What is the purpose of the higher self?

It can be done, it can be blocked from consciousness, but a true disconnection would only lead in eventuality to a reconnection, because of the search for self, or oneness.
Just the same, manipulation is possible of the higher self, though it would in turn end badly for the one trying to manipulate, for it affects the whole self.

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the time of desconnection-reconection depends on the ritual casted or the higher self?

It depends on free will alone and thereby collusion.

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i imagine it would be a highly individual practice, i practice various forms of meditation, my main practice is zazen and trance through using instruments but i also use regular transcendental meditation practices (which is the most commonly used when people speak of meditation) but through scrying. no one i have ever read or heard of does this.


thank you for your explanations

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Him for example

looks like someone needing a bromance to me, giving another person so much attention, whether it’s positive or negative, is someone just showing their own inner-demons and isn’t what were speaking of at all.

But the point is that there is people that does this with higher self, cut people from it and so on

where is this “higher self” that your referring, can you point at it? if not then how can it be cut off from another. perhaps, a person can do that to themselves, and thats a real damn big perhaps. but to cut someone else off from their higher self? im going to say no.

I see your point of view, thank you for your answers

I don’t really connect with the whole HS concept. It’s just not part of my practice and I don’t regonize one of my own, I consider myself sovereign. Of course I’m aware everyone has different opinions on this matter.

However just like the chakra system, I don’t really work with HS. Nor do I believe that I have or need one.


I wouldn’t suggest that the guy was so much cut off from his higher self, but rather seemingly deserved what happened and not one to be of a spiritual nature either.
In the explanations of what happened to the guy, it doesn’t seem that he went crazy, the arousal doesn’t seem to have been stopped, so if you take those things into account, basically, only what was deemed deserved happened to the guy.
Though if you were to give it time, maybe even life times, that guy recovers and has most likely learned valuable spiritual lessons.

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But if that was the case, why mention the “cutting him from his higher” self part? I understand that you are saying that according to his higher self, the target had to be cursed?

Not to take anything from the caster, though, once again, simple example, plain old lawn grass grows, you cut it, it grows back. The grass that reaches out of the concrete, doesn’t move the concrete, but finds it’s way to the surface. You destroy it, eventually it’ll regrow anyway, because that’s simply what it’s meant to do.
Basically, yes, according to that higher self, he had to be cursed, but his choice if he was willing to change his ways.

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thank you for taking your time to explain this to me like a child haha

My apologies if that’s the way it comes across, certainly not my intention.

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No problem at all, is highly appreciated

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Also the thing about such a casting, is the interaction affect.
Through the energetic realm, it spreads and finds other targets likewise, butterfly effect so to speak.
And thereby the collusion factor also.
Sad thing becomes, whether innocent or not, the caster was therefore also responsible for the young girl the guy thought was 18.

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At the moment I see the higher self as pretty much the same thing as the subconscious/unconscious/inner self. Yes it can and is manipulated daily by subliminal programing. You can do this yourself with techniques like NLP and meditation, and it’s a good idea to limit external programming from sources with nefarious interests, like people trying to make money off you.

The purpose of it is that is IS you. It is what is incarnate as human and you would be a soulless shell without it, prime for a walk in, or the body would just sicken and die.

Your conscious mind is only part of you, also called the ago consciousness, which doe snot have the esoteric understanding and connection the ‘higher’ self has.
This means is has a bigger picture view than the conscious mind, and this is why it’s a bad idea to let the conscious mind make unilateral decisions - it doesn’t always have all the information to make good choices. The subconscious literally has the benefit of foresight.

The ideal situation is to work with it, not against it - use meditation and other techniques to learn how to communicate freely and effectively with this, so it can give you the right info at the right time, and you can make the best decisions as a whole, integrated being.