"Left-Hand Path," "Right-Hand Path," And Definitions

I’m not trying to be a dick, but how can I be grey - do I both want to merge with Source, yet not? :thinking: :smiley:

I know I don’t, because I went that route, I had it for the asking, can probably have it any time - but, by the definitions I go through above with the reasons and sources, I chose LHP, which is nothing to do with being evil.

To get away from “left” and “right,” I don’t even associate black magick with purely selfish, or purely malevolent work, and I know from having seen its practitioners, that white magick is a lot about control, aggression, and forcing one’s views on others, using violence up to trying death curses if they disagree.

But neither has anything to do with the destiny you desire for your soul, which is what I define LHP/RHP as about.


Another thought …
If love spells or potions are meant to enslave a man or woman for sexual satisfaction or chained and shackled romance, how is amarous magick not associated with terms like slavery, mind control, oppression or human trafficking?
Just a thought.

You make them like it. :wink:

You could say the same about paid employment, and most people are borderline unhappy/only scraping by on meds, in their everyday lives.

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Now lets see if I can define this for you all, without it getting confusing or muddled.

First lets break down the “RHP” and the “LHP” by their end goals. I think this might make it a bit easier to define the “MP”/“GP”.

Ok from my understanding the end goal of the “RHP” is for the individual and humanity to becme one with, return to the collective consciousness or source.

Now from what I have gathered from my short time here the end goal of the “RHP” is for the individual to ascend into their oun Godhood and become the masters of thier domain (realty). (Don’t confuse this with me calling you selfish. I am not)

Now for the “MP”/“GP”. The “Gray” path simply put is the focus of not only the individuals ascention into their oun Godhood but all of us as a whole. (Do not getthis confused with the collective consciousness and/or source.)

We focus on obtaining our oun Godhood while assisting the growth of others. Be it through magick or advice. We also care less for you belief system. If we think you need a nudge to set the individual on their path to Godhood, we will give a nudge, but not do it for them.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I cast a spell on or for my family members most of which are Presbyterian or Baptist, and none are aware of what I have done.


Right, I see what you mean, except RHP very soon goes into “don’t do things in the world because it will create karmic bonds”/“don’t do things in the world because it’s God’s will” so they tend to turn away from active involvement, or soend years in com unities embroiled in the extent to which doing healing work is just selfishness and “attachment”… and what they do permit must come from non-judgemental mercy/grace/compassion.

I’m not really into that approach to changing world events, and I’m not doing it “for the greater good” but because I want to, and find it amusing and pleasing.

It’s the difference of “must change world, must save people” that caused me a fair degree of depression from childhood, versus “I don’t like the way they do that thing they do - they gotta go!”


I see where you’re coming form. I’m trying to say this while still sounding respectful, you are still assuming that this path is a merging of the “L” and the “R”. What I am trying to say is it is a path completely separate from the two.

It has no consept of good, evil, karma. This path is not the right or the wrong way. It is a path to work tords you Godhood while giving a nudge or setting others on the path to there oun and give advice if asked and if we have the knowledge to help. What you do whith that nudge, advice or knowledge is up to the individual.


I’d call that LHP, personally, but if grey or whatever makes more sense to you, that’s your own universe and not for anyone else to define! :thumbsup:

lol that looks really like “nod and smile” but I mean it, I just prefer to see them as two courses, heaven/merger or not, with anything “not” is LHP but that is just me. :wink:



Lol phone went glichy.

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I’m sorry lady Eva, but I think the middle path does exist, the balance, that is what we call free will, we are not bound to take either path, in fact both paths end up to the same place…

Sounds more like the illusion of choice to me.

No illusions, just fact…if you ask a god, goddess for something, there is a price! A gift given is a gift received…

Good for you! :+1:




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Actually since I wrote that paragraph, I have seen illustrated more clearly how sexual freedom can also easily become a death cult, via:

  • abortion used as routine birth-control
  • intentional disregard for sexual hygiene of any kind, leading to new and more interesting STIs
  • vampirising lonely people into paying for erotic content, costing both sides and turning attraction into a mercantile sham
  • the subversion of human psychology and warping of human sexuality through extreme pornography
  • trafficking women and children into forced prostitution, whether motivated by religion or sheer profit

… and various other things too contentious to touch upon here, so, that probably does require revision, though I will leave the original post as is, for now. :man_shrugging:

I had no idea the sheer scale of those things back in January 2016, or how fervently they seek to create more of the same toll of human misery and decay.

Bear in mind before anyone busts a gasket these are just my own views and definitions, not defined for all to follow, just my own concepts.


Man or woman has a right to fight for what they believe in!


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Lady Eva! You are a moderator, you own this, why are you so opionionated? You have fire!

Interesting choice of words! :laughing:

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Thank you! Lol x

Bumping for the new practioners :muscle:
LHP :smiling_imp::metal: