Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

Hey All,

We get a lot of requests for free spells and rituals on this forum, so @Mulberry and I thought it might be worth opening a thread where those who want to practice doing magick for others could do so.

In order to participate, the general rules are:

  • You must be an active member for a minimum of 90 days. This means new members cannot offer to help with requests. No exceptions.

  • Anyone who tries to use this thread to advertise themselves or to direct participants to their personal websites, will be immediately suspended.

  • All requests and responses must be kept here in the public thread. No PMs. If anyone tries to pull participants into private conversation, this experiment will be considered a failure and the thread deleted.

Edit: An exception to this rule is PMing the name of a target, but conversation related to the actual spell or ritual should be in thread

  • Only one request per person. Members are not going to fix your entire life, so please don’t barrage this thread with requests for everything under the sun.

  • This is all completely voluntary. No one is under any obligation to help you, so please don’t throw a tantrum if no one responds to your request. You are expected to behave like an adult, not a child, so be patient.

Note: Anyone, including newcomers, can make a request. The 90 day rule applies only to those who offer to help.

For those who volunteer their services:

  • Please only take on one request at a time.

  • Please post a description, or photo, of whatever spell or ritual you performed on behalf of someone and tag them so they are aware of what you did, and can provide you with feedback on any results.

This is something we have never tried before, so hopefully, this will be a good way to help those who come here looking for magical aid, as well as those who want to practice working for other people.

All it takes is one person to ignore the rules laid out above to ruin a good thing for the rest so please don’t be that person. Be respectful, and courteous, to the members who are willing to offer their time and skill to help.

And above all, try to have fun!


Hello, to anyone this may concern. I have been a fellow practitioner of the occult and spiritual sciences for as long as I can remember. However no matter my success nor countless hours I have put into this art I have not been able to fully immerse myself into my “spiritual senses” ie clairaudience. I have had tangible results with my magic, though I do not see this as effecting my magical successes I would enjoy the full effect so I may loose myself in my falsely perceived reality. So let’s give this a shot hopefully I can find some help and or inspiration to achieve this goal, I am willing to participate in any ritual activities I must. This thread will be fruitful and prosper, Infernal blessings brothers and sisters of the grand delusion of maya :heart: :metal:


What a coincidence, I was thinking of something similar.

I just think the thread title got a little confused.
Should only people who offer help post here?

Anyway I’m in and I’ll try to help.

I am not a professional and do not accept any kind of remuneration, therefore I reserve the right to choose who I will offer help to.

I recommend people asking for help to describe as best they can what the problem is and why they want help, and please be sincere and honest in your requests, remember that this is a forum frequented by practitioners of the occult.


It is intended for both, as long as we follow the rules posted above :slight_smile:


This is for helping those with requests, and practice for those willing to help. Requests can be posted, and anyone willing to respond can reply, so long as they have passed the requisite 90 days. i altered the title to clear up any confusion :slight_smile:

Remuneration would be against forum rules, and this is completely voluntary, so of course you can respond to whichever request you want to. :slight_smile:


@DarkestKnight I agree with @anon29949371 that the title is a bit confusing. Is this a thread for people who want to help post their availability to do magick for others or is it a thread where people who want someone to do magick for them? It’s not exactly clear which of those it’s for or if it’s for both.

Add: either sounds like a good idea.


I thought it was pretty clear. This is for both. People can make requests and members can respond to them, provided they meet the rules stated above.


Well even if others also have a bit of trouble besides me and Inferno.Flux if they scroll down 7 to your reply then the difficulties get cleared up (which they have to in order to post either type of request in any case).

@DarkestKnight Thank you btw your reply cleared it up for me :slight_smile:


Hi hope all is well. Can some one please do an obsesion spell for me. This girl teased me with her body for long time. I would like for her to be obsessed with me sexually. Thank you in advance.


Wow, this is a great thread. Thank you so much.
I have been trying to work with Prince Sitri, Duchess Gremory, Duke Sargatanas to grant me an aura of extreme attractiveness.
But still waiting for results, though not lusting.
Can somebody help me achieve it?
Or even , a tarot reading will help greatly.

Thanks in advance


Hello to everyone from here who are able to help. I have a parasite who make my life a completely hell. I can’t do any rituals because “he” is everytime there. At this moment I’m in a big hell. I have many ideas how to fix my life but i can’t do anything. If anyone can help i will be forever grateful.
Thanks in advance


i just spoke to Lucifer, lets see how it goes, I explained him your situation and asked him to help


Thanks for your help. I know i did something wrong in the past but i respect Lucifer and i eil be glad if he can help me even i can’t summon him directly right now


I saw Lucifer standing next to you, after I asked him to help


He is the first demon what i summon back in 2017.


Please let me know any further information about this matter
Thanks for your huge help. I know you have your own things to do and i appreciate your efforts


keep me updated on how you are doing please


Right now im depressed and at work. I work in logistics and I wanna keep my job. I wanna finish with this hell because is energy consuming for me.


I am in a situation where im recovering from injuries causes by my partner.
I have 2 kids and currently thankfully i have them together with me and we are at my parents house. My husband was the bread winner hence now I need to get back on my feet to look after myself and my kids.
I have some things i advertise on Facebook for people to buy but I just got phone calls but no one really made the effort to buy them.
I was reading more about Bune and Lucifuge Rafocol and I decided to call upon Lucifuge Rafocol but im at my parents house and my bedroom i share with my 2kids in wich one is a toddler and I dont have space at all to do my ritual. Would reqlly appreciate anyone willing to help me out here.
Thankyou so much.


I will add one here as Im hesitant about doing magic, just a chaotic time for me.

The biggest issue for me is a financial breakthrough, although I am not sales, business or finance oriented. I just need a way to payoff my debts and be stable with my bills. I don’t give a fuck about being the richest man in Babylon, just never in financial need again, through affecting my life only (in other words not though inheritance etc). I actually don’t even owe that much that a bankruptcy couldn’t handle, but its all a tangled mess. Add to that Im now unemployed.