How I tore down my targets life - Worse Than Death

Good work mayne :ok_hand:


Fair enough. If you think that it was worth the investment then, good. It is only oneself at the end of the day who knows best about how to invest their energies.
Regardless, I am sorry to hear that you met such an awful person.


Nice !

Perfect example of katsujin-ken (the life-giving sword).

You took out a raging sociopath to prevent him from doing harm to more people and getting away with it.

Good job Kendall


He can technically still harm people, even as a derelict. Maybe even more so.

With all the ill will set against him, any aggression on his part will backfire.


Gave me goose bumps reading this. Its a good read, probably gonna inspire some future work :smiling_imp: thanks!


Satisfaction! When you’ve had a major enemy act against you while you were in a place unable to retaliate or even get away, there’s a sort of sublime glee in crushing their skulls, piercing the eyes with your fingers as you widen the sockets and squeeze their brains out. It’s very pleasurable to have their liquidified innards run through your fingers! :slight_smile:


Then, why not do that physically first?


Laws! :slight_smile:

Many people are willing to wait for a manifestation if it means they don’t have to sacrifice their freedom to see the result.


Well there are many ways of destroying someone’s life. You just need to be creative, like many sociopaths are, without going to jail.


@C.Kendall wow outrage! How long did u take to get into this level of practice {with materiał success}? What do you sugest to praktice for newbie?

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This falls into twoish camps: those that are too lazy or overburdened to put the physical work into destroying someone slowly and creatively, and those that want a vile kind of result more than what they can creatively attempt to do physically.

The fractional camps here are people that are doing both methods, people that think they want one result but actually (more deeply) want another, people that only have magical courage as opposed to physical bravery, those that are over-reliant on outside forces, etc. :slight_smile:


You are right indeed, my friend.

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Can glasya labolas do all those things?


Your post never fail to come in perfect timing. My target has caused a baby to loose her parent to suicide.


That’s awesome!

Out of curiosity, what spells/rituals did you use? Asking for a friend.


What some people don’t want to understand is that there are folks out there who NEED to have this shit done to them.

They paint a perfect picture to society of being upstanding citizens in public, and are thought well of on road.

But at home or in private where nobody is watching, they are monsters.

You can’t expect sympathy from people. People are stupid and believe what they see. They also change their loyalty based on who flatters them the most.

It is so easy for a deceiver to sway the crowd, yet the crowd thinks they are fair and just.

What the crowd sees is their proof.

It’s what they don’t see that tells the real tale.

When your life is turned inside-out by a narcissist, nobody believes you.

You’re sad, you’re lonely, and ‘you must have done something to that fine upstanding citizen to deserve it’

Or some such bullshit excuse the crowd uses to justify its sense of ‘fair play.’

Again people are stupid, believe what they see, and side with whoever flatters them the most, all things narcissists and psychopaths excel at doing to cover their tracks.

However, narcissists can’t cover their tracks in the spiritual world.

They fool even the elect.

But they can’t fool a demon. Demons know who are of them and who is not in the fold.

The demons know enemies and perpetrators by their intentions and by their acts.

When you go to spiritual levels, you tear up the weed from root level so it doesn’t get the chance to spread and destroy other plants from growing the way it destroyed your crop.

This is the life-giving sword.

Sad to say, when some people read these posts, they take it personally as if it was them being attacked.

I wish more people would side with victims rather than siding with perpetrators in this world, but alas.

Who feels it knows it.

I understand exactly why C. Kendall did this ritual. There are a couple of people in my own life who need similar work done to them.

The reason i haven’t done this work is because of shock.

When someone who is really close to you - a family member, longtime friend, marriage partner, or someone you think would never do you dirty - when that person does you dirty, your mind can’t process it.

How many people in history have died because of betrayal, shocked that someone they trutsted so much would do that to them?

It’s that shock that prevented them from defending themselves.

You don’t defend yourself from people you care about. You have to make up your mind that a person is an enemy to gather the mindset of defending yourself from them.

That takes time when a person is someone who was close to you.

You need some time to get away from them and heal before you can see them objectively.

Then you can take up your sword and do battle.

Until then, your worst enemy isn’t even them. It’s your own confusion about who they are to you, and where they stand in your life.

You think it was YOUR fault they treated you like this. For a long time, you blame yourself.

And they play to that, often gathering a crowd around them of dupes who believe their side of the story and blame you for the trouble they bring into YOUR life.

It takes a while for you to figure out that no, it wasn’t you. It was them.

When you say this, nobody believes you.

When you fight back in the physical, others side against you.

When others kick you down they are the hero. When you fight back in self-defense after having been dogged out for years, you become the villain.

Nobody understands the brujo.

Take comfort in the fact that the spiritual world has your back when the temporal world has left you for dead.

Psychos use their weapons against you: lies, manipulation, undercutting, gossip, betrayal and sabotage, slander.

Well, fair is fair.

You use YOUR weapons: imagination, spiritual insight, deep paranormal forces, and reality-alteration to even the score.

They don’t play your game by your rules, so you are under NO obligation of playing their game by their rules.

You are under NO obligation to physically attack someone who is bigger than you and has you outnumbered, when you can attack them in dreams, having them wake up half insane.

You are under NO obligation to defend yourself to hostile crowds who only want to blame and scapegoat you, when you can simply put a thought in the hive mind and turn them on their toxic host, forcing them to fight amongst themselves.

You are under NO obligation to stick up for someone who does everything they can to dehumanize and belittle you in every way, when you can ask your guardians to defend your cause.

You’re under NO obligation to stay in a toxic situation to keep up physical appearances when someone is killing your soul slowly.

You’re under NO obligation to remain the pacifist when an aggressor moves to take harm you through any sort of predation.

They have their weapons, you have yours.

I said it before on this board and i’ll say it again. You don’t have to kill somebody. Loss is worse than death.

My guy C. Kendall made his enemy lose it all after his enemy tried to take everything from him.

I have no pity for the perp. May they rot in hell. Fuck them.

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

Let this entire post be a warning to users, manipulators, and small-time deceivers: it’s a thin line between love and hate.

Cross the wrong person, and fucked up things can happen to you.

Good job Kendall.


More blood for the blood gods! Long may they reign. :slight_smile:


Exactly. Beautiful and very well said. The whole post.