Help me

Please can someone help me free myself from an obsessive spirit specifically from Yemaya the orixa told me that he would kill me and I fear for my life

Dont buy into it. Its bullshit. It cant hurt you


You will have to supply more info. I have worked with Yemaya and was quite close with her at one time, but I’m not a Santeria initiate. It was like guest privileges bc my puertorriqueño husband was a follower of Santeria and had an altar to El Egua. I used to visit his Santero and get readings and spellwork.

I know Yemaya is very protective of women and children. She does not tolerate abuse or misuse to her followers. If you have offended her by mistreating someone, you will need to visit a santero and ask what you should do to appease her and make amends to the person you offended. Usually requires a blood sacrifice of some kind (a chicken is common), and I have taken watermelon and yellow and white flowers to the ocean as offering to her.

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What are your symptoms that an Orisha is attacking you? If someone just told you this then I would say they’re being lazy and hoping your fear will do the work for them. If you have divined this for yourself that’s a different issue.

What have you done so far to banish and cleanse yourself?

Here is a tutorial for the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram you can try.

If you want you can post a request for free work in the Requests thread below, but this forum is about us learning to do our own magick so outside of that thread we’re going to try to help you do it yourself.


Hello, first of all, who told you that? or how would you know that?

Go see your physician first.