Cursing an ex

Hi everyone,
I would like to punish an ex for all the pain and the suffering he caused me. I want him to feel the pain he caused me x1000 times, destroy his ego,his sexuality and even if possible make his dick rotten. Causing him obsession or madness wouldn’t be a bad idea as well. Thank you for your time. If anyone wants to help me for free and cast a curse on him as well, feel free to message me


Try this one:

From experience, I’d say the best revenge is an upgrade. Better yourself, become your hottest, richest self, and bag a good looking, filthy rich, classy replacement.

But if you want to have fun, use the intranquil spirit prayer on him daily for a year or so. Do the prayer 3 or 9 times daily in a row. You can dress the candle with specific oils of your choice and you can customise the prayer to your needs.

Did that to my nutty ex and he still tries to contact me to this day, 8 years passed, me being married and a mum. It takes a while to start kicking but once it does, enjoy the circus. He messed with the wrong gal and I’m petty😑


So sorry to hear that. I was hoping you had got better results.
I would say try working with the djinns. They are amazing in what they can achieve.


I say the same thing. I’m petty and have all the time in the world. :nail_care:t4:

@Snow88, you can try the Master Curse from the book Magickal Attack. I’ve tried it a few times and it worked. It’s simple and easy to do, not tools needed.

You can use your anger and create your own spell, jar spell, etc.

Good luck.


Love that​:joy::heart:

Who’s the author of the book you mentio?


Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield

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Here put picture in a wet mass ,put nasty stuff wrapped in black plastic, cloth and throw away in sewer


Oh thanks, I think I gave that one. Not particularly invested in cursing right now but it’s always good to know and “master curse” sounds lit!

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I have the book magickal Attack. Have used it against a truly deserving target. However, I wonder on the result since I’m not in contact with the target. What’s the best approach recommended to find out? I am unable to communicate with spirits and during ritual sometimes I get surges of energies, that is all I felt.
At random times throughout the year, I would sometimes dream of the target but unsure whether that is how they’re going through. Whether it is a message or just my subconscious.

I hope they rot to the bone and regret every single of their living second causing tremendous and unspeakable pain to me.


Simply light a black penis candle with his name engraved on it, and it will stop working.

Give him amethyst to cause confusion, and give him a yellow stone to cause insanity.


If I give him something he wont take it. I want him to send him nightmares , make him impotent (i might have written it wrong, I mean kill his dick), send spirits to turture him. I dont want him back, I want him to suffer