How I tore down my targets life - Worse Than Death

My Rage.

This individual deserved the worse torture imaginable, I wanted them dead at first.
I actually wanted to murder them, I wanted their screams, their agony. I wanted them begging for death as if they were another whore begging for an orgasm, as I tease their body to convulse.

My Rage was at its peak, I smashed my house to bits, smashed my windows, broke the television, went to burn it all down.
Fair to say if I didn’t have a daughter I would have killed the cunt.

However death was to easy, I wanted true suffering to be upon them.

The Curse.

That rage was devouring me, eating me alive as if I was about to go into a murderous frenzy at any moment. I had to use it, and used it I did.

I attacked every possible thing.

  1. Their chakras were raped.

  2. Aura was thin to the point of extreme sickness, just enough to keep them still alive.

  3. Trapped their sexual energy, to keep it from circumventing to fuck with their arousal and their life force circumvention.

  4. Cut them off from their guides, cut them off from their higher self, used dark ancestry work to cut them off from their ancestors.

  5. Poisoned their subtle bodies with toxic energies.

  6. Injected their psyche with anger, depression, anxiety, paranoia, hate, confusion etc.

  7. Broke down their heart chakra as much as possible and used a fetish item, to literally stop them from loving but still craving it.
    Stopped others from caring for him and loving him.

  8. Sent out a entity to cause him insanity, until he hit his partner and got arrested, then fired, then turned to alcohol and lost his reputation.

  9. Sent out a legion to cause chaos and havoc to the foundation in his life, it resulted in his friends beating him up. He lost his job, he tried to claim government benefits even that got cancelled.
    Leaving him jobless, homeless, friendless.

  10. I then used the aspect of sin workings to take the most vile and sickest desires he had within him to rise to the surface. He was then caught trying to force himself unto a girl which he thought was 18.
    Resulting in him being forced to be on bail and stay away from children, including children he was close too.

  11. Addiction - This all led him back down the route of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

  12. Suicide but can’t do it - I heard he attempted suicide and it failed numerous of times.
    My cousin told me the belt he tried to hang himself with snapped, he took pills and the amount should have resulted in overdose.
    Instead it just resulted in extreme sickness.

Where is he now ?

He’s now wandering the bus stations everyday, unable to walk properly from numerous accidents he’s been in.

He’s homeless being kicked out of various homeless shelters, his woman left him.
He’s gotten jumped loads of times, he drools and mumbles when trying to ask people for money to fund his drug addiction.

He’s literally trapped in this cycle until I decide to relinquish him and you know what …

I will not relinquish him at all, this man deserves the worst of the worst. He made the monster so he should have expected it to attack its creator.



This is just A FANTASTIC WORK!
All of you said I imagined has happened on my target, and I felt so nice, so calm and so satisfied…
GREAT job. Bravo!


Wow! I definitely need to hire you for some work…
Good to see you back here :slight_smile:


Holy shit…that’s brutal as fuck! I like it and aspire to be able to do that lol


What did that person do to you?

The person that has made me feel my worst my whole life and still makes me feel like shit and suicidal is my father, he’s just a “black hole” of ignorance and psychopathy, someone you spend 5 minutes with and already feel like sh!t. But I can’t curse him while depending on him, so I’m first trying to get out of my prison. When I’m not a “slave” anymore, I’ll probably do something to him, because he is extremely selfish, false, full of bad intent, he put my aunt multiple times in a madhouse while she was (and still is) normal, he beat me, made my mother weak and dependent out of immense fear, he loves controlling people and making people become less than him, and dependent on him. The only reason I am under one of his roofs is because he wants to show to society that he is good. Just like every other psychopath, he doesn’t let people know about who he truly is, so he is very good at hiding all of his evil actions. I feel like I need to be this person that will make him suffer and pay for all of the shit he has done.

I just hope that people that are cursing also have real good reasons to curse like this.


I have reasons.

  1. He beats and starves children
  2. He’s a woman beater
  3. He’s got away with rape
  4. He tried to ruin every aspect of my life
  5. He’s a horrible cunt

Great post about great work. With cursing you must have no emotional connexion to your target and you sure don’t! Wonderful stuff! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing. Beautiful!



Glad you liked it :slightly_smiling_face:.


Lol messing with you is a big mistake!


Wow. Nice combo. There’s no getting out of that unscathed.


Maybe in prison they would consider his raped and bleeding ass and punched-in mouth as horrible cunts. What a scumbag. He’s been judged.

Nice work! :ok_hand:

Unfortunately for cases like these we need vigilante torture squads with a legion of black magicians in the shadows, but your approach is a great fucking start.


hell hath no fury like a Kendall scorned


Death is too easy for people like that.



How long was the period you worked on him ?


Once again…

Remind me never to piss off anyone on this forum


Why spending so much precious energy on someone?
Well, you do you.


Impressive work!

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Thanks all


I truly meant it as a legit question, @C.Kendall .
Sometimes I sound very cranky, but I was really interested in your vision about working with baneful magic, and how can help ourselves to progress.


See the reason I invested so much energy into this individual, was because he ruined my childhood. He also ruined lives off many others, he causes suffering wherever he went and it needed to be stopped.

I stopped him for me and for all the others he has caused misery too, plus all the others he would have caused misery too if I didn’t stop him.