Flower Power : Improvised Oracle/Tarot Spread (Empowerment)

I wanted to combine my new tarot/oracle decks in a new spread; since the oracle deck is “flowers of the night”, I went for a flower shape. I asked the cards to tell me what the spread should focus on and what each card should represent.

Oracle card: Power. Lol, good choice. An empowerment spread; I’m calling it “Flower Power”

Tarot cards:

I. Nine of Wands: What changes are you resisting/where are you over-doing it?
II. King of Cups: What do you need to achieve emotional mastery/what emotion should you embrace?
III. 10 of Swords: Where do you need to be on guard?
IV. Ace of Wands: What action should you take/where should you focus your creative efforts?
V. 4 of Cups: What do you need to reevaluate?
VI. Death: What is decaying that you need to release? What needs to be transformed?
VII. 3 of Wands: Where should you look to others to expand/amplify your recent efforts?
VIII. Justice: Where do you need to take the high road, or remain unbiased?

I used the “Flowers of the Night” Oracle with the “Light Visions” tarot, but I don’t see why any other decks wouldn’t work. These two play nice together though.

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First try

Where should I look for empowerment?

Moon Sea Flower
(Ipomoea violacea)

“I will think clearly before I act.”

  • Clarity
  • Education
  • Mental strength
  • Intellect
  • Triumph
  • Comprehension

I. What changes am I resisting/where am I over-doing it?: The Chariot
II. What do I need to achieve emotional mastery?: Four of Pentacles
III. Where do I need to be on guard?: Judgement
IV. What action should I take/where should I focus my creative efforts?: Ace of Pentacles
V. What do I need to reevaluate?: Four of Wands
VI. What is decaying that I need to release? What needs to be transformed?: Five of Cups
VII. Where should I look to others to expand/amplify my recent efforts?: The Sun
VIII. Where do I need to take the high road, or remain unbiased?: King of Pentacles

Interpretation: I am holding myself back in someway (The Chariot). There is something I am clinging to emotionally that I need to let go of (4 of Pentacles). I need to be wary of how I interpret/percieve people and situations (Judgment); perhaps I am projecting. I need to focus my creative efforts into my PhD and not just my praxis (Ace of Pentacles), and need to reevaluate how I am balancing my the two in general (4 of Wands). I need to cut my losses and find lessons in my scars (5 of Cups). Once again, the cards think I need to “socialize” and “connect with others” (The Sun). I need to give in less to temptation (King of Pentacles).

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