What's the difference between the "left"path and the "right" path?

Middle is totally me

Those things don’t exist from what I’ve learned.
The Electric Universe theory makes more sense and matches what we see in Physics, Parapsychology, brain waves / consciousness and in my hypothesis magic.

Remember “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla

Watch these for a new interesting perspective in cosmology and how the universe works, or when your bored.
It explains everything.
Follow the rabbit…
For Big Bang:

For Black Holes:

For Dark Matter:

What’s really at the center of our Galaxy:

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Follow the link it has more info :laughing:


Excerpt from the link

"The vaults of zin, and the correlation between the qliphoth and the forbidden tree.
The vaults of zin for most is merely a legend. An obscure labyrinth beneath the qliphoth. rarely spoken of, or even elaborated upon. Some say they have been, others have never heard of such a thing. A system of tunnels, that can be accessed through the tunnels of set, so intricate and complex, you will be lost within the maze without a guiding spirit. There are specific spheres and pathways that will take you to the forbidden tree, thaumiel is most logical, as well as the most dangerous entrance to the system. Thaumiel my most recent obsession, I refer to it as the god sphere. The qliphotic equivalent to the god-head, and through thaumiel you can experience the qliphotic tree from a God’s point of view. "

I am not currently trying to explore this but i follow the stuff on it cause it interests me. Working on understanding the current map i am working with has me busy enough:laughing:

Map below :point_down:



I think we talked about this before, you and I. Some interesting perspectives here.

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Heh, yeah, I edited my post after I saw the articles in addition to the picture. Interesting stuff for sure. :+1:

I defined how they are often used and how I personally use them here:



They haven’t been observed yet; but are well established predicitions of general relativity. That they haven’t been observed yet (with current technology) doesn’t neccessarily indicate non-existence. Many theoretical predicitons of cutting edge physics haven’t been observed yet; from the strings / branes of string / M theory to the heavy partner particles of supersymmetry; but that does’nt mean that they won’t be observable in the future as technology evolves.

But thanks for the videos! Am always open to falsification as any good scientist should be!


Man, I think there is atleast few dozen of threads explaining this exact thing. If you really want an answer, go through them first (no disrespect).

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One way I learned is:
RHP: union with God
LHP: become God

RHP: May God’s will be done
LHP: I am God, may my will be done

RHP: Follow the rules
LHP: Create the rules

This is what RHP/LHP has become, although the historic origins of the terms refer to something different (more in line with antinomianism than one’s end game necessarily).


Interesting concept

Black magick and lhp is doing anything from the viewpoint that you are separate from the Primal Will. White magick and rhp is doing anything from the viewpoint that you are separate from the Primal Will but you are better than those others. (Whomever those others are for the individual personality)

IOW - everything is black magick when you are not awakened yet. Which means God performs black magick, white magick and grey magick as It awakens. And stops doing magick after It has awakened since everything is magick of the Primal Will.

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That’s a really good answer.

Excellent summary, bookmarked, thanks! :+1:


@Angelic They are fundamentally different. Right hand path people seek to “merge with The Source”, even if “The Source” is the universe itself and not an actual Deity. They largely seek a more mystical experience while accepting things as part of a divine/universal plan of some kind.

Right Hand Path (myself included) seeks to bend the universe to my will and not to merge with source. Although I and others use benevolent and malicious magic, we do not see ourselves as an “agent of God(s)”, but rather as the Master.

Hope this helps.


@magickmike you seem to understand this quite a bit I have a odd question for you. What makes the two “paths” SO different anyways? No one has really explained why but rather how they are different now if it’s the type of magic used I could understand that.

Warning…Side note: I really think that “LHP=Create The Rules” a fundamental place where personal evolution begins. Everyone else (sorta) in the species repeats the norm and the same method…then you get those that realize that it is their duty to create the world as they see fit. Right and Wrong are subjective to the Creators’ wills. Then the transformation really starts to happen.


@Angelic see my answer in the post just below your last reply to me.

Got ya

Do you know what happens if someone does both paths?