Need a guidance

My bestie got a girlfriend and he didn’t tell me like he had a time to talk to her but he didn’t have a time for me
And my ex boyfriend said that he can’t marry me cause I’m of different caste
My heart it really pains a lot
Everything is worst than hell here
I need a guidance right now
Which demon I should evoke in this case

Summon Opfaal to relieve you and Centamot to kill him


U don’t want to kill some one
It will be so out of respect that I waste my energy on those boys who think I am a waste of time
Who are nothing but a jerk
And my lord told me through the dream that
Let them be when I am with you why u need them

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To do what? For what purpose?

I want to make them suffer
They laugh on my lord
My lord
They say he is not real
My lord is not evil,he is a personification of evil

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It’s frankly not your business. Moralising is against the rules on this forum, please move on if you don’t like a post and have nothing constructive to say, thanks :+1:


It seems a little pointless to focus on the past, why not look forward to the future. I have found getting suck in the past only keeps you there, stagnated.

Why not try to find a true lover in the future? Astaroth can help you with that. Or you can take the matter into your own hands and back link souls connected to you such as soulmates or even your twin flame.


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You sound a bit pissy and out of order. In what way my comment was moralizing?