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Yeah big occult secret, the high ups exalt themselves through the Middle Pillar, Golden path, Royal path, not through sin or works.


Every fibre of my being screams the lhp is a “learn the hard way” about life, understanding through suffering, , I’m tired of this game, id like to learn another way, what ever we do comes back , look around, nothings for free.

Thats how I read it, maybe I’m just too human.

My flame isn’t burning out so quickly, each to their own though, who am I to judge.


@Sic_Draco Is that a response to my question? I am not talking about the LHP there. It’s something different. Have you heard of it?

Sorry no, tell me!

That sounds more like RHP to me…?


Ego vs Altruism, I suppose it comes down to how much or how deep is ones love for self or other’s! I’m a lover!


I disagree strongly. The LHP is not a Path of ego. Nor is the RHP the Path of altruism. I walk this Path in humility. In reverence before the eternal might of the Spirits. Oftentimes the ego is the enemy. These beings have power beyond anything a mere mortal can imagine. Treat them accordingly. Furthermore, we are NOT evil. There is nothing in the LHP which says one cannot look out for those one cares about. In fact I would argue that loyalty and respect are vital to this Path.


I value one person above all else and would do anything for them. Thats a lot of the reason I walk this path. To make their life better. Personal ascent and making their life better are my goals.


Its hard working out who deserves what.

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@Sic_Draco That is part of our burden, and also our greatest gift. At the end of the day I would say that no one deserves anything. The world does not operate on principles like that. It simply comes down to who is favoured and who is not. Those who have power have the power to give to those who do not. Who you choose of course is up to you. Be wise. Do not let ego and greed blind you.


I don’t believe in Judaism at all. I believe that salvation can only come from the darkness. By embracing the God within. This is a black magick forum after all. It is only in dark grace that true ascent is possible.


I dont know, religion is pretty dark lol

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Demon by its very definition is a fallen lower being, id rather plumb the heights than depths. I want to soar, exalt myself in the heavens so to speak lol

As above, so below. Both are equal as powerful.


On this plane we are all pawns!

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To whom

To this matrix!

To whoever has the power to control us

To whomever we chose to be controlled by.