Are YHWH and the Demiurge/Yaldabaoth two different beings?

It looks bad, but if the souls felt bliss then I think it’s kinda good.

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I think u all are right and yhwh have blinded humanity for so long and is time we dethroned him hail lucifer hail Azazel hail the nine demonic kings

According to the “Bible of the Adversary,” Yaltabaoth (not Yaldabaoth) is a serpant god with a lion head, and is Lucifer. The power with Yaltabaoth is that is is the black flame bearer. He is Lucifer the Angel of Light, and knows darkness.

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The more I read things like this the more I am convinced that these spirits are “just some dudes” and not our great cosmic archetypes of light/darkness/other.

As “just some dudes” we should treat them accordingly and blast them the fuck off OUR world if they fail to serve our species’ needs.

And there is the argument that everything and everyone you meet is also a reflection of your internal self, as you go around co-creating your own reality, so we might do well to be very wary of religions which have elevated harmful beings who preach genocide and oppression, because something in that group, at that time, was receptive to that message.

Sometimes people need a command to act against their principles, and do it reluctantly; other times they’re merely waiting for a green light on their deepest desire to be destructive.

With the “just some dudes” theory, your gods and their teachings are a spiritual snapshot of your own personality.

Therefore, taking the acclaim heaped upon ANY entity by the people who serve it, is really just hearing them elevate their own psychological quirks and pretend their own form of madness is a universal truth, and passing the responsibility upwards as though they never had any real choice. :thinking:

Which is really fucked up, when you think about it… :laughing:

Hail Belial! :fu:


I was just revealing what page 72 of the “Bible of the Adversary” said.

In regards to you mentioning something about being aware of groups preaching genocide; it’s interesting you mentioned that, bec 5 minutes ago I just got done reading a blog from a “satanic” sect that was talking about eugenics, and a cleansing, and opposing the “cosmic order,” and the demiurge, etc…

Who is the demiurge? Is that the same as the demi-gods, i.e., the 7 planets?

I’m still trying to figure why a person can’t practice the right and left hand path…

The Bible elevated the command to genocide other nations given to Israel by their god of war in an another era, and turned it into a kind of worldwide belief that genociding the “other” was a righteous act, instead of simply tribal warfare and supremacy along ethnic or territorial lines.

A lot of “satanic” people kept the exact same belief structure and just attached new names and faces to the beings.

Once the belief you must destroy or be destroyed yourself has set in, reason and rationality fly out of the window. Especially when you believe Authority in the form of “the” God has greenlighted it:

I think it’s just a title and archetype people go roiund looking to attach to various beings, and then the belief factor of magick kicks in and makes it seem real.

if you convinced yourself you were being followed by tall women in pink shoes, eventually you’d start to notice them, and they’d act weird around you.

IMO same reason why a person can’t simultaneously travel to Morocco and Manhattan, they are about destination.

My view fwiw:

Gods? Not sure about that either. :smiley:

Here’s why:

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Look, I know it’s inappropriate, but I just have to say ‘Amen to that’!
In terms of human representatives of the loving, heavenly father; think Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.


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Ok, great post…Makes sense. A better question I should have asked is why can’t a person who is working with the demons of the Qlippoth also work with YHWH or Michael or Rafael or any of the Arc Angels?

Let’s say there is a “mundane” person who is a Christian, and is sick; and I do some magick with a dark entity to heal that person. And at the same time, there are many other friends praying for YHWH to heal the person. Is it ok to pray to YHWH and also a dark entity to heal the person?

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Sure, but I’d wonder why they would choose only to work within such a tiny constricting paradigm. :thinking:

It’s like staying in the world’s classiest hotel with anything you want available from a team of specialist chefs, and insisting everything you order is based on eggs… I mean yeah maybe once or twice, but sooner or later a meal without eggs in would surely start to look damned appealing?

Even if that’s your ancestral heritage, there are other spirits out there who pre-date and transcend that worldview.

Depends how you define “dark” - as “malicious and evil” or “not in the Bible.” :thinking:

If the latter, pretty much anything except prayer is going against their beliefs for some people, if they’re Catholic or Orthodox the prison system releases considerably and you have saints & angels, and there’s always the option to check out of the whole problem and directly channel Love & healing energy yourself, and use direct magick.

Have you read The Kybalion? You might find it useful.

The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).

I’d feel weird asking an overtly “demonic” being to assist someone for whom I knew the idea of demons was anathema, it just seems disrespectful, like hiding meat in a vegetarian’s food and then being smug when they compliment you on your cooking.

While it might feel satisfying if the person is annoying enough, it attacks your own integrity more than it harms them. If you align your work with their values, you can be sure that you’re genuinely helping them, and not just point-scoring (not accusing you of that, just something I think is important when helping people with strongly-held religious beliefs). :smiley:


Yes, the Kybalion is the first book I read over a year ago that got me started on studying the occult. I’m thinking I’ll get more out of it if I read it again though. Right now I’m re-reading the Bible of the Adversary again and Akhkharu Vampire Magick…I’ll read the Kybalion again.

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The Greek magickal papyri and a lot of Hindu prayer formats to this day will acclaim any god with whom the individual is working to try and attain a result, whether through ritual or devotion and prayer, as THE ultimate “God” (or the All, as the Kybalion calls it).

This supports the idea that the operator gives the spirit the initial power, and that the magician has the ability to call almost limitless power into a deity, and then ask them to use it according to their specific offices.

Taking it a step further, people will sometimes request to become the son of, or spouse of, that deity, and finally become the manifestation of their power linked to the All on earth.

I don’t really dig the whole vampire thing myself because parasitism has only been made cool by Hollywood manipulation, in the past people despised, pitied, and loathed vampires for the most part, maybe because (to summarise old lore) they have lost their connection to that ability to align with the All and can only feed from other manifest beings.

But if it’s a mask that appeals to you, you can probably use it to manipulate energy and vampirise sickness entities, or infuse energy into someone.


Yes I agree with you. I’m just learning how psychic vampirism and life-force energy works to protect myself from feeders.

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Because many of the practices of psychic vampirism lack morals and ethics, right? And even if you don’t believe in Karma, it’s still good to learn how to attack back those who attempt to drain your own energy.

But I gotta be honest, that I have been spiritually envisioning myself shape-shifting into Tiamat and devouring my enemies.

I never had an issue with vampirism, I mean morals and such are personal issues, though I like that there’s a community of psi vampirism and donors. Albeit, cringy…it helps both parties since vampiric feeding can be beneficial to the “mundane” individual who believes but doesn’t practice as it has been known that in some cases if the psi vampyre knows how, they can clear a person’s stagnation and “open” their psychic channels simply by feeding on the individual.

So I suppose it’s however you look at it.


Best summarized explanation of the religious system I’ve read so far :pray:t3::raised_hands:t3::ok_hand:t3::sparkles::clap:t3:

This is perhaps one of the greatest falsehoods I have ever seen. G-d is who you call by the Tetragrammaton, which is too holy for me to write. He is no monster- He who is the sole reason why my Jewish people have survived all that we have. All of our enemies have worshiped the Demiurge- who is called *Ba’al Ze’vuv, as you have butchered in the English. Yaldabaoth is just another name for Ba’al Ze\vuv- also known as The Satan (HaSatan).

I know this is ayear old but I heard that the jews actually worshiped baal/ molloch

and that mosses told them not to. Im assuming mosses talked to YHVH?

So many contradicting things its hard to wrap your head around it

if thats true then from what Ive read Enlil is the piece of shit annunaki (not divine being but advanced alien being) who wiped out humanity with the flood because humans were too noisy when he wanted to sleep, and Enki his brother saved the human race by warning his followers (noah and friends) Enki actually liked the human race which he supposedly created so long ago.

I also read Enki may also be Lucifer? Curious to see what experienced practitioners believe on the subject?

I read somewhere here that Beelzebub was enlil

hmm so then what I read wouldnt make sense. Unless Beelzebub was the one that sent the massive flood. It was written thousands of years ago that Enlil was the one who did it