the effect of please use spoilers on your entries.

I’m past the editing window, and didn’t make it a wiki on purpose. :woman_shrugging:


Thanks, I edited this into the rules and will repeat here:

  • Place answers under a spoiler (:gear: shaped icon above the box where you type your reply, choose “Hide details” or "Blur spoiler) to prevent frontloading for future entrants.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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There is one specific mole on your right side which is sign for your Dignity and luck. You are or will get separated from your dear ones. There will be many friends. One specific person, tall height, brown coloured is your enemy, be careful around him.

Usually you are not able to tell lies but you will be slandered by many but no one can do any harm. Don’t sit near ignorant people. For quite some time you are seeking something with your whole heart which you can never acquire nor leave. Don’t share your secrets with anyone so that your desires will come to manifestation. Your parents love you a lot. Your siblings will cause you pain and suffering. You will have children’s in odd numbers like 1 or 3.

That is all what I interpreted from my scan for you. :))

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i am in


[spoiler]When I started I was reeaally anxious and overwhelmed to be honest but well I do my best! When I konzentrated on you I was immediately spawned in some sort of swamp expect there is no moss only oil like black swamp clear swamp and dense substance everything was in this old TV style of black and white. Then I see before me a head bumping up from the black substance like that

but she was blond. Her nose and half of her ear where also under the substance hiding. Her eyes so tense glaring at me her iris so small like literal the end point of an sentence. I have my feel that the black vast substance is your personal work of culminating spiritual energys and power and this head what is bumping out of it is a part of your master Form who is the master not only the energy and how it is used also of the subcounces you delved deep into it and purged it and reinforced your own might, magic, and symbolism in it. That’s properly why nobody can read you that good bc your form is really subtle and delved deep into its own framework. Another level so to say I do not wonder if you creating servitors and of such it is required I feel. But also I get from you something personal you are suspicious in personality about other people you do not know about or in general. You intimidate people who don’t know you and you can be a frightening inducing person for these persons that again don’t know you. But it is the opposite for those you decided to open up and exchange on different levels. You don’t like to get readed or to be found out that’s why this tense stare and atmosphere. But well. There comes the symbolism instead of a human mouth there was a crocodile mouth hiding under the vast blackness of the swamp. Waiting to eat me or get a pray in its fangs there is also a connection to the aegypt legend of how one’s soul is waged after death how one’s heart is light or heavy. Heavy in the sense of when it is filled with sins and low vibrational stuff it will get thrown to the agyptian God Ammit and bee eaten. When it is light you let it delve deep into the flames of your soul filled eyes so to you personality so to speak. It also indicates you don’t care what people say you watch their actions and you weight them if it is in your kind of sense good or bad. I get also the feeling you have a bad mouth piece especially in speaking spells. Your mouth piece in spell works can be literally a End to someone you despise. And a blessing for these you like. But it is really bad in curses like bad in a sense it is powerfull.

You are surrounded also by loas and angels. But mostly some kind of trickster spirits and ancestors I don’t feel you work a lot with demons. [/spoiler]


Ooh boy… i don’t think i’ve done much scanning at all but for a servitor of Kateriya i must at least give it a shot…

Hm… for some reason when i look at your pic i see a bird type indigenous humanoid being


This is kinda like a big carnival game. You get three entries, just like if you were playing ring toss or something so, you can use that to advantage or try to. :grin:


am I disqualified?

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No, only those who in a particular pm are, as they know the reason behind the challenge, what I’m interested in learning etc. They have inside knowledge about my life, kids and practices :stuck_out_tongue: so they couldn’t fairly participate, or at least not for the prize. I’d say they could still do a scan for shits and giggles but I wouldn’t count it from those four lmao :slight_smile:

Basically they know what I know, and what I can confirm, but you don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

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so yesterday i was thinking of u and of course i got this image of native man with like traditional native clothes or ornaments and he had like a drum. It was like u were with him inside of like a tent native type tent… and u were both around a fire. It might be because of one of your topics in here.
Hm… what else? I see a dude, a dog maybe… does of ur walls is purple or blue? something about wine? maybe the color of the wall?? hm… as u can see i’ve no practice at all scanning.

Random things i saw: outside walls in a tone a grayish blue maybe? A white cat… I thought i heard the word cicada but then it changed to “be creative!”
Do u have a sister that you get along with? I saw like “the devil” (like a horned head) and then i heard like “A sister” but like James Charles usually say “hi sisters”. Something about a coach… Maybe a school coach?
this is dumb… lol. i clearly don’t know what i’m doing/…

So good luck to whoever is participating in this.