What you really need to know about Scrying (Beginner to Advanced)

Scrying 101


What is SCRYING ?

Scrying is the act of imposed fascination on an object/ outside medium that is usually smooth uniform and plain.

Plain in terms of - there’s no blemishes on the surface/medium and it has nothing else to distract your attention.

So what is fascination and how do you do it ? Easy …you already do. Each time you feel yourself drifting away when you were bored/tired and you found yourself daydreaming of something. Something that seemed to take you to a different time and place, something that seemed to absorb your senses till it encompassed your entire being.

That is fascination, losing yourself in something else till it seems like your entire being is absorbed into it. Fascination is key in magic, it’s what takes a mere love spell to a powerful compulsion, it’s the basis of mesmerism and can be used in the domination of others. Once mastered you can apply it to a multitude of things.

And just like everything in magic, once you get the hang of it, your imagination is the limit in terms of its use. Did I also mention it can be used to open sigils and practically soul travel through them and other symbols/ gateways to get to other realms ?

Back to scrying, so now that I’ve explained what fascination is, it’s time to apply it to scrying. Specifically water scrying now.

So for this technique you’re going to need to chose which of these categories apply to you:

^First Find a divination symbol that resonates most with you, have it drawn and make it relatively simple. For this i’m using the Rune Laguz or Lagu, which is the rune for water, intuition and the unconscious mind.

You can alternatively use the runes: Ehwaz or Ansuz, or whatever symbol/sigil you associate with divination: the eye of Horus, Isis’ tyet symbol…

  1. You have a natural body of water (a lake or a pond of sorts in which the water is relatively still) in which you have access to, if you do hail Satan and skip the next few steps because you just need to drag yourself over there sit down and continue where the actual scrying portion of this exercise starts in which I’ll indicate.

  2. If you don’t have easy access to such natural body of water which a lot of us probably don’t, yours truly included, then you’re going to need these items:

  • A black bowl or a dark earthenware one
  • Water ( Natural rainwater works really well for this but otherwise tap water is fine )
  • Salt
  • Your favorite divination herb, in this example I’ll be using thyme.
  • A candle, blue or black is fine for this, if not white will do.

(Disclaimer, you can go ahead with regular water in a bowl but I find these items once utilized properly charge the water nicely for it to be a very suitable medium)

Position your candle and your bowl of water so that the candlelight reflection can be seen on the darkened waters and have your symbol beside you.

Hold your hand over the salt and push your energy out through your palm chakras into the salt, (you can clench and unclench your palm multiple times to get the energy flowing). See and feel that energy increase the salt’s potency and once done say this to consecrate the salt unto the task at hand:

_Creature of earth _
_Heed my call _
_By my energy I activate yours _
_From the dark earth which gives life as it takes _
_Cleanse this water _
And give it direction that it may be an extension of the dark waters of the womb of the dark goddess
They who see all and know all

Pour the salt into the water and mix it slowly, see it cloud the water and as it does feel the waters alchemical properties changing, see it and feel it get darker as the properties of the dark earth now program it into something other.

Take the thyme and rub it between your palms to activate it, rub it in slow clockwise and anti clockwise motions

Whisper to it like our ancestors did once as they burned it to the heavens to carry their will that it may be done.

Speak this over the thyme and as you do feel it awaken in your palm. (Thyme is one of the sacred herbs that was burnt in the old days to commune with the gods and take prayers into the heavens. It still remains a favorite of the Nordic goddess Freyja.)

_Bring the heavens down to earth _
_And open the doorway into the seven hells _
_By my will my eyes shall roam _
As you transform this water through sacred oath

Pour the thyme into the water and stir it both clockwise and anti-clockwise three times with the tip of your index finger.

Now sit in front of your charged water.
Center yourself, make sure you’re comfortable.

I want you to find a comfortable position and sit cross legged.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, with that breath feel yourself gathering up all your body’s tensions that you’ve gathered throughout the day and when you breathe out let all the tension go.

See it flow away with your breath like black tar that pools at the ground beneath your feet and is absorbed into the earth until you have no more tension to breathe out.

Until your breathe becomes serene and smooth, your breathing should be natural in and out slowly till it becomes a subconscious action.

Now that you are relaxed I want you to become aware of your surroundings, shift your perception outward and try to feel and see the surroundings around you, dont worry about seeing anything accurately. This is simply just to stretch your senses and allow for the building of your perceptive influences. It also to give your visualization skills a little wake me up before beginning scrying.

Once you’re aware of your surroundings open your eyes and stare at that bowl of water in front of you, with tactile sensations and visualize and feel yourself push energy out of your third eye to the bowl of water and allow yourself to feel any sensations that the water gives off.

Remember it’s not just plain water anymore, and it should feel different too.

See your energy mingling with that of the water and feel yourself connecting to it.

Often times scrying is a hit or miss with people because they treat their medium as an externalized feature independent of them. This shouldn’t be so, your scrying device or whatever divination medium you’re using is an extension of you, of your senses.

Connect with the water until it’s energy becomes synonymous with yours and it feels as though both of you are in sync.

Because of this step you’ll notice ( also for you pro scryers out there the same applies with your mirrors too ) that the visions flow much easier as the medium is attuned to your bodies natural frequencies and vibrations.

Now shift your gaze to the symbol you had earlier and look at the surface of it lightly, look at it not just with your two physical eyes but feel your third eye open and stare at it with your third eye as well (if you’ve been following the exercises in my divination class this should be easy for you)

Feel as though each point of sight comes together to one line of direct sight, you’re staring with your physical and non physical eyes and that alone is very powerful. You may start seeing colors around your scrying medium and the symbol itself or shadows in your peripheral vision as your third eye shows you what your physical eyes do not see.

Take it all in stride. Don’t get too excited, stay calm and gave at the sigil or symbol from the top left corner and trace it with your sight committing every dip and curve of the symbol to memory. Do this three times until it starts to flash, yes this activates the symbol as well.

You should be able to visualize your symbol easily now to the point where if you close your eyes you should see it behind your closed lids.

Shift your gaze again to your bowl of water and now gaze at it’s dark surface. gaze at it, gaze into it, feel your gaze sink beneath the surface as you think of what the water would feel against your face, what it would smell like with the herbs and the salt.

Lose yourself into the water not allowing any thought cross your mind till your solely focused on it’s surface. Till you’re fascinated by it.

Now without coming out of your mental state shift your awareness to the symbol you had earlier, don’t break eye contact or concentration with the water, now bring that image of the symbol to the forefront of your mind visualizing it as best as you can.

Now push that image through your third eye into the water with your energy. See it sink into the darkened depths of the water and glow as the water transforms itself again, alchemically taking on the power which you have just fed it.

Go back to gazing at the water, let your gaze be unfocused like you would when you stare daydreaming into a blank wall.

At this point a mist should start forming over water, continue and push through that mist until it starts to clear and form images/ symbols. Some of which might be literal or symbolic, or both.

You might just see images, for some people it’s like a running movie, they hear and see a sequence of events play in front of them.

Simply relax and take in whatever comes to you, don’t try to make sense of it, just let it come, see feel but don’t think.

When you’re done with your session and you see no more images write down immediately or otherwise record what you found/ observed and then you can start making sense

Later on as you get more experienced you can scry about particular situations/ events to gain more insight on them, past present of future.

If you guys want me to post more of my divination exercises from my class on the public forum let me know.

Note: If using a natural body of water you don’t need to charge it. Nature has already done that for you. Just follow ok with the instructions and the symbols as necessary

Also some people don’t even experience the mist, they go right into seeing images play out which is perfectly normal.

Remember magick is a personalized experienced and as @Lady_Eva says “whatever works works”


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Question about personally charged waterbodies. Lets say you’d have to do away with the water inside the bowl,e.g: flushing or throwing it outside. Is there a ritual to disconnect or is that unecessary?


It’s not necessary, the earth should take care of whatever lingering energy there is


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