Unofficial Tutorials: Divination, Pendulum, Tarot, Runes etc

A thread to collect advice, tips and tutorials for working with divination techniques, interpreting them, etc. etc.

Please feel free to add your favourite posts, and then we will have this available for the common questions everybody asks.

For dreamwork, this has it’s own collection here:

Super divination tutorial thread: Pendulum, I Ching, Runes, with mentions for Sociomacy, Bibliomancy, Pyromancy, Geomancy:

Pendulum tutorial:

My personal favourite is Kinesiology, aka Muscle Testing . (I also use pendulums and cards including Tarot). I think it takes the randomness out of it by connecting you directly to your own electrical system, which is affected by your subconscious.
Like anything else, it takes practice to teach your subconscious it can talk to you through this technique. Nut get this down and you can divine standing in line at a store checkout.

Using the Book of Fate Oracle:

Divination with the use of knives aka Machaeromancy:



Hey Mulberry I think the subject of divination is a great addition to the unofficial tutorials collection.

I think this one is very informative and useful:


Here’s an old post from an ex forum member, giving details of materials used and detailing the experience from using E A’s mastering divination course:

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Two improvised tarot / oracle spreads which can be used by forum members and provide walkthroughs for creating and reading new spreads:


Here’s a very nice and detailed post on scrying using water and runes to see past present and future:


Here are some alternatives to the usual methods we see for divination showing that you can use what you have at hand to get intuitive answers:


Are you, like me, new to tarot? Want a good tip on how to choose a deck? And then if you had one, how to start using it. Click on the heading to see the thread. This is a concise and easy introduction to divination:


Here’s a twist. Lenormand.
Who’d a thought there were different systems for card divination? It turns out that tarot and oracle are not the same and here’s another one…

This Lenormand tutorial was posted eight years ago. All the links still work and it’s all good info.


@longlostredemption’s super list of keywords for the interpretation of tarot cards.

You can see she has put a lot of effort into making this list and with her permission she very kindly wants to share this here to help anyone wanting to learn to read the tarot.
Very useful and very helpful, thank you longlostredemption :slightly_smiling_face:

And here’s an update she made for the reversed 8 of cups:

08 June 2022: Insight on the reversed 8 of Cups. Came up with this interpretation:
To feel stable and back in homeostasis after an emotional upset regarding
lack of satisfaction and longing for change. To no longer want for
anything either because you took the steps to achieve what you desired
or have given up on that dream and came to terms with it.
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How to create a magpie oracle, with examples.


Steps to perform a scan.

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