Has anyone closed someone's "crossroads" or "paths"?

Hello, looked this up already via the search engine but couldn’t find it anything. Has anyone ever closed someone’s “crossroads” before? Like their paths, or direction, so that no matter where they go, they hit a dead end, on all accounts (money, love, spirituality, etc) How did you achieve it, via a regular low magick curse, or with entities…etc

Would love to hear some experiences.

It sounds like a voodoo term.
In my opinion, it’s a mental shortcut or a multi-layered curse.
The easiest way would be to “transfer” such a person, so his earthly affairs are automatically closed.
It could also be imprisonment or driving her insane.
I also heard the Karma Jiva Curse from Abaddon’s book where a link of target is connected to fetishes and are tied with wire and buried on the crossroad.
The curse is supposed to return bad karma to a person. Some people have a lot of it. This is probably the closest term that can be applied to “crossing the road or paths” because such a person is bound by his own karma.

I don’t wanna restrict it to just voodoo. I’m sure someone else from other pantheons have achieved this type of working

Yes, and I think many on this forum have achieved this, they just don’t call it that. That’s why it’s unlikely that anyone will give you the answer. It’s a term that people came up with. You mean situations where such a person’s life is destroyed even though their body is still alive, right?

yes, specifically a situation where no matter how hard the target tries to get there life together and move forward, they stay stuck. No love, no money, no spirituality, nothing. Kind of like someone falling into a 10 feet well, and never being able to get out until they rot or something.

You’re basically talking about a heavy kind of binding.

That kind of binding usually involves imagery of tied feet to keep them from progressing or going anywhere I believe.

Sounds like a prime occasion for the chicken foot curse…

It’s complicated, and there are many ways to achieve it. Everyone is different, some are tough and some are disgusting parasites pretending to be hell gods who create hellish torture chambers for their families. The goal should be to destroy health at every level.

@c.kendall described such a case

In other words

From Lucifer and Hidden Demons

To enable a never-ending cycle of misfortune.

“This is a harsh curse that can have much more devastating effects than you
will see at the outset. Its purpose is to bring a series of minor misfortunes that
culminate into a crisis. A series of speeding tickets, bills unexpected, and
illnesses, the loss of a job, and misunderstanding with a friend or problems at
work, will all combine to make life feel unbearable. The only weakness of
this ritual is that it can make even a skeptical person suspect that they are
cursed, and they may then seek to use protection magick, which will, in some
cases, bring them peace. It works over many months, but you can expect to
see some strain in the early days. You can summon the demon and ask for the
curse to end should you feel that you have accomplished all that you need.”

Of course, this is just a description.

Another issue is that some people have protection from above. They simply have a mission to destroy others. Otherwise they wouldn’t stay afloat with their stupidity.
I think that in difficult cases an experienced occultist who has developed good spiritual vision and is skilled in this type of black magic should be hired.
I understand you perfectly.

If you manage to destroy an enemy’s health, he probably won’t recover unless he has powerful yoga, regeneration magic, and access to good health care in his arsenal. But it’s impossible. Such people do not look for enemies.
Health is the basis of existence, sex, love, making money, spirituality, everything you can think of.

Are you satisfied with my answer?

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Yes thank you

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Wow, fascinating. Now, any ideas on how to undo a binding? I feel like I and my family were binded and this was recently confirmed by a reader as well.

Should be easy to clear with an Archangel.