The Occult Tarot by Travis McHenry - A hybrid method of interpretation

Alright everyone I’ve been getting asked alot about my hybrid method of interpretation of the classic ten card Celtic cross spread using the occult tarot by Travis McHenry.

I want to start out by saying my method draws heavily from his instructions that I tweaked and experimented with.

By utilizing this method you get a very accurate forcast of the next 4-6 weeks typically and it shows the key placements and inflection points of individual spirits or energies working in the life of the querent.

You are totally free to read this and decide to make adjustments to the way the cards are read. The key is for your conscious mind to decide before the shuffle what means what and where.

Let’s start with the basics

First you DO need a basic understanding of the traditional divinatory meanings of the cards. Since memorization is not a strong suit of mine I personally made a tarot journal with my own meanings. I really suggest you start something like that.

With the occult tarot you do not need to use reversals. Keep all the cards in the deck face up. You can determine the dignity of a card by the surrounding cards.

If you have a divination spirit you regularly work with or a Matron or Patron feel free to ask them to make the cards clear to read and resonate truly for the querent.

A good shuffle.

Still yourself for a moment and ask yourself that the cards show you what is most likely to be so for the querent for the the next 4-6 weeks.

Shuffle the deck three times while concentrating on your question. Then from left to right cut the deck into three piles using your right hand. Pick the cards up from left to right also using that hand. Using your index finger tap the side of the deck three times. Now cut into two piles left to right. Pick them up them up left to right and begin. Draw card one.

Card one represents the energies surrounding the querent during this 4-6 week time line and also can ( use your intuition) indicate a spirit guide. This guide spirit will assist the querent in overcoming obstacles and challenges during the timeline.

Sample: Agares 5 wands

So your intuition will tell you immediately if this is a guide spirit. Let’s assume it is. Tell the querent to be watchful of imagery and signs relating Agares, i.e crocodiles, ect.

Now the meaning of the five of wands is strife. You tell the querent this timeline will have conflict, disagreement, discord and hardship. Don’t sugar coat it. No one appreciates a candy coated reading of sugar, faeries, and lollipops. Keep it real.

Card two represents energies or an individual spirit that is actively in conflict with the querent, his agenda and plans.

Sample:. Halphas two swords

Stalemates, truces, painful choices, the lesser of two evils. This is a harsh card In this position. Again you gotta keep it real with the querent. Things may get hard.

Now there is a way to mitigate some of the opposition. I recommend making the seal of the spirit in question and burning a candle and incense to the spirit. In this case Halphas and directly ask he remove himself from opposition or atleast not oppress. This is something the querent can do directly after the reading.

Card three : this indicates the unfolding of the future along the 4-6 weeks timeline.

Sample: King Balaam page of wands

Now this is the first bright spot in the reading and it shows how things are prolly gonna come out in the wash.

Good news, calls or letters

This should give some encouragement to our querent.

Card four: represents abilities needed or choices that have to be made to manifest the unfolding future positively, or in essence to maximize the the futures positive, beneficial possibilities.

Sample: Ipos 2 wands

Now side note,you noticing anything. You should. We’ve got 3 wands already. There is ALOT of fast changing energy, activity and things going in the querents life. Be watchful and make mental notes.

Now our card indicates, partnerships, business or personal and decisions. So in this placement counsel the querent to make wise decisions regarding partnerships and think through serious choices carefully before commiting.

Card five indicates energies that are leaving your life.

Baphomet the magician

Now you should already know major arcana cards carry much more weight than court or minor arcana so something big recently happened on the querents life.

This indicates here success, mastery, awake and aware decisions.

Card six represents a spirit that is reaching out to the querent to assist in manifesting thier goals or plans.

Sample Duke Bathin

Read the offices and abilities of the spirit to the querent.

I tell most people to make a seal of this spirit, give public praise and burn a candle and incense and ask what favors they will that fall in that spirits offices.

Card seven

This indicates the heart and soul of the querent and gives you a glimpse at thier inner world.

Sample: Bael the emperor

This person knows how to use logic and reason to line up thier forces and resources to accomplish thier will and pleasure. This is a good card in this placement because as we’ve seen in this reading important choices need to be made to ensure the best outcomes.

Card 8:. This is like the wild card of the reading. This represents a spirit watching the querent from the periphery. This spirit may be persuaded to help or hinder the querent.

Sample:. Camio the fool

Beware your blind spots I’d tell the querent.

I’d also recommend following the procedure of card six to get the spirit on the querents side and participate in assisting the querent.

Card 9: the best you can hope for or worst you can expect

Sample:. King Paimon queen of wands

This is a very fortuitous omen in this placement. Now the whole dignity of the reading is nearly complete. The querent will have many challenges, obstacles, problems and decisions but will come out the victor it appears.

Card ten
The spirit most responsible for bringing blessings into the querents life

Sample:. Marquis Sabnock

I usually recommend giving atleast public praise to this spirit. It’s worth noting both the opposition card and this card are both swords. Muy interesante…

Ok that wraps up our sample reading and explanation of my hybrid method.

I’ve done over 100 real divinations for real people and I can honestly report good feedback and resonance from the querents.

I hope this helps you structure your own method or feel free to use this yourself.

Mike B


@Mike_Bee this is such a fantastic tutorial. I’ve needed something like this to get me started on tarot.


Thanks for the kind words bro I felt very self conscious about it and was afraid people might think it was stupid so I hesitated to write it. I’m glad I did now though.

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If I could find my Tarot Cards that were on my bed two nights ago, I would try the divination method. Anyone seen my tarot cards anywhere by any chance?

I do like this Tutorial, very good work. That deck is on my amazon wishlist.

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Clear, simple, and amazing. Love it. Thank you again for your time and effort to help.

Be Blessed


Thank you everyone for the kind words and support.

Every other week ( yes this Thursday) I do 3-5 readings using this method for free right here in the divinations section of Balg to honor my patron prince Orobas.

Look forward to seeing everyone that’s interested.