An Old Man's Advice on Pendulum Attunement

Yes, this is a long post. Old men like to ramble, but we usually have a reason for it.

While I do not consider myself an expert on very much, I have been using pendulums for divination for over 30 years now, so I think I know a few things.

This is what I do when obtaining, attuning, and using a new pendulum. So far, this works for me. Some of this might work for you. The accuracy improves over time and use.

Your Pendulum
While a bit of a misidentification, my first pendulum was actually my favorite silver necklace that had a small obsidian obelisk as its weight at the throat.

I have had one necklace and a few real pendulums over the years for divination, and the necklace was a good start for me. The other were real, manufactured pendulums: some copper and two brass. (I found the brass ones to be… resistant? Hard to describe, but I used them for about 4 months with no real accuracy before moving on to copper, which is what I use now and have for several years. Copper seems to resonate with me.)

What works for you works for you, but if you are having difficulty in getting any amount of accuracy out of your divinations, try a copper pendulum.

Attuning the Pendulum
I had been wearing my necklace for almost a year before a Wiccan friend of mine in college said one day, “Oh. Silver! Let me show you something wicked with that.” This is how I got started using pendulums.

It turns out that the first step after acquiring what you are using as a pendulum
is to get to attuned to you. There are two good methods that I have found for this.

  1. The first is to simply wear it. It if it a necklace, easy. If it is a real pendulum, wear it in a pocket, and get to know it. Meditate with it.

  2. The other (jumpstart) method is to wear it for a week in a pocket and then get yourself a sigil of Orobas, place the pendulum on it, and evoke/invoke and dedicate it to him. Okay, now why Orobas and not other spirits, or your own patrons…? Accuracy. I find that when that sigil is around, even when not charged or open, Orobas comes through and eliminates the confusion, deception, or otherwise murky responses to questions.

When I use a pendulum, I typically hover it over the sigil of Orobas. Works for me. Should work for you. You can use others, of course.

Dialing It In
This works even for established pendulums you work with.

The next step is to establish the yes/no answers and reactions from the pendulum. You can do this without the sigil of Orobas if you choose, but I like everything correct and accurate from the start, so I use it.

  1. Take 7-10 deep breaths. Just to get centered. If your face tingles from the breathing, you are breathing too hard, but probably doing it right.

  2. Hold the pendulum an inch (~2.54 cm) or so above the sigil or surface you are working with, be it a table, floor, pillow on your lap, or other object.

Now the fun starts.

  1. For the sake of this exercise, assume your real name is Lynn Peterson and you were born on 1 January 1990. Ask the pendulum, “Is my name Lynn Peterson?” of course, using your real name. Watch and note the swing of the pendulum. That is your YES answer. Hold the pendulum steady and let it come to rest. I will usually say thank you to get it to stop immediately.

  2. Now ask, “Is my birthday on January 1?” again, using your real birthday. Watch and note the swing of the pendulum. The reaction should be exactly the same as the first one.

  3. Ask “Is my name Miranda Atkinson?” Note the swing of the pendulum. It should be quite different from the YES answer. If it is the same, you probably are not yet in a state of mind or relaxation to get answers. If you are focused, you should get a distinctly different swing.

  4. Ask “Is my birthday July 22?” Again, the swing should be a definite NO, and different from your YES response.

  5. Now, ask these again in random order, and add a few questions of your own that you know to be true or false.

Stop when you feel like you are attuned to it. Practice this a few times, and when first starting a pendulum divination session, it is always good to ask random questions that you know the answer to so that you can reestablish yes and no each time.

The Meaning of Swings
Note that I did not say in which directions the pendulum would move for yes and no. This is because I have read too many different accounts, and have personally witnessed two people sitting side by side ask the same question with the same answer and have their pendulums react differently. Your answers are personal to you.

For me, I get five different reactions:

  • Strong circular swings (about 3+ inches in diameter) mean definite yes.
  • Smaller circular swings or small ovals (about 2 inches) mean currently yes.
  • Strong left-right swings, such as someone shaking their head mean definite no.
  • Small left-right swings mean currently no.
  • No motion means the question is too far off in the future to know, you are not focused, or someone on the other side is not going to divulge it. Again, this makes Orobas extremely helpful, because the accuracy and forthright communication is what we really seek, and he will not obfuscate the answers. If you are getting no motion and you are hovering the sigil over Orobas, you are probably too far off in the future for any form of accuracy.

Beware Personal Bias
If you want to see your bias exposed very quickly, ask for confirmation of something you are passionate about, but is nearly impossible, and watch for a YES answer. This is a good indicator that you are not communicating with a spirit, or if youare, your own passions are overriding the answers from the other side.

“Is he/she still in love with me?” ; “Does he/she still think lovingly of me?”

Chances are really good that you will get the answer you want, rather than the cold truth.

What Not To Ask
If you are starting your question with “Will I ever…?” the answer is probably no,
even if it happens down the road. There are too many variables in place at any given
time to discern what will happen too far in the future.

Similarly, if you start with “Is it possible to…?” the answer will likely be yes. Almost anything is possible, and a one-in-a-trillion chance is still possible. That won’t yield helpful answers, however. Possible is not the same as likely. It is possible that a stellar singularity will spontaneously form a few light years over,
suck in our solar system, and destroy the planet today. It is not at all likely.

Avoid these soft openings to questions. Be specific.

Time and Accuracy
I have been using this method over 30 years, and my divination accuracy still only maxes at about 75% for questions about today or tomorrow, 60-75% for questions in the next few days, and becomes useless for me after a week or more.

However, the answers are consistently repeatable. What is No is no when asked a dozen times. What is Yes is yes when asked a dozen times.

Ask About the Past as Much as the Future
What is great about asking about the past is that you can confirm your answers without being nebulous or self-deceiving. Something either happened or it did not, and you can probably research the answer to confirm your results.

This is also a good way to either boost confidence in your divination skills by proving yourself right, or to determine whether you need to re-evaluate your methods, if your divined answers do not match the history.

Ask Intelligent and Precise Questions.
I touched on this above, but leave yourself no wiggle room and no space for misinterpretation.

“Will my electric bill arrive tomorrow?”
“Is Pete safe at home?”
“Does Mom have COVID?”
“Is Kelly at the pub right now?”

Not much wiggle room for these questions. They are either yes or no.

Have Fun with It
If you can check your passion at the door, and you work with a trusted entity or reasonably unbiased higher self, there are some outlandish things you can ask about historical and current events and get some interesting results. Existence of Sasquatch/Yeti, Atlantis/Minoa, pre-Sumerian civilizations, Vimanas, and anything you might have a nagging interest in.

Many others will have contrasting points of view, but if you have a method that you think would benefit us all, or might refute or validate what I have written here, go ahead and post it. I like learning new things at my age.


I really liked how you included the use of Prince Orobas seal. I’ve worked with him for 20 years and I can attest he is a fantastic divining spirit.

Thanks for sharing your methods with us. This post was so good I bookmarked it.


@anon25000386 I was about to tag you😆

The only necklace I ever wear is my old military dog tags.

Now I want to melt down some silver and make new tags :upside_down_face:


This is cool! Thank you!

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A really instructive post. I have had a lot of joy utilising a method I came across in Carl Nagel’s “Infernal Conjurations of the Notorious Grimoire of Honorious”, where you hover the pendulum over the seal of Solomon, and call on various entities. I think using the sigil of Orobas however is quite sublime. Thanks.


Awesome thread!!! :fire:


Yeah this was fucking superb…!!!
I am 100% sure the Great Prince Orobas takes pride and pleasure at being so honored.


Great post, does Orobas need any offerings?

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No. No offerings needed. Just respect.




Inspired by this post, and as I’m currently working with Prince Orobas to enhance my clairvoyant abilities, I’ve created a pendulum with a Sigil of the great Prince.

Just wanted to share this with you all.

Hail Orobas !


That is brilliant!

You should have quite a lot of success with that.

Very well done!


Thank you my friend !

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Thank you for your insight! I’m excited to try this method with Orobas.

I wanted to chime in I’ve had my astral senses alert me to my pendulum board directions being changed one day. The changes were drastic and added more possible answers than what I previously had. Two of the newer ones I find most helpful are:

  1. Rephrase, with more details.
  2. Rephrase, with less details.

It’s been great to be alerted my question was framed too vague or too specific to receive information related my query.


Hmmm never seen that :flushed: they must be touched if ouija, pendulum or other divination instruments

Pendulum moves because of ideomotor movments generated by the subconscious mind through your hand holding it.

So you have to hold the pendulum.

If not, it suppose spirits move it with poltergeist effect.

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how fortuitous. I just asked my cards if i should bye a new pendulum and they said yes


I actually tried this last night and had success with it! Does this method work with other spirits?

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Yes. Orobas will always be my first choice for divination, but Vassago and others have also proven accurate - just not to the degree of Orobas.

Feel free to try others.


Thanks for this post, I’m using pendulum and I always found that the yes/no answers were clockwise and counterclockwise motions… But for me it was circular motion and swinging from side to side and I was a bit confused if I’m doing something wrong or what… Thanks :+1:

I tried this but used Saturn’s seal by Jason Miller instead (also linked to eliminate confusion and illusion)

My pendulum acted differently after than. To be continued…