Alpha Scorpii’s Easy Pendulum Tutorial

I have seem a number of discussions on the pendulum here and in other places. Some hold the pendulum to be unreliable and prone to influence by the operator, others have used is successfully and hold it in high regard as a reliable and simple method of getting accurate answers to mainly yes and no questions. I fall into the latter category.

I have been using the pendulum for over 15 years as my primary form of divination and it has been extremely accurate. I am writing this quick and easy tutorial to help others, dispel some perceived negatives and to present a system of dowsing with the pendulum that I have been using with great success.

So what is the best pendulum? I don’t think there is such a thing. Any weighted object suspended by a string or chain will do. For many years I used my pentagram necklace for pendulum dowsing, I always had it with me so it was handy, and it was attuned to me by constant contact. Since these days I no longer wear a necklace, or any jewellery for that matter, I purchased a new silver pendulum.

As any new magical item might contain unwanted influences or vibrations form the previous hands it has passed through, a thorough cleansing is always a good idea. The method I use on everything I haven’t personally made myself is to bury it in salt, pure uniodised and the finer the powder the better, for a full Luna cycle (if it is something that can corrode put it in a ziplock bag), no ritual is required just bury it in salt for 28 days and let the salt absorb the influences within the item. I have a large stainless bowl full of salt I use for this purpose. The best way to tell if you need to replace the salt due to it having absorbed too much from previously cleansed items is to taste it, it will taste off if it is loaded with a lot of what it has been absorbing, this is particularly noticeable if you use natron rather than salt, that shit will just taste fucking nasty after a while, salt will too but it is a bit more subtle.

Next it should be linked to the user, you. I do this by blooding it once a day for 3 consecutive days, a pin prick drop of blood smeared on the weighted part of the pendulum is all that is needed, no ritual is required. After 3 days of blooding it it is good to go. I dipped mine in clear liquid resin once the blood had dried on the third day to seal the blood in and because the blood over the silver looked awesome and I didn’t want it to ware off. Bear in mind that if you blood your pendulum you should not let others touch it at all, and more importantly keep it safe. It is linked to you and if it got into the wrong hands you can be severely fucked with magically.

Now it is my belief that you need to program the pendulum (you are actually programming your subconscious mind, not the pendulum) for yes and no, don’t ask it ‘show me yes’, ‘show me no’ or any shit like that. Swing it manually how you want it to show yes and tell it ‘this is yes’, do the same for no (this is the basic program), and also ‘ready for question’ which I will discuss below.

‘Ready for Question’ is a specific swing, usually to rhw right between yes and no, that you manually start in order to indicate that you are about to begin a pendulum session and is always the starting point. This is programmed the same way as the yes and no. Remember that when programming or questioning you should speak out loud.

It is also a good idea to employ a dowsing chart for your dowsing sessions, this can be as simple as a cross indicating yes and no, or as complex as you like, to fit your purpose.

Very thorough programming methods and a shitload of extra information can be found at the below link, I suggest that if you are interested in exploring this in a deeper way you download all the PDFs and read them before proceeding, it shouldn’t take more than about an hour and you will have a good foundation and a tried and true method for getting the most out of your pendulum:

Good luck and enjoy, I hope this helps anyone interested in this method of divination.

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I began using a pendulum after reading Jason S. Black’s book on Urban Voodoo some time ago. When he was still alive he used the pendulum extensively, to the point that he would sit for hours, asking questions until he got detailed results. In fact, the very book Urban Voodoo was produced as a result of his work with a pendulum.

All I can say is it is seriously worth it and has been an excellent method for divination, sometimes clearer than even the tarot, because one gets absolutely precise yes/no answers.

It is excellent for those getting started in evocation, to communicate accurately with spirits without being in the right brainwave mode. Especially if you are working with scary entities that can put you out of a trance, then a pendulum is very useful.

I thank you Alpha Scorpii for the suggestion of placing the pendulum in salt for a lunar cycle. I am going to do that. I have already blooded mine.

Btw salt is also great for baths, if you want to cleanse your body just like the pendulum. A package of about 500gram of sea salt (non iodised) costs about 3$ where I live. If you live by the sea, go for a swim as often as you can. Ever noticed that people who had a shitty life and move to the sea often tone their bodies, suddenly get in shape and experience success? It’s the salt in the ocean that takes off all the negative shit from them. Also consider that people who live by the sea (inhaling the salt in the air, swimming in the ocean etc) tend to be way more relaxed. Salt should really not be underestimated.

Thanks again for this post.

PS: Also consider that swimming in the ocean combines several things. The coolness of the water (simulates a cold shower which is a spiritual cleanser). The darkness of the water attracts, as darkness is an attractor. And then you have the salt layered on top of all that. It’s basically the best thing you can do for yourself.


This is great, Tijuanabe. Where I live we have a salt water, high mineral lake. As a tiny child I used to spend tons of time there. Even the mud is supposed to be healing. I’ll start hitting it up more and recording the results.

When using a pendulum, kinds of questions do you ask? I’ve not had as much experience with yes/no because I don’t know how to ask about my subject.

With tarot, I generally have a situation that I am curious about I run through the whole scenario mentally and emotionally in my mind, place all the information about it, including general feeling and then do a reading. A general path pops out in the cards, several questions are answered. But, I’m not as satsified with y/n. I find it easy to miss-lead myself because, I forget to inquire about important (or unimportant) details. Oh. Or I should just do it more to get a better feel. Glad I thumb typed all that out just to realize the obvious. Anyhow, I’ll be reading the pdfs for sure!

Edit: Alpha Scorpii, that was a fastastically super spiffy read! I can also apply the same concepts to muscle testing for times when I have no pendulum. Hah! I’m definitely teaching the children this one. This’ll make homeschooling more exciting for sure.

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You can do all kinds of questions. You can even figure out names by going through a whole alphabet. (i.e. "is the first letter a, b, c, d…until you get a yes) It tends to be a time consuming method, but gives very detailed results. You will also see very quickly, whether you are in touch with an actual spirit that helps you to divine results, or whether you are just wasting your time.

You can also utilize a pendulum to locate people. One way of doing this would be to put a map on your desk before you. You start from the bottom left corner and allow the pendulum to swing in whatever direction it goes. You mark that direction as precisely as possible. Next you start from the bottom right corner. Allow it to swing in whatever direction. Mark down the line it went on as precisely as possible.

Now you are left with a cross section. The person should be located at the point where your lines cross. Depending on how exact you want this to be you can then use another more detailed map.

You can also utilize this method to plan future rituals, deciding where they should best be held in cooperation with your spirit.

Or if you plan on moving somewhere you can use this method to ask questions like “What place would be best for me”.

Then once again, you can also do the Yes/No questions in tricky situations. You can utilize it to figure out whether you should work with people or not. You can use it to figure out if somebody cursed you, and you can verify whether your suspicion about who cursed you is correct.

Last but not least I should say I always start with the pendulum fully resting, allowing it up to a minute to go in a certain direction. A lot of people make the mistake of pushing it at the beginning, so it is not necessarily accurate. Also be aware of the ideomotor phenomenon. (EA talks about this in his Mastering Divination)


My pendulum divination is the main method I use when I want to seriously contact a demon using its sigil.

It’s helped me before. I don’t use it often but when I do I feel like I can trust it.
It feels like if I’m actually conversating with demons.

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thanks for the tip AS, since i have done away with the rhp pleading & supplication shit & taken charge, my results have been spot on.

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I have a question (actually several) about using a pendulum. The only objects I can find right now that seem suitable are a length of red yarn and a pocket knife I carry daily (so that should make it suitably attuned to me). It even has a little loop, for a key ring I guess, that would be perfect to attach the yarn to. Would this work? I plan on using it as follows: Holding the pendulum between my index and middle fingers of my right hand (since I’m right handed), assign back and forth for yes and side to side for no, in a circle for ready to start questions, then manually making it still so it can swing when I ask the yes and no questions. I plan to start the questions in this manner : name of demon/spirit/entity? If I get a yes, then name of demon will you assist me with what I want assistance with? and so on. Does this sound like a method that will work?

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Very good tutorial.

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Thank you for this. I read this over a year ago and have been using pendulums since. I have 3 different ones and I’ve found that certain ones are better for certain things (this I’m not sure why though). I just created my account after lurking for so long & wanted to say thanks.

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