Ethics in Magick

If its, an action to curse someone… Then the reaction will be they end up dead or hurt… The other thing of things bouncing back on you is straight up… Not true… I mean bad things will definitely happen to you but not because of the curse lol… Its called life… Your were, not meant to cruise through it unassailed

I strongly differ with the consequences being as a result of magick…lol consider evil politicians or even assassins who kill people in a, not, so, rightful manner… Not all of them end up getting consequences some live till old age… And not all, of them practise magick
If you want to murder someone using magiick and its justified go ahead and go in it fully not with a, mind that, consequences may arise.
This’ll slow you down during, ritual…
I mean… The most important thing you should take into account is… The target. Doe he/she have stronger defenses up
.or a, stronger will…
The best, advise to give someone is tell them to do research on their prey before executing

Lol how, can, baneful work disable, you from manifesting your, desires??.. Like you’re the bloody vessel… You have your body intact and, spirit on form… You clean, your energies and chakras…ground yourself after… Like I don’t understand that, theory… Is, some being going to, come, up and prevent, you from manifesting your desires… Like God is going to cut you off your magical, abilities or Sth?? Doesn’t make sense… Purpose of practising magick is us becoming independent beings

For me morality is not worth a thought and i left behind my ethic values years ago. If a Person is nice to me i am nice too. If the Person crosses me The Person gets destroyed. As a solitary Person i dont really need any ethics or morales that chain me to do or not do this or that

And, if you perform a, healing on someone…a consequence of them becoming, resentful or stressed is their own problem not a, consequence on the magician …ofcourse the magician may pick up the negative energy from the, disease but that’s why after healing work your supposed to cleanse yourself… Your energy field… Chakras to rid yourself of the filth

I’ll be lazy and quote myself:


Yes that is Truth… Freedom… Power…
…lol I’m really
…long ago communities, would invoke the gods, to go to battle… Like Andras…ans they’d end up slaying their enemies

There are natural laws. One of them is a species or individual for that matter, who is unable to fight back and defend him/herself against others who seriously intend harm will either be enslaved by the aggressor or will cease to exist. Many species of plants and animals become extinct because they are unable to defend themselves. Our bodies are fighting continuously against invaders in the form of bacteria, viruses, and germs. If our cells stopped fighting and killing harmful invaders, we would quickly become sick and die. This is a fact of life and is a natural law.

Ethics and a certain code of conduct is necessary for civilization to continue and individual self-control is also very important. Sometimes someone is having a bad day or things are said or done many times, unintentionally. However, if someone is seriously out to harm you or deprive you of justice, you have an obligation to fight back.

The working of Black Magick requires strength of mind and skill.

The stronger we become in mind and soul, the more powerful we are at all times. Regular power meditation, chakra work, and visualization are essential. One does not need to resort to ritual for retaliation. When we have a strong, focused mind, others will feel the effects when we think intensely of them or when we direct our energies. This is important to remember where family and loved ones are concerned. We all offend each other every now and then, but when we have a powerful mind and aura, we must remember this and be in control. Our anger can cause others to have accidents and misfortune, even when this is not our intention, if we do not control our thoughts and our anger.

As for others who are purposely offensive, just focusing on them and letting your anger loose, with a strong, well-trained mind, will usually do the job.

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Definitely guilty for having a curse happy period tossing shit every direction thats fucked with me after I got the hang of cursing, but put the actions on hold when a guy who nearly killed me was shot walking in a drive by literally a few houses down immediately after I struck a deal with an unnamed entity for more revenge. I was a suspect, but thecops believed me when I said trust me, if I had a gun he’d be dead instead of a gut shot. Then everyone involved in me getting jumped wound up in prison for other shit, and all the people I knew who bought weed and pills off their little gang turned to the Cartel for shit and wound up on heroin.

Wound up dating this witchy coke dealer girl who took over the coke deals in the area after she heard rumors about me. They taught me some Bruja and introduced me to Santa Muerte possession, and we put together a curse for their products so that the guys who would introduce girls to hard drugs would turn to needles. Area went to shit real fast, so I moved out to try n do some good for a few years dating a new girl ghosting the coke dealer. when she found out suddenly I was having seizure problems and my girl was having issues with homelessness until she was raped by her boss and killed herself. Came back home cause my job fell apart, got hit by cars twice, got stabbed, my roommates thought I was a nazi, my friends there went crazy and my things kept breaking. I had my suspicions when my gps kept sending me to a Santa Muerte church when a different address was put in, happened 3 or 4 times.

When I got back to my hometown I went right back to her and she admitted what she did in a moment of clarity, I understood and kinda just wanted to make it work but felt betrayed. The next day we get back to her place and theres this gang member sitting in her house saying she owes money. I convince the guy I’ll pay off her debt and that Ive got some cash buried out somewhere and leave him in the middle of nowhere as he’s digging a hole, fucker deserved it he was saying his American Dream was the next columbine. When I get back she’s gone, no note, nothin. Payback for ghosting her I supposed, maybe she was scared.

6 months later I catch up with one of her old customers, apparently she wanted to pay her debt with a smuggling run, got caught with coke at the border and now she’s rotting in a Mexican Prison.

Detached myself from social circles at that point, a close friend and family is all I need for now. My ethics these days stick to bringing myself and others up out of the ashes, leaving around anomalous art and objects for people to find with a blessing or a soul attached, but I don’t think I’d stop myself if I had another situation as bad.


Everyone’s situation is different. Personally I use it just to further my path and goals.

You are right knight, for every action there is a reaction, that’s just how magick is. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rhp or lhp, what goes around comes around. It’s being aware of the consequences and the ability to deal with possible consequences that counts. I just let minor sh*t go, but if a serious line is crossed and I have no other recourse, I’m not going to sit on my hands and allow it to go by unpunished. I have a rule, screw me once it’s on you, screw me over twice it’s on me.

Curses can bounce back on you, but it’s not always a given. I put a very harmful curse on someone 18 years ago, didn’t blow back on me one bit, just affected my target. But- when I don’t have my facts right, I wouldn’t curse, I have made mistakes with curses when they have effected me. Curses I’ve cast so far when they were absolutely warranted have not affected me. However, I really try not to do them, in fact it’s rare for me to, but the only way you learn how to bless is by learning how to curse.

In short, I don’t worry about your ethics or morals. I only concern myself with my morals and ethics, and they aren’t really anyone’s business.

Gotta love it when I simplify things to keep myself sane.

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Karma: the law of action and reaction.
Greatly misunderstood as ethics by Christians who force their &%@€×& worldview on Asian concepts which are completely diffetent.
Karma simply means: if you fck with someone you open doors to be fcked back. Nothing ethical just a natural law.

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God bless you.

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Well not even, karma just means for every action there is a consequence, it doesn’t mean it will naturally be directed back at you, and there are techniques to circumvent or redirect karma meant for you to others. Karma is blind and does not discriminate. At least, that’s what I was taught by a yoga master, I know there are some people who don’t believe it exists.

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Apparently she will be moving here soon. So I’m not gonna even bother with stressing over it anymore. And I’m rightfully upset that She caused the amount of damage she did with her gossiping but in the end it will work out in my favor.

Never get blowback from curses. They always seem to work… For healing or doing positive things there is always blowback. More success with curses than anything else (which maes me kinda dull, one sided but) …
People say karma is a law but I don’t see it. It seems more like NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED
and NO BAD DEED GOES UNREWARDED is the flow of things…


I haven’t had any blowback from healing people, but then I also have the healer’s lines on my palm, so it’s my calling. Maybe it’s not yours. I have yet to find out if i get blowback from curses though :slight_smile: