"Left-Hand Path," "Right-Hand Path," And Definitions

In the past few days I’ve seen a lot of conversations and crossfire on here, about why people identify with the LHP, why LHP people don’t like RHP people (and, of course, vice-versa), so I wanted to put some definitions up here, because I think a lot of the time people are talking at cross-purposes, or simply not understanding what a person like me means when we say we embrace the LHP & actively, passionately, shun the RHP.

This isn’t to lay down the law as to what people can mean when they say LHP, or anything like that - it simply seems more constructive for me to start a new topic about a definition I use, and which I think a lot of other people use, rather than diving in piecemeal to other people’s threads.

Enough exposition - to the topic:

Some people posting here, and elsewhere, have used the term LHP to mean doing only workings that harm others in some way, or only working with darker entities, such as those classified as demons.

The term Left-Hand Path originated from translations of an Indian concept, and I’ll quote some Wikipedia on this:

Vāmācāra is a Sanskrit term meaning "left-handed attainment" and is synonymous with Left-Hand Path or Left-path (Sanskrit: Vāmamārga). It is used to describe a particular mode of worship or spiritual practice (Sanskrit: sadhana) that is not only heterodox (Sanskrit: Nāstika) to standard Vedic injunction, but extreme in comparison to prevailing cultural norms. These practices are often generally considered to be Tantric in orientation. The converse term to Vamacara is Dakshinachara (glossed "Right-Hand Path") which is used to refer not only to orthodox (Āstika) sects but to modes of spirituality that engage in spiritual practices that not only accord with Vedic injunction but are generally agreeable to prevailing cultural norms. [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left-hand_path_and_right-hand_path]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left-hand_path_and_right-hand_path[/url]

As you can see, although the Indian path of “left-handed attainment” takes a different route, its ultimate aim is the same as the Dakshinachara orthodox method, and both exist and are practiced with the aim of acknowledging external moral and behavioural strictures (albeit, in Vāmācāra, by inverting or disobeying them), and both have the aim of attaining either a heavenly state with Vishnu (in Vaishnavite Hinduism) or complete merger to Parasiva/Parasakti, or Buddhahood, etc.

The descriptions and concepts vary slightly, but the end goal of Vāmācāra & Dakshinachara as usually practiced, by the majority of adherents, is one and the same.

And this is the linguistic and conceptual origin from which the modern day terms of Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path have arisen - but they’ve taken a different route on terms of the desired end goal.

This is important, and (I believe) the key to why this kind of discussion ends up gettling muddled a lot of the time.

The modern meaning that Left-Hand Path has come to mean, is well defined by this extract from Stephen Flowers’ excellent book, “Lord Of The Left-Hand Path”:

Essentially, the left-hand path is the path of non-union with the objective universe. It is the way of isolating consciousness within the subjective universe and, in a state of self-imposed psychic solitude, refining the soul or psyche to ever more perfect levels. The objective universe is then made to harmonize itself with the will of the individual psyche rather than the other way around. Where the right-hand path is [i]theocentric[/i] (or certainly alleocentric: "other centred"), the left-hand path is [i]psychecentric[/i], or soul/self-centred. Those within the left-hand path may argue over the nature of this self/ego/soul, but the idea that the individual is the epicentre of the path itself seems undisputed. An eternal seperation of the individual intelligence from the objective universe is sought in the left-hand path. This amounts to an immortality of the independent self-consciousness moving within the objective universe, and interacting with it at will.

With this definition explained (I hope) adequately, I personally cannot discover any meaningful common ground between the RHP & LHP, even though there may be superficial similarities.

For example, in the RHP, you MUST comply with specific moral, or at least behavioural, criteria laid down by an EXTERNAL moral authority, be it God, Parasiva/Parasakti, karma, traditional taboos, “the highest good of all” or whatever.

This model also holds that the human soul is (variously) fallen, incomplete, in dire need of evolution, or simply impure and wrongfully attached to the world of the flesh.

And that the adherent’s primary aspiration must be to comply with the guidelines given, in order to become saved, whole, pure, and detached from worldly concerns.

In the LHP, you have no moral or behavioural constraints, no outside “judge” awarding you a desired spiritual state (whether after death or beforehand) such as enlightenment, heaven, or Nirvana, and there’s no other state to aspire to except that which you desire for yourself, although for many of us who’ve bothered going this far, that will amount to becoming the primary creative force in our own spacetime perception (universe, reality, call it what you will).

With - let me repeat this before anyone says, “But dear silly Eva, we all create our own reality anyway” - no moral or behavioural strictures whatsoever.


How these two things can be alike - how there can be a “middle path” that has a bit of both, honestly escapes me, since the whole idea of RHP is to evolve spiritually along a path determined by external laws and rules, whereas the whole idea of the LHP is to dispense with these.

This, I suspect, is why a lot of LHP folks talk about the “acausal” so much - moral and behavioural strictures are predicated upon the idea that if you do A., B. will happen - a chain of cause and effect as taught under the excellent Kybalion, a guide for all operations in the causal, material/manifest, and low-magickal realms.

These various laws, including laws like gravity, exist in the nursery school environment we inherited where man looked UP to his gods to be told how to avoid pain and death for himself, and it is the natural outcome of LHP empowerment that we begin to overturn those rules, creating our own in some situations, or merely leaving a blank slate in others.

For my own personal LHP exploration, in place of prohibiting ethics, I have values - positive things that I can aspire to, so my value of “I like animals” may equally extend to going out even though I have flu, to walk my dog - or, equally, sending an excrutiating death curse against someone who I know was cruel to their own dog.

Try parsing that under “LHP values” and it works just fine - try rationalising it under “RHP ethics” and you’re in a world of moral compromises and equivocations.

And such has always been the case, when people have tried to honour their values, whilst having to pay lip service to ethical guidelines.

I believe this is because we live in a universe of desire - of desire for more life, more love, more going-towards of all the things we treasure, and that the atrophied dead claws of RHP prohibition and externally-imposed restraint are, at their core, anti-life - as can be seen in their practices of hating women, hating sex, and forbidding exploration of any kind that may threaten their dogma.

People are currently calling Islamic State/ISIL/Daesh a “death cult” - but really, ANY dogma that hallows celibacy, hates sexual freedoms (updated 2019 comment here on this), and pins a lot of your hopes of happiness on an afterlife is a Death Cult - so hello, Christainity, Hinduism, and Buddhism!

One major difference betweern RHP & LHP, and the one that causes the most problems for people on here discussing practical magick, practical “changing reality to comply with will” (and why preaching RHP dogma is prohbited) is that most RHP belief, whether in karma, God’s judgement, the “need” to be “saved,” or simply the belief that magick must only be done “for the highest good of all” - this last one being most common in so-called “white” magick - has constraints, laws, rules, and check-points.

The problem is, that certain people then become imbued with the certainty that, because they follow God’s will (or whatever external moral authority they honour), they are acting as agents of that higher moral or behavioural force, which time and again has resulted in atrocities - pogroms, wars, oppression of women, homosexuals, and magicians, jihads, and terrorism.

That people will act in new and inhumane ways when they feel the have the sanction of authority was demonstrated in both the Milgram experiment, which was duplicated with similar results on several different occasions, and also the Stanford Prisonexperiment.

Furthermore, no legitimate research has been done to disprove the hypothesis that people will act with unexpected cruelty and inhumanity when they believe they have an authority sanctioning their behaviour.

And, what higher authority can there be, than God,“the highest good” - or whatever external force the individual uses and allows to dictate their life?

The Left-Hand Path, as defined in this post, completely lacks the moral imperative to FORCE others to believe as you do or suffer the consequences, which is a very important aspect - I won’t think less of anyone who thinks this post is a load of waffle, whereas, a believer usually HAS to have people see things their way.

And the LHP I described also lacks the ability to set atrocities in motion, and then to “pass the buck” and claim that we only burned these thousands of people alive because it was written in a book, we only beat our children and wives because we’re told to do so, etc.

We retain 100% of the responsibility for our acts, there is No higher authority.

Seriously, what’s a Left-Hand Path suicide bomber going to do - privately and quietly blow himself up, because he wasn’t quite sure he believed he was the god of his own creation?!

The Left-Hand Path is the answer to the dogmatic sickness that has corrupted our times, and our nations.

But, sure, if you want to use any other cludged together definition of LHP & RHP, you’ll find overlaps, paradoxes, and seeming inconsistancies where people may appear to have not thought things through properly!

Meanwhile, the modern day definiton as used by Flowers, and anyone else for whom it relates to the desired overall destination of the soul, no - there are none.

I hope that helps clarify some things - obviously, people are free to use words how they choose, but I think that conflating “LHP” with “baneful magick”/“only works with demons”/“must become harder, crueller or more selfish” is at best, misguided and at worse, playing into the morality traps that comprise most RHP-oriented thought.


Hi Eva,

In a prior post somewhere on the forum I spoke of the LHP amd RHP in my own definition where there is no Dark vs Light via opposite sides which I wrote corresponding to the body that one was really whole. On a Yoga level, when you merge and Balance thebLeft and Right Hand sides (Ida and Pingala) you achieve proper balance to raise energy up Sushumna. On a side political note… One has the Tudor Rose sigil of England merging LHP and RHP symbolism between Fueding Families. However if you look past the rose you likewise have the 3 Dragons (Red, White, Green) of the 3 lineages of the UK which plays into bloodlines as well as the Excalibur story which I am fond of. There are of course other interesting symbolic associations.

Anyway. My own little writeup of merging LHP and RHP was on an individual basis…but to look at it from a much bigger perspective of merging them: LHP is like the path one walks to Discover ones Source of “True Light” as well as “New Light” (creativity, evolving the future, etc). Whereas RHP is where one embraces and empowers ones self. The middle path seems to be the perfecting or beautification process (as indicated because it passes through Tifareth), where one can in a roundabout way see the 3 paths as both a Triangle of Art as well as a Transforming (evolving Ouroboros Dragon biting its tail) or Warping of eventsevents (or a more commonly held idea of an evolutionary spiral).

Now my observations on this are based off observing the traditional notions of an LHP’er and their “demeanor” as far as being about All Darkness. They seem to exhibit their Light Power in a more destructive sense in a process of dissolution and even quiet in demeanor due to what they are into. The RHP’er from a traditional standpoint of what they are perceived as seem to be people who use their Light in a more loving sense, where they have basically embraced the chosen structure of rules.

Keeping in mind I am only speaking about my observations of the traditional view. In my version there is no distinction as one somply finds or creates ones chosen truth and empowers it. On a larger scale though…it would appear that what is called RHP (in light of my definition) was actually once LHP in nature… Because one must reason that in the beginning someone discovered something…created their own idea of a world for themselves… And then spread that idea and grew it into a Society to where it became more empowered meaning more Rules. So to me LHP is like an initial path of Transition into a greater state of empowerment of ones newly discovered or created Form or World… Meaning what one is doing now is what our Forefathers and Foremkthers already did, even though they didnt use the same terminology… Where this all is alot like a repeating of a cycle where a Son or Daughter rebeks against their parents…where the New (evolution) is changing over from the Old…So one can see Lucifer rebelling against God as an Allegory of a Badass Son rebelling against his father for the Good of things.


This is really useful. This is exactly what I was aiming for when I started that thread about personal definitions of the LHP- I felt that we were all misunderstanding each other and it’s good to clarify what exactly we mean by these terms. Good post! :slight_smile:

I hope you don’t mind, Lady Eva, if I copy a quote from that thread regarding my original confusion about Flowers definition- and your reply to that?

‘…how do you personally interpret his (Flowers) definition, if you don’t mind me asking? All that stuff about the eternal separation of the individual consciousness- what do you make of that?’

Lady Eva’s response was:

‘I see it as my consciousness becoming the ruling and defining factor in What Is - perhaps just within MY cosmos, and ideally within a reality that’s shared/somewhat overlapping with beings I feel a harmony with.’

The way I interpreted your answer, Lady E, was that for you personally it’s all about the here and now, and that the eternal separation is in the context of this lifetime?

If I have understood correctly- I hope you don’t mind me asking what you mean by the ‘desired overall destination of the soul’? In your case would that indeed be right here, on earth? Would you want to exist in the physical realm indefinitely? Sorry about all these questions, but I’m really trying to grasp this definition and how it relates to the ‘end result’ so to speak.

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Fantastic delineation on an easily confused topic.


Ahhhh, I was just asking this and here it is, so thanks for the definitions of both.

Anyway, just the same for me though. Nothing but just divisions, limitations, useless ideas that starts misunderstanding then begins arguements then can lead to war if followers of both sides wish to.

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It is actually a pretty simple formula much overlooked where people build complexities upon it which turn into never ending “Labyrinths” (David Bowie movie =) of hell or discomfort. Now there is nothing wrong with complexities as lon as they are useful. Formula:

  • one has 3 parts. The Male and Female aspects of the Soul and its Synthesis combination.

  • one then has what I call a “Group Soul/OverSoul” which is basically the Male and Female Aspects of SOCIETY and of course the present set Synthesis Combo.

  • both of these equate to a Triangle of Art: Thesis (that which we accept in our Borders), Anti-Thesis (the Strong-Point which causes us to Evolve beyond perceived Safety), and Synthesis which is the End Conclusion. Rinse and Repeat. Basically thr Anti-Thesis (Anti-Christ) is the Wake the Fuck Up factor…hence one has Belial as the Anti-Christ…BUT everyone holds certain beliefs about what his nature is supposed to be…so one has all these cults like 3 Religkons (with 3 Hidden Dragons like out of European mythologies…and hence 3 Horns of a Hidden God) where Belial will definetely wake up alot of people! But he wont necessarily always be THE DEVIL like most morons believe him to be, which will become their problem simply because they cannot accept the truth.

  • so one essentially has a Clockwise spinning Anti-Triangle pummeling all the idiots who want to fruitlessly flow against the currents (fyi one can actually prosperously do this.mmbut thats another conversation) of Fate.

  • As to your response regarding War or whatever else. You or anyone else needs to realize that War is the Accepted DEFAULT Strong-Man point to creating change on a Global Scale. How does one Annihilate the Stupidity behind a Red Rose vs a White Rose Military banner? Let thrm beat the crap out of each other until a Truce is called (an Anti-Thesis set of actions generates Desire for a Thesis SAFE GROUND) where in history one thus had the Tudlr Rose. The same thing is really playing out with the Economy: average person gets angry due to economic hardship…natural solution? WAR otherwise they starve as a group (nation, country). So the first round spin of an Anti-Thesis triangle for Economy like fighting to be the top dog to have and keep a job, then leads from the Passive Aggressive Actions (weaklings who wont fight to keep their own…) to a solution of a Literal Anti-Thesis set of Actions to CREATE even if temporarily the Thesis safeground for economic and military security… Which becomes ones Synthesis Love of Life.

  • like I said elsewhere. The Triangle is one of the most Overlooked symbols even amongst advanced practitioners, because to alot its just a game of casting a bunch if symbols in a circle. Before one even writes a script, a spell, castes a circle…much less even embark on a Path and use terms like LHP and RHP…onr must first engage with the Pure Intent and Desire to be a Master Craftsman. But I guess right here lies the Mystery Between Christ (he was a carpenter…but much more) and Belial…where it seems most people will go to worship concept building endless mazes of Daath (belief) structures on them without understanding what it actually is.


That’s a glass-half-empty way of looking at things! :o)

Seriously, I believe the LHP concept is an idea whose time has come, and that it requires no argumentative aggressive preachers, simply dissemination of the idea which will attract those who are ready for it, while co-existing in peace with those who are not.

There’s simply no motivation for a LHP adherent (using the definition above) to start any conversion drives or whatever - so if any wars are started, it will be the “think as I do, or burn in hell” crowd who start them.

As usual! :stuck_out_tongue:

Akasha, I posted the reply to your questions above in my “theogensis” thread coz it’s more personal and I didn’t want to give the impression to anyone new to this stuff, that my goals are the ONLY LHP goals - I posted it here. :slight_smile:


My interpretation is the left-hand path enables astral to become gods work with spirits demons change the physical plane with astral compared to right-hand path worships god and light subservient without becoming a God.
The Catholic Church burnt witches and any who practiced left-hand path magic because the church felt threatened wanted keep knowledge itself the Catholics preach right hand path secretly practice the left! that’s my view the left hand path has power I’ve practiced the light right hand path demons would attack me constantly for opposing my natural calling?


Very unlikely, but you can do some divination before summoning the demon just to double-check, that’s usually a good idea when starting to work with a new spirit anyway.


This would happen when I did white meditations right hand path before I started LHP think demons getting pissed off I was working for wrong team lol

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People get worked up over causal forms like “left-hand path” and “right-hand path” quite a bit. Different people have different worldviews, different goals, and use different means to achieve those goals. The problems start to arise when we start to say “my path is awesome, and your path is bullshit.” I have no problems with people following a traditional religious path if they are open-minded enough to respect my path. I get shit from both sides.

Also, your quoted explanation of vamacara and dakshinacara barely scratches the surface, and is not entirely accurate.

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Quite so - it’s from wikipedia, I posted it because sooner or later someone always pops up and says “Hey you guys who claim to be LHP and becoming gods, you’re all dumb, this is actually a Hindu thing and it doesn’t mean what you think nya-nyah!”…


I think part of the problem of diving left hand path and right hand path is more or less how to divide standard “Satanists” with people that are more sinister. It’s one thing to have no constraint, but its a tad different when you deal with someone that uses magic to hurt people out of sheer boredom. What do I mean?

Timothy did a black magic manifesto which I listened to on youtube, and in it he mentions that Satanism has what he calls The First Principles. He also states that these First Principles are Universal. One of those principles dealt with people’s personal freedom. He also contrasted Satanists with people that were psychopaths. Therein lies the heart of the matter or so it would seem. How can we say that people should have freedom, and that that is a universal First Principle, while at the same time saying that we are Left Hand path. Or in other words, if the Black Magic Manifesto does not allow for Psychopaths to be called Black Magic Satanists, then where do they fit in since they are obviously not RHP? And if they are LHP, then how would that fact not undermine the teaching that psychopaths are not LHP because they do not adhere to the First Principles?


@Lady_Eva BTW, your post was very well written.


I can see how that kind of ignorant condescension would be frustrating. Becoming an embodied deity is actually one of many different possible goals that can be pursued in both vamacara and dakshinacara.


Ha! It’s capitalists and communists! Lol

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To me, all they are is mindsets. That is, lhp and rhp. I limit myself to neither.


Thank you

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Very interesting topic. I am glad it got bumped. I do find it interesting that so many assume that the “middle” or “Gray” path is a merging of the two and not a “true” path of it’s oun.


I also like to think all of you are more “Gray” than you realize, yes even you, @Lady_Eva. Even E.A., Tom and anyone else who has helped with thier work and created this wonderful forum. Actually this forum I would say is one of the better examples of “Gray” compared to the millions of others

I will try to give you a proper definition of the “middle”, “Gray” path to the best of my ability. Trying to define comlex things is not one of my fortes, so this might take a bit.

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