Basic definition of Ascent

Does anyone have a basic definition of the term “ascent” that we are using?

Is it the same mystical idea of the path to return to the limitless void where everything originated from?


Nope, to me that “return” is the RHP’s core definition. I was on that for a while…

For me, ascent is to be able to command events in reality as easily as I can change settings, circumstances, and so on, in a day-dream.

ALL events - no limits. :wink:

I put my personal definitions of RHP & LHP ascent in the post below fwiw, only a personal thing but it provides some basis for uinderstanding what I talk about, and it’s also based on a book (Lords Of The Left-Hand Path) that some other people on here may share:


For me it’s rather simple, to control all circumstances, love, luck, money, genetics, and to have full control over our next lives to choose the circumstances we wish to be born into, so time of birth, place of birth,genes. i hope i’m not the only one with this goal

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So it predicates a belief in reincarnation?

For me it does, or better yet control reincarnation, i just wanna keep living the good life over and over again

This reminds me of Evola (a favorite of EA, if I’m not wrong) quoting the Tantrics. Dissatisfaction in the years proved to me their point: basically, Ascent can’t be separated from the power. If not at the beginning, eventually LHP or RHP (or being able to synthetise them) must be chosen and fully willed.

I guess when EA talks about Ascent, he means getting good at Evocation, Divination and Soul Travel. That’s it. Just being able to manifest anything that you really want whenever you want.

In my opinion, ascent isn’t so much about “manifesting” events or anything else to your liking and wishes. Ascent is about knowledge and experience of the spiritual world. It’s about gaining knowledge through experience, not about what you do with it, once you get it. That’s how I see it.

Yeah, in other words spiritual strength, like spiritual weight lifting finally pays off?

Sort of, but also to actually understand what you experienced, so you could pass it on to others. There’s a lot of self proclaimed “magic teachers” that doesn’t care, or bother, to give the simplest explanation of specific areas of magic in general.

You could ask him? Don’t forget this forum isn’t a cult, or an academy, so you can’t calculate what he’s doing by observing people on here and doing some geometry. :slight_smile:

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“A life worth living.”


This is a definition heavily influenced by the specific Paths I walk, but immortality through transmutation of the soul is what I will go for.