Black Magick Manifesto (bumping this)

Ok. And are you also aware that lhp is sometimes INCORRECTLY ascribed to just darkness?

What I’m saying is, some see this abscribment and pick the middle path as a means to find balance between light and dark. Do you understand me now?


Yes this is what i’m saying LHP isn’t all Darkness and the RHP isn’t all light that’s a misconception made by hollywood movies on shit like charmed etc.


Charmed is still a good show regardless.

Back to topic, I agree but some people may not know that. At least not yet. Darkness is something that’s misunderstood.

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Yea I think that’s one of the most common misconceptions- that darkness, negativity, demons, black magick, LHP, and evil are all one in the same- as if darkness is somehow inherently negative or evil. And light, love, positivity, angels, white magick, RHP, and good are all the same- as if light is somehow inherently good and positive. To a spirit you’re blasting light at to banish it, that light is a negative thing. To the operator it’s positive. It’s the perspective. But that’s what had me on the middle path- the idea that LHP meant darkness and RHP meant light, and I felt that choosing a side would be an unhealthy imbalanced hyper-polarization. Through watching EA’s lecture to the Golden Dawn and listening to Timothy’s audiobook on YouTube I’ve realized that’s not the dilemma at all.
I’m LHP. Fuck bending the knee to a higher power.


I brought this up to play devil’s advocate and see what RHP may have to say. Anyone feel like debating and making my day less boring? :thinking:

Yep, here’s the updated reply I did of my current thoughts on the matter;

@J.A.Ragnarson I’ll take up debating on behalf of Team RHP if no-one else wants to and if I have time later, I think I may have some good arguments since I’ve been on both sides, and won’t fall for the easy “gotchas” of LHP? :smiling_imp:


This is basic rhp philosophy without getting into theosophical debate the known christian 10 commandments goes againsy human nature in itself.

As E.A states in some if not most of his videos LHP philosophy is freedom at least the video on homosexuality state from E.A that he does not judge anyone from their views or beliefs within their reality but i believe im mixing up topics here

I may have linked the wrong post above, though it is on topic, this was the one about how LHP isn’t just all evilzz and demons and darkness etc:

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This ia quite common and as someone who is aiming towards the middle pillar believes that there is merit to both sides. I simply take what is good from either side as both have value. To ignore one or the other is simply none beneficial. Our great friend EA himself stated that he as a black magician feels everyone should conquer the light before the dark.

Light and dark depicted as good and evil is overall BS. It isnt real, and is a mass programmed thought process as any dogma is. It is as simple as who is willing to bend the will of others. However as a grey I call myself this because I do not need or want to be labeled based on this dogmatic man made rule of thumb. As stated in the post, the ancients saw magick as magick. Nothing more or less. RHP simply has many rules and is guided by love which is fine, but their rules are bs in themselves. If you cast a money spell, where do you think that money comes from or who youre harming in the process? Harm none? Well I dont see how that is possible. It is ok to cast for a promotion when we have NO idea if the person who deserves it actually is counting on that extra income.

LHP disregards light and even this is so misleading and everyone has their own definition of darkness, everyone claims to know it all, its all bs. This is all UNKNOWN. We should all be working together to find out what this all is.

This whole LHP and RHP seems like a bunch of politicians and if we all came together, perhaps we can find answers much faster.


Yep… Couldn’t agree more

Or even worse - when both sides start arguing over who is ‘Right’ and who is ‘Wrong’… Everyone starts to sound like the J/C/I current of arguing over whose god is the one TRUE god… :roll_eyes::unamused:

Like, whateveeeerrrrr…


So, why am I an LHP magician who becomes as an angel, one that helps people? :thinking:

Then we could form a union, and have our one Truth, which the loudest people have all agreed upon, defined once and for all, and try to discourage people who cannot entirely agree from speaking out, because “we all” like the ideas we have arrived upon.

Maybe formalise our findings in a book, and rate people by how closely they agree with what we unified as one mind to discover?

That’s always worked so well before! :heart:

Sorry to yank your chain there bro :stuck_out_tongue: but I am always really skeptical of calls to unity, espevcially when they’re about finding the “one Truth to rule them all” - they never end well… I laid out my concerns about all that before, here.

Politicians? Maybe, but find me any group of more than 2 people that does NOT have some element of politics involved, even animals do it, it’s what prevents us having to simply kill people we disagree with - ask Brundlefly! :wink:

This is relevant:

Politicks is the science of good sense, applied to public affairs, and, as those are forever changing, what is wisdom to-day would be folly and perhaps, ruin to-morrow. Politicks is not a science so properly as a business. It cannot have fixed principles, from which a wise man would never swerve, unless the inconstancy of men’s view of interest and the capriciousness of the tempers could be fixed. [Fisher Ames (1758-1808)]


You just made my point clear. This is all unknown and simple conversations are all that has to be had.

LHP disregards light, MANY of your fellow LHP members will say light is shit. Thats your opinion which is great, but your definition of LHP isnt the same. So you have 20 LHP followers all claiming rights of truth.

I am for unity but unity does NOT have to be bias and or unwilling in nature to learn new concepts. That is the choice of individuals and as well, if that unity decides to dictate leaders or not. Those leaders turn into the product of rules and regulations which I think and I am not sure, is what you’re referencing to

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This is more like it! (Grabs popcorn)


Lmao this guy :point_up_2:

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Well, to be fair it’s the one gaining the most traction, arising through need, from the Hindu meaning from which it originated.

Flowers’ treatise on the subject covers it in depth - that “light” and “dark” are both simply tools for ascent. That may include a leaning towards dark where needed as the prevailing culture and spiritual bonds are “light” in concept.

Unity by its nature means no dissent, though, no disunity, so how do you attain this without prioritising and favouring, however covertly or unwittingly, those who agree, and disfavouring those who disagree?

I can’t find the link now, but a few years ago I read a statistical analysis that showed people on the TV show “The Weakest Link” were prone to be voted out, not based on their performance (which would be the rational choice, maximising the eventual prize) but based on where they stood - if a small group remained on one “wing” of the semi-circular podium, they would disproportionately and irrationally vote against individuals opposite them, even where those individuals were answering correctly.

“Us against them” is such an innate survival drive, since it did confer benefits for most of our existence, that simple rules and procedures within any group are unlikely to prevent it.

Create your unity, and anyone who disagrees will become “them” - you can have all the fine speech in the world, but so far no group of humans unifying behind a “truth” that they believe is superior has failed to begin silencing, and occasionally eliminating, the people who disagree.

Groups who fail to do this, furthermore, usually end up on the sharp end of some more motivated and more commited group who are willing to do the dirty in the name of their One Unifying Truth.

I find it better to work with human nature as it is, playing to its strengths, and then allow evolution to occur as it will, than to hope this time things will be different. :man_shrugging:

I’ll get back on this later, need to EAT! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yesterday’s Kabbalah post says 3 different ways to ascent. None of them speak of evil or good but that seems to be what gets the most traction though. Again, all unknown, no one is right, including myself, but which is correct then?

This definition for me was written by someone. Perhap it is my own mistake for using the word UNITY however I have a group of friends who all have the same goal and brain storm ideas until we find out what works and what does not. My personal concept of unity is becoming one, but one does not have to be linear it is a number. This is the language we created that is but a baby in the spam of our time.

So are you supporting bias sides coming from the RHP and LHP? Cant tell. But what I can say as much as I probably lean more left then right, the day all of these LHP claimers can even have a discussion that actually runs remotely parallel to eachothers views then we can discuss this. My god there was an ENTIRE MASSIVE post of people going back and forth on wtf darkness and void is who all claim to follow the same belief system. Like, get your ish together and find a common ground on your own side that is being claimed before bashing another side all together. Ya know what I mean?

Yes this is where I stand. 100% agree with this.

Im about to go in on lunch, started the gym again FINALLY! Been doing healing meditations and exercises since my shouldet surgery failed, which I should probably post about :thinking:

LHP and RHP aside, I do see the benefit of being grey when it comes to light vs dark (which has nothing to do with LHP or RHP in my opinion). I use light and darkness. It depends on the situation. Hell even baneful magick can be used under a white magick paradigm. JS Garrett and Joey Morris touched on this in yesterday’s video on EA’s channel. JS talked about using a curse to kill a malignant tumor. That’s for the good of the cancer patient, a form of healing work, yet utilizing baneful energy. I’ve used the same technique myself. He also mentioned using love spells to fuck over your enemies. Love can be negative. Hate can be positive. Back to light and darkness… I use dark energy to help others. I use light to harm Entities I don’t want around me. Any perspective or stance is possible to take in this matter. LHP vs RHP to me is a bit more cut and dry because they are drastically opposing world views. You either submit to a higher moral authority or you don’t. I don’t. I’m led by my own ideas of what I should or shouldn’t do. I do what’s necessary. If it’s not necessary to do harm then I won’t do harm, but if it’s necessary you better believe I’m gonna do what needs to be done. How i define what’s necessary is irrelevant.
Moral of the story for me today is look into views you don’t agree with and really listen. Be skeptical, question everything, but learn to listen because you just might be wrong. Don’t jump to conclusions.


Watched it. Great points

Side note: Angels can be cruel and Demons can be kind and caring. Every possibility exists.


Lol synchronicity

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