The power of witchcraft and being a LHP Christian

How much power do people really have? Can you find anyone, such as those who are lost/missing/wanted by law enforcement? Could people have easily found Osama Bin Laden when he was the most wanted man by communicating with spirits or some other magickal means? Can you divine people’s passwords? Are there powerful people on here that can curse things, such as information, like a pdf or book, to thwart those who try to use it? Are there secrets that prevent people from doing these things, e.g., Osama Bin Laden using his own magick to prevent from being found? Maybe these things are just a massive conspiracy.

Can I be LHP and Christian? Whose to say that I can’t? It isn’t like any Christian fully follows the bible anyway. Cults and Islamic groups completely transform/interpret their religions to stand for something else entirely. Jesus and God protect me when I’m being afflicted by evil spirits and I pray to them for help. I don’t know if Jesus and God are real as many believe or just powerful thoughtforms that work or something else entirely. LHP people use demons for help.


In NAP there are some stories of people using the magic mentor to find a kidnapped child or the pendulum to determine the location of a missing person. Idk how true it is due to the fact that the stories in that book are exaggerated for dramatic effect but with skill I believe it’s possible.
This means that it is possible to find anyone unless that person is “invisible” (Bael for example can grant invisibility - makes your aura impossible to percieve)

You answered your question. Just because you work with saints or angels doesn’t mean you can’t work with demons as well. Many people here do this.
Contrary to the christian belief, angels and demons don’t hate each other (not all of them anyway)

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Also, I would love to see how much power and accuracy Remote Viewers like Ed Dames have to remote view the place where Jesus supposedly died and the Tomb where he supposedly rose from the dead.
All of these military Remote Viewers like Ed Dames claim to be able to accurately see other locations and even past events.
I have asked some of them about this. “The silence is deafening”. Hmmm. .
As far as christians practicing witchcraft. My experience taught me for many years in religion that christians ( had core ones ) do not tolerate cultivating the powers of the mind and soul. ( Even though prayer is channeled psychic energy ). This video tells it all.

Many people think: RHP means working with angels, LHP means working with demons.
This is wrong.
I’m a “LHP person” that works with angels.
This provides more information:

You can work with whatever spirit or god you want.

Exactly. Every christian sets a priority, and every christian ignores some part of the bible.

What is a “hardcore” christian anyway? The woman in the video? She’s wearing make up and jewelry, but the bible says this in 1Timothy 2:9
" Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works."

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Philosophy, theology, and logic.

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i think you can be whatever you want. That’s the thing about the LHP , you are you’re own light. You don’t have to follow any rules.


If I choose to be a pink dragon that belches rainbows does that make it so?

Come again? Could you elaborate?

It all comes down to what you think being a christian means.

What makes you a christian? There is no common ground for this.
Where I come from, most people are lutheran christians. But they aren’t even considered real christians by the orthodox church for example.
If being a christian means “following the bible” then nobody on this planet could ever fit the criteria.

If you reduce the christian belief to its very core, you will end up with this:
Humans are divided from JHWH, and cannot reach him anymore. Jesus incarnated as human to form a connection between humans and JHWH again.
The german word for sin is “Sünde”. And it evolved from the word “Sund”, which describes a narrow part of the sea which divides two countries.
So Jesus formed a bridge between those two seperated elements.

Back to the LHP. I see alot of people accepting demons as their masters, or choosing to serve gods.

If choosing JHWH as your god and working with him through Jesus means being christian, I don’t see why you can’t be both LHP and christian.


However, for the OP: don’t get me wrong.
You can also work with angels/saints/JHWH and NOT be christian.

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Ah yes, the moon really doesnt really exist.

LHP elitist could have just created RHP to keep the power to themselves and use religion to manipulate things, such as creating wars. This is just a theory. I don’t necessarily believe it nor do I disbelieve it.

You get to decide your personal truth.
Good and evil are at once definitive and simple, and subjective and very complex. Its all up to you,

My family is descended from saints and bishops within Catholicism. I can trace my family lineage within the church to 400 or so AD on both sides. I draw immense strength from my familial ties and their spiritual strengths from the energies and deities they choose to serve. Angels, God, Demons, lesser spirits, elementals, what have you. My own spirituality has been far from godly or chrisitan in its youth. The 72 spirits of the goetia, and ideas of control and power drew me in.

But today you will find me highly discouraging anyone who seeks power there,

because we do get to decide what energies we serve and which we let serve us, and those associations are what determine our alignment, if you believe in that thing.

and in my experience our intention decides for us what energies we are accepting of and the more control we try to exert, rather than understanding we try to seek, the more damage we do.

But thats just my two cents :]

you do realize everything youve said here is dripping with personal cynicism? Like, every comment… just blatantly negative and discouraging. Im just wondering, if thats what you have to offer, what good do you think it does OP? Or are you just interested in preaching the sinister? something about misery and company?

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*You’ve. Use apostrophes, woman.

You call it cynicism I call it being aware of the limitations of reality.

He asked a question and I answered. I do not care if it does him any good.

I do not preach anything, darling.

Oh, and drop the sass. It doesn’t work as well as you think it does.


Unfortunately, you do seem right. I cannot seem to do satanic meditations and telekinesis without switching over to Satanism (and the LHP?). It’s not that I can’t physically do them; it is more of a mental thing, I guess. I will have to relearn telekinesis if this is what I choose to do. I kind of want to switch back to Satanism, but it is hard. It is like turning my back on God and angels that have helped me and possibly risking eternal damnation. I’ve been spoked about returning to Satanism after watching YouTube videos of people who have claimed to have been to hell. A guy reported seeing Satanists, among others, in (Christian) hell. Can anybody help me know whether this is B.S. or not? How do I know if I am just being tricked by Satan and demons? How do I know if I am being tricked by God and angels? It seems impossible to know, and this, along with fear causes me to choose what we’ve been programmed to choose, which is God.

I’ve been able to do telekinesis, but unable to communicate with spirits. I’ve begged and pleaded for answers from demons when I was a Satanist for two years. To be clearer, I was a Satanist for about two years, then did the pleading for answers.

tbh ur inability to code switch just tells me you’re privileged af

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Not really. I just have high standards.

A “raging” one? That’s high praise. But perhaps I used it because I don’t take life too seriously?

I provided retorts to your accusations. That’s good enough for me.

I highlighted your grammar because your posts are “low effort” and pointless rhetoric.

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Calm your tits and man tits everyone. There’s no need to make this about misogyny. Debate about this somewhere else please.