Left hand path vs right hand path SPECIFICS

OK I think I’m out of this topic, I cant say more valid info.

The only thing I may say is I’m working with this energy for years and for me it was merciless completely disregarding my desires. It does what it wants. That’s why I think if cloud says he’s undergoing kundalini experience you can soothe him but ultimately the kundalini will do what it wants, also when I tried to force things they went very wrong for me. It’s not something I have chosen.

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Joseph Campbell said something along the lines of “All religions are masks on the face of God.”

I think you could replace “God” with pretty much any of the “elemental ideas” discussed here on BALG: kundalini, angels, demons, even elementals hehe.

Much of what you read about kundalini will actually be a description of a mask from yoga IMHO.

One difference between RHP and LHP I’ve been contemplating lately: When you are describing the mask you are almost certainly using an RHP concept/, idea, or “tenet”.

But the LHP looks at, or converses with the eyes behind the mask.

Meh…but I’m still contemplating it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


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When i say that there are no higher chakras i mean that there are no chakras that will make you be good or follow the right hand path, the higher chakras are not related to the physical world, our instincts, survival, power and money, like the muladhara, sacral chakra and solar plexus. That’s why people think that the higher chakras are “good”, because they’re related to higher feelings instead of instincts and more physical things, but it doesn’t mean that they will make you be “good” or pure, you can still follow the lhp.
I recommend you to try to communicate with spirits like belial or astaroth, they can answer your questions and help you.

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please be more specific " ultimately the kundalini does what it wants " are you really trying to tell me im going to have to do what this energy wants the rest of my life? i dont believe that. how did it not allow you to fufill your desires? are you not still in control of your body?

I agree with Xendrath on this overall. I’ve seen what I believe to be extremes on both sides. I technically identity as LHP only because of the freedom aspect. I don’t really like labels. Overall though I feel like one should have the freedom to use whatever Magick (from whatever branch) they feel like.

I’ve seen RHP people who have gotten stuck in such a cycle of hippyism and peace+ love that they would seemingly let someone kill their puppy and entire family and not retaliate (cos karma will get em one day! :joy:) .

On the other hand, I’ve seen some LHP (with apparent daddy issues) fall into a cycle of so much negative energy that they feel the need to threaten everyone everywhere to prove how tough they are and end up destroying themselves (or are just miserable).

Just learn and keep learning. If you want to help a kitten from a tree - do it. If you need to (and can) lay the smacketh down on someone - do it. No label really needed. Know thyself instead

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I posted some definitions some of us use (not mandatory or anything) here:

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I dont know really. Yes Im rarely in control of everything, even my body
Yes my desires hasnt been fulfilled yet, I have no loved one, almost no money, lost all my things, been locked in mental hospital for my beliefs etc etc.
Spirits mock me and laugh at my desires.
I have harsh fate in my natal chart (cruel stars and configurations)

So, either miracles are on their way or Im going to die out of this crappy life Im in.

Yes I had half emergence of kundalini, I felt the energy ascending from the 1st chakra to the heart, and I mean literally the energy whirling like a vortex, exactly like in these kundalini pictures. I know when it ascends for a 2nd time to the head, I will become enlightened.
I practiced lots of formal Western meditation, yogas and even kundalini yoga.

I have very great understanding of spiritual world so if you got questions please ask I like to answer.

Edit: most probably if you dont have such a cruel natal chart you wont experience all this pain. I am knowledgeable of astrology, want me to check you up on this?

This is how I personally see it.

The Right Hand Path.

The right hand path believe in a higher authority, a divinity that is above them. Now that’s not to say that they can’t at moments in ritual assume a essence of that divinity in their own rituals.

Those that walk this path are “The Children Of Light” they have certain rules and guidelines that they follow. Now the right hand path do have many systems which are filled with dogma, limitation and stasis.

The children of light focus hugely on working with chakra’s and once fully opened/activated they relish in the light of each of those power centres. The black magician does work with chakras to of course however I’ll get to that shortly.

The Left Hand Path.

The left hand path believe that they are the divine, the black magician doesn’t only understand that they are God but they are also the adversary. They are their own higher power, they are free to do as they wish.

The black magician doesn’t work by guidelines given to them from a dogmatic spiritual system nor do they follows rules or anyone’s laws but their own. These rules are more like personal morals and ethics which over time may change as the black magician develops.

Of course the black magician can heal and create happiness, love and peace. Just as easily as the black magician can kill and create hell on earth, suffering and chaos.

Those that walk the left hand path are known as “The Children Of Darkness” we are antichrist’s, those who rebel against tyranny, oppression, slavery, limitation and stasis. For this we are called evil and now we relish in that wickedness although the black magician at their truest peak transcends the human concept of good and evil, we transcend duality itself.

Yes we tap into the power centres of light, once we have accessed them, we then move beyond them. Darkening them, blackening them, changing them, into the abysmal blackness of the infernal empire. Embodying the limitlessness of darkness, for light requires fuel or some catalyst to exist. Darkness however does not, darkness is eternal.

The black magician/Child Of Darkness therefore is also eternal, they are the microcosmic holographic emanation of the macrocosmic whole. Sometimes individuals will get hurt from your magick, sometimes people you don’t even know will get hurt and you may not even be aware of it. It all depends on the situation and dominos which have to be moved in that scenario.

From what I’ve seen the left hand path is one of becoming, evolution, illumination, power, knowledge, godhood. The children of darkness know we cannot dip our toe into the waters of the abyss to test them. We must instead dive into it and drown within it, embracing the chaos therein. The children of light will then look at the children of darkness in horror and may say.

“Wait but that means you’re damned”.

The black magician will then burn in hellfire and arise anew, reborn and will have power over the hell of which they were destroyed in.
Ascending to the highest heights of the infernal empire as a King/Queen of hell itself and will grin and look at the children of light and will reply.

“Yes but only in damnation did I understand I was my own salvation and in my damnation I found true liberation”.


Consider steering clear of all sites and books for a while. Spending time in nature will help you find some rest. Understand you cannot speed up this process. (Try getting angry at a tree. It won’t bring about a change in season.) No one can tell you what to do. Handing your decision power to others might get you in serious trouble. Nevertheless, you are completely free to go anywhere you want. Chiming in with other members: you are free! It is up to you to find your True Will. Your path will reveal itself. Pain is part of the journey.

I personally believe its solely based on Christian bullshit. I don’t feel paganism or Wicca fits being classified as right hand at all. It is own thing entirely.

Left hand path terminology is from the 19th century occultist stuff. I feel like both terms are quite out dated, if not silly at this point.

I prefer light workers or light stuff or dark sider. That’s a lot broader terms with more room to personally define it all.

The Western use of the terms Left-Hand Path and Right Hand-Path originated with Madame Blavatsky, a 19th-century occultist who founded the Theosophical Society. She had travelled across parts of southern Asia and claimed to have met with many mystics and magical practitioners in India and Tibet. She developed the term Left-Hand Path as a translation of the term Vamachara, an Indian Tantric practice that emphasised the breaking of Hindu societal taboos by having sexual intercourse in ritual, drinking alcohol, eating meat and assembling in graveyards, as a part of the spiritual practice. The term Vamachara literally meant “the left-hand way” in Sanskrit, and it was from this that Blavatsky first coined the term.[1]:178

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This is good to hear, from what i have read before im pretty sure you said you have an awakening as well. What do you think about other spiritualists saying that kundalini dissolves the ego, is that nonsense? or is there somewhere or something you have to do to direct the energy and make it follow a different path or something. Just curious what i ahould be doing to follow the path i want. More or less from what you have said im definitely more left hand path, but as this process goes forward i want to fufill the desires i have now.

i have been through a lot of suffering this past 8 years, it has made me more conscious though and i think i figured out how to get out of it. i am an aries if that means anything to you.

is there anyway to remove kundalini then? i have vowed never to dissolve to a higher power. i will always be who i am now and i will not let it take over me even if it means dying. im sorry but i wont let it do that to me. i like who i am and i can never give my self over to any other being or divine

I dont know what will be the outcome in your case, I’d just meditate when possible if I were you and see the results

You cant remove it but maybe it wont be so harsh on you

Call it evolved selfishness.

Consider the only difference between left hand and right hand path is the narrative people use to justify their actions. Everyone is selfish and acts in their own interests, always. “Nice” people get off on being nice, that’s their crack. They rarely do it for your sake, but to make themselves feel good. My covert narcissist mother will force her help on you whether you want it or not, no matter how inconvinient it is, just to make herself feel good. It’s disgusting.

A true middle path is one where you don’t even bother to try and justify your actions. It saves so much time and energy which is better put towards magical pursuits.

I’m experiecing this right now. You can’t dissolve the ego, you can only dissolve the illusions we are conditions to believe in. IE, your attachment to material items and concepts like money will disintegrate, and they will become nothing more than a means to fulfilling your purpose.

The ego is simply submitted into the higher self’s purpose, which has a role in our conscious evolution. But you’re still you- you just become true to yourself to the maximum extent.

The ego is required for us to survive, but an inflated one will lead to unhealthy mechanisms, and lead us to trying to live behind this mask of a false-self.

Kundalini will free you from these unconscious chains that hold you back, gaurauntees spiritual evolution, helps you grow into who you are, ascend, and ultimately comes with some amazing powers. But these powers only increase when you prove yourself to be worthy enough.

The unity that your afraid of is a misunderstood concept. It reveals the god inside of you, which connects you to the system of existence. Whether this manifests as a left or right hand concept is up to you. As far as separating or uniting after death, ie left or right, that’s up to you. Kundalini can’t force you to do anything, just help you evolve.

Religious people usually don’t actually know what’s happening, and rarely understand anything about the Divine they claim to represent.

The only 2 rules with kundalini are:

Don’t miss with other peoples minds, and use your powers for growth, evolution, and defence.

IE, don’t be a dick. :wink:

Anything else that you need to know will be revealed to you, by you. Not by any religious scriptures. (For me, I started eating more fruir, stopped smoking, and refrain from intoxicants, but that’s only because they are damaging to ME. For you, other guidelines will apply. Although at least for the first little while, I’d suggest staying away from psychoactives. Just my advice.)

Worry not, and enjoy your journey. :slight_smile:

p. s. Sometimes you will literally feel high on life. It’s amazing. Ultimately if you ever feel uncomfortable- you can tell it to stop and it will.

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Didn’t read all but yeah, the lesser “I” is absorbed in the higher “I” (Self) at least in RHP, and in fact the individual should achieve an active unity with the Absolute, without being dissolved (that one being nonetheless a possibility, or a risk)

I believe everything that you said except the part about telling it to leave and it will.I have screamed for months to go away and it won’t. I also dont like the thing about money, maybe I want to be attached to it, I want it to travel for real freedom. I have been ill with epilepsy, adrenal fatigue and head injuries for 10 years. You know what kundalini does for me? it is just one big fucking evil crazy burden flying around inside ofme. All this " dissolving illusions" fulfilling higher purpose drives me nuts. I dont want a higher purpose that has already been decided for me. ALL I want is a healthy body to travel and explore the world. I dont care about ascending, bliss, ecstasy, kriyas, powers, removing subconcioss chains or ANYTHING. I just want a healthy body and to enjoy what little youth I have left. All of that is redundant to me and while im on the physical plane I want to ENJOY the physical reality. Money, sex, exploring, feeling like im on planet Earth and not flying around on some astral planes fucking around with stuff that is useless to me. otherwise why am I here? kundalini has just made my life more hell and more rules. So many rules with kundalini , I want to explore life as who I am NOW not erased by the higher purpose or some gods mind. Once this stupid energy arises its going to take away my EGO desires to have money to travel, and then ill just be some useless entity filled with bliss living in the moment type of crap. This whole game drives me nuts im so frustrated because im never going to get to experience life as I want it now. IS there anyway possible to stop having my ego submitted to this higher selfs purpose? WHY do I have to be here for one single solitaire reason? why cant I just have fun and do as I please. Why am I not aloud to have what I want NOW before I gets erased by the higher soul mind. I wish kundalini would leave me alone before it erases my desire to travel and have money.

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I’m sorry it’s been so rough homie. I hope what I said didn’t invalidate any of your experiences.

I’ve heard that there are ways to stop it, but I have no experience with them, but maybe someone else on here does.

I feel you though, a lot of us didn’t even awaken it on purpose, myself included.
And it doesn’t help that there’s such little information on such an intense process.

Maybe this’ll ease your mind- the higher self isn’t merging with any sort of god. It’s submitting your animal self with the eternal version of yourself. You are your own Divine. You don’t really ‘lose’ your self, but you outgrow the negative aspects of yourself.

To put it in perspective, whatever this energy is helped me grow into the person I’ve always dreamed of being, and helped work towards building the life I’ve always wanted, and it made my occult work significantly stronger as well. Helped me identify the unconcious stuff that used to give me anxiety and overcome it, along with childhood traumas.

The idea that you become some sort of god’s puppet is another right-hand deception IMO. It’s easier to say that they’re merging with god than to recognize their own eternal self.

It’s an evolutionary force that aids human consciousness, and produces a lot of great people. It’s powerful.

I find that the sex is better , manifesting things like money is easier as well, and it generally makes you feel powerful, like the ultimate level-up.

You just sever the attachments to the material stuff.

IE. if you crash your car, there’s no fucks given, and you move on with life. You’ll get another one.

Another cool aspect is that you rarely have to do rituals. You can think things into existence.

It’s a very painful process, but infinitely worth it. There’s a reason why so many practitioner’s reccomend awakening and raising it, from left-hand to right. The guy that wrote the book on daemonic tongues recommends awakening it before doing anything else.

Resisting it on the otherhand is documented to result in a lot of pain. Have you ever wondered if it awakened to aid you in whatever your journey is? Usually it becomes dormant again when ignored for a couple of years, but maybe it’s being persistent for a reason. Kundalini can be light or dark, it’s up to you.

Just some food for thought, but it IS possible to stop. You just have to find someone that can help you do that.

The impact on the nervous system amongst other things is very true, and painful. Supplements are really helpful with that. Check with your doctor first to avoid any negative reactions, but something that increases choline levels helps with things like brain fog and short term memory issues.

Holy basil helps with anxiety, and generally balancing out your chakras.

Maybe look into some other supplements as well to help you combat some of the symptoms until you figure out how to stop it. Yoga, working out, and constant grounding exercises are essential too.

Have you turned to any of your spiritual gaurdians/entities/daemons for help and guidance?

Let me know if you ever have to vent, I see your struggles and I want you to know that they are absolutely valid. It’s hard, but there is hope for you.

Stay strong, and hope things start looking up soon.


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what consists of the animal self? and why does it have to leave. everyone tells me that my desires and goals will change and i will have to give in to a life of service to others. dont get me wrong i dont mind helping people but my goals right now are complete self fufillment. i have been ill for years so i want to fully enjoy the physical. Should i pursue my goal of making money and traveling now before my higher self takes over my ego? because i actually like my ego mind and who i identify with now. I wish i was healthy to fufill what i want to do now before i have to do some soul journey path .

I also havent talked to any angels or demons etc. if i do have any type of beings watch over me i would probably only want to tell them what a shit job they have done and tell them they are useless. Maybe that sounds bad but i am so frusterated Lol. I also dont think kundalini is here to help me. i feel like its here to push an agenda on me and wants to put me in for years of more suffering to kind of punish me more for all my selfish wants and needs . I dont know, overall i am just so fed up with living im not suicidal its just everyday has become a repetitive chore and i cant get anywhere until i give in or " surrender " to kundalini which i really dont want to do. maybe personal message me if you are interested in continuing talking