What if the whole world was lhp?

I was just thinking about conspiracy theories about how certain groups would try to make the world satanic or lhp or anything alike. One question that came to mind was: ‘what if those conspiracy freaks actually are manifesting something with their fear?’ wouldn’t that be funny? But also: ‘what if the whole world would have a more lhp like mindset (And if some of them would also actually follow the lhp)?’

Do you believe that this would be a ‘good’ or preferable thing?

Sometime I feel like it would be, but on the other hand would there still be antinomianism? And who would be the adversary? Would left hand path even really be left hand path? It is even possible?

What do you think about this?


The Adversary, whether called Satan, Set or Iblis would immediately choose a new face and name to work against that new order because that’s what he/it/they do. :man_shrugging:


Provocative question. Two quick thoughts:

  1. I think you are right that the definition of LHP would evolve under those circumstances and
  2. I think the world would be a pretty peaceful place because instead of government and church telling you to be nice, people would have the confidence and power to just BE respectful to one another.

Most are talking about the dark underbelly of the same “no god but me, be a slave, fuck over other humans to rise in my eyes” shite that characterises the weird monotheistic desert cults that seem to get a lot of attention in the past (short) 2000 or so years.

It’s the same concept of placing divine power outside yourself, then trying to grovel and get it back.

My personal definition of LHP doesn’t touch that kind of crap, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”… I’ll pop a link below, you don’t have to adopt it (obviously!), just want to lay out what I mean:


The whole point of the left hand path is that’s isn’t not mainstream.

It’d move on whether or not we like it that way.


I envision it was peaceful and everyone respected everyone’s boundaries they treated everyone’s choices with respect, before JCI came along and s#!t all over everything.


We need to fucking rid ourselves of the idea that we’re somehow better than the rest of the population.

There are entire civilizations of Gods and beings who seek power, knowledge, wisdom, etc.

The whole point of evolution is that it’s not restricted to a select few individuals and that everyone has the potential to ascend. Even a rock has the kundalini energy.

There’s no cosmic law that says that the LHP is only restricted to a certain portion of the population, as if there’s some cap.

It’s humanity’s destiny as a whole to ascend.


Fucking ones Mom and grandma! Instead of praying in church on Sunday sacrificing babies and then eating it!!! Always being afraid if your friend actually cursed you or not??!!! Sounds awesome to me :japanese_ogre::ghost::skull::alien::imp:

I-is that what you actually think we all do?

Dunno what’s weirder, me digging up nan for a fingerbang, or that you still choose to be here, when you think this! :stuck_out_tongue:


What makes you think I was talking about you or other folks in this forum. Most people here are in the middle path and very few knows what real LHP is !!!
Go and do a little research about LHP practices done in ancient India, Africa, taoism, native america, even in europe. What ever tip of the iceberg you will get will make many macho marines piss their pants.

Technically speaking that’s not true. I see little people here taking into account RHP insight.

What you’re saying is that people here do not view those practices as necessary.


There’s a Mother fucking, baby eating thread on here??? :open_mouth:

Why do i keep missing it? :male_detective:

Do you read the news at all? Ancient my ass! :rofl:


I get what you’re saying though. But part of demonism is understanding that once you love yourself and gain the prosperity you seek, you feel almost obligated to help others.

Lucifer once said, “Only those who serve can truly be gods.”

In that sense, the abolition of morality is being over-emphasized by your argument.


OK, let me give my perspective in this. In the west just practicing occult showing the middle finger to monotheistic religion is considered to be LHP. Not in the east or anywhere else where Abrahamic religions couldn’t get a hold. For example in the east both humanistic religion like vedic, vaishnava, classical Buddhism, Confucianism were practiced along with occult, side by side for thousands of years.

There the occult was dividend into three categories, based on gunas, but I will keep it simple and instead use the term right hand occult, middle path occult and left hand occult.

Right hands occult was - Following externally defined morality but doing occult practices for ascent and getting comfort in this life also. (This getting comfort in this life will be missed in humanistic religions)

Middle path occult was - First get whatever you desire, be it money, fucking your neighbour’s wife and then her daughter. Killing your boss and getting his position. Also doing practice for spiritual ascent along side.

Left hand occult - While practicing occult you consciously do what is considered taboo, wrong!! Even if initially you don’t like it.

Believe me the last two can get pretty fucked up. And this division of occult paths apply to all occult communities , irrespective of geography and history. Simple research on the net would prove it.

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Very interesting question.

Would it be a good thing?

I think, it’s more the type of Will of the Individuals which might actually make the world a better place. More than a mentality, mind-set… These things are good for the conceptual realms. But the world is more than concepts, and it’s only the Will of the Man, which will determine the state of the world.

Many mind-sets can be adopted, but how many have the Will?

But the LHP doesn’t mean that as much anymore. When western occultism adopted the term, it inevitably changed.

I think the world would be a giant ancap paradise. Left-hand path ideology in the modern sense is essentialy spiritual libertarianism/anarchy.

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I believe there was an ‘LHP world’- the Neanderthals.

I know some people might take offense at that, but I don’t mean it as an insult. Neanderthals made art, sailed, had funerals, that we’ve discovered. That’s just the ‘public’ discoveries too, meaning things that were scientifically published and not say stumbled upon by a group of kids or occult profiteers. They had large brains, larger than Homo sapiens iirc, but were more aggressive and solitary (they ‘lost’ because they didn’t organize like us).

Doing things by yourself and acting on the world with your concerns at the podium sounds pretty similar to LHP stuff.