Why not a topic about scammers

I know it is not aloud to start a topic about people who provide magick for others as a service

But we BALG can you this great community as to help each other and make a topic and putting there all te scammers,…

Just a thought…

I’m not sure if this is allowed either?

Since it might be considered reviewing other places outside of BALG which isn’t allowed.


If you name them, you have a “black list” of sorts. That’s probably not allowed.

A tutorial on safety, in the other hand, is probably encouraged.


That would be a better idea.

I think if your naming specific online/in person places then it not allowed. But as mentioned above, if it’s a general what red flags to look out for – it might be okay. Without referencing.


I believe that would be allowed, as long as names are not being mentioned like you said. But it ultimately is @Lady_Eva’s call. We would likely need to change the title to prevent names from being thrown in the wind though.


cast your own magick. you won’t get scam. simple as that. Unless you have multiple personality. =o)


Correct - unfortunately, there are many problems with this forum having reviews in the public section, to name a few:

  1. due to our rules on advertising, merchants may not join to reply if they feel they have been unfairly criticised, and due to sometimes unrealistic expectations by buyers, that is a strong likelihood if reviews are invited from all and sundry

  2. this is a forum for BALG, a business, and hosting reviews of other businesses in the same area is just a tangle of potential misunderstandings about why they would allow this (especially highly critical reviews), or, conversely, whether they are behind praise given, to the extent of accrediting it (seems unlikely but trust me, people’s comprehension isn’t always where we might hope it would be)

  3. there are already established sites that allow reviews of magickal goods and services, and that means people are able to share their opinions on neutral territory

  4. it opens a temptation to merchants, especially the less honest, to set up shill accounts and fake satisfaction with their own services, increasing moderation workload and risking throwing the forum into disputes over what is or is not advertising.

For that reason, I suggest running searches on the internet and on sites and forums that permit this, to find out whether a specific person’s service will be helpful to you. :thinking:

A single topic which contains possible red flags to watch out for (and which doesn’t point fingers at any specific trader, or contain identifying data - or passive-aggressive “jokes”) would be permitted and welcome, and is in line with the rules. :+1:

For example I mentioned one old scam in the info about the free readings rules:

That’s a scam so well-known it was even featured in Sex & The City, because people are often in a vulnerable place when they’re seeking out magickal help.

But to recap, this forum is primarily for people to talk about their own magickal experiences, from beginner to adept, and to get help and suppoirt when needed, not for discussing purchase of services and how to evaluate them, there are already sites and forums for that, so that’s an important thing to bear in mind. :smiley:


I thought I was in trouble for a second :no_mouth:

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Honestly applies to free and paid services- it was just written while we were having issues with free ones :woman_shrugging:t3:

It’s on each of us to develop the discernment for this kind of thing, and if you don’t have the discernment to not get scammed, you might want to reconsider whether or not magic is the correct path for you.


Let’s expose them … if u guys have any . Helps with dealing with them more easier

Okay I’m going to close this now with thanks to all who posted, because some people may not have read all the replies and may, therefore, inadvertantly break the rules - please read my reply here if anyone remains confused on the question asked. :+1: