Magical warfare

There is this woman who treated me cruelty and tried to destroy my reputation. I want revenge but because she is a Luciferian I assume she is skilled in withcraft, so Im little holding back with casting a death hex. How would you handle such situation? I feel guilt on myself for not have done something to avenge myself.

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Don’t assume, use divination to find out.

Being a Luciferian does not automatically mean someone is good at witchcraft any more than being a Christian automatically means someone’s a good person. It’s just a religious belief no different than any other.

Gather intelligence using various methods. Send out your spies and plan your attack strategically.


Trade like for like. And, if you ruin her reputation then there’s a chance people will stop believing what she said about you, as long as it wasn’t true.

Agares can do this per Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia Pathworking:


Is that the system of Goetic magick you work from?


Most of the time, but its less a fully fleshed system than a way to open a conversation. Once you have contact it’s up to you to ask for what you want.


In terms of how I would handle it, I would choose one of these 4 spirits to work with, there’s a lot more I’m just mentioning some of the ones I use the most

Sorath can entirely destroy and burn your enemies in every way but isn’t a spirit for beginners,
Belial can break someone down and make them weak or destroy them mentally,
Asmodeus can bring a great wrath upon someone and also drain their life force by sending succubi/incubi to them,
Dra’Talon from the book of azazel can assassinate your enemies (you can not call him back after he imparts with your request).

Otherwise you can:
Do a freeze spell on them to slow them down
Cut them off from their protections and ancestors
Create thoughtforms to attack them
Attack/drain their chakras
Invoke them with a candle ritual and do any form of attack on them once invoked

I would recommend reading Angels of Wrath as well as this thread which can give you some inspiration How I tore down my targets life - Worse Than Death


Would they not easy use defenses against that? My enemy is a black magician.

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They can use defences against certain things but when you’re doing something massively layered and hitting them from all angles, paired with divination so you know exactly when to strike and what points to strike at, they have little to no hope against you.

I don’t think a death curse is necessary in this situation. Fill a glass with water and drink the entire glass in three big gulps, then turn it upside down and place it on a table. Tap the bottom of the glass nine times and say “Shut up (name)! Be quiet, and stop gossiping about me.” Leave the glass there as long as you’d like them to be quiet.

After you do this, write their name 3 times on a piece of paper, then put the paper in your shoe. Put the shoe on and then stomp your foot and say “Go away (name). Leave me alone!” and every time you wear the shoe it will enforce the spell.

I’d also do a basic reversal spell to send back what she sent to you.

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Its a little complex situation. She violated me and I feel guilt if I dont avenge myself. I do want to eliminate her at least from my mind and subconsciosness.

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You can say the Jewish witch-killing curse over a lit white candle. I’ve had success with this curse and I am not Jewish. It will fuck their shit up.

“May boiling excrement in a sieve be forced into your mouth, (you) witches! May your head go bald and carry off your crumbs; your spices be scattered, and the wind carry off the new saffron in your hands, witches!”

It’s pretty hard to defend against this killing curse, and they will have no idea what it is so it will be even harder for them to defend themselves against it.


I do contradict myself to some degree. While I want to avenge myself I have also been interested to see if my enemies could prove useful to me. At the moment I have another enemy I vampirize. While she gets weaken further I get stronger. I dont know if its possible to drain a person to death but ironically I would beat 2 birds with one stone if it happens.

Easy solution is point a shield construct at her that takes her negative energy and amplifies it a thousand times the original amount before shooting it back in her face. Usually making her produce more negativity and repeatedly nuking herself into a miserable oblivion. Could also just not give a fuck about your reputation cause depending on which circle of reputation this is it may not matter at all.

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I really dont care if she have damaged my reputation or not. What violates me is that she attempted to do it.

What has always worked for me to an accuracy of 100% i conjure my familiar inter a trance and instruct him to go directly to the guardian angel of the person in question offer tearms of peace for an immediate cease and desist or grantee war! Wait till the next day for the answer. If im not culpable for the other party doing harm to me and they dont accept my terms then i invoke the angel of death, and send him str8 at my enemy. What always happens when the see that i can conjure death, is the angels of the other person come immediately to plead for there life. Even if i spare the fool i never do so without an extreem consequence. I may spare the physical life but i will still require all the dumbass does for income! In short im still taking his life financialy but i call back the angel of death and the jackass gets to live with ceartian conditions, like he will relocate as far away from me as possible so that we never have contact again as long as he lives. Once they see the angel of death i have all power to make any tearms i choose because they should have accepted the first offer from the start. I do not play games its instant death or whatever new terms i set. This has always worked and i have flushed many a live down the toilet with no reverbial issues.


@Eldred_Darkthorn How do you make a shield construct?

What type of magick do you tend to use the most? I’ll try to fit into a frame you are most familiar with but the way I do it is I use Hagalaz as a base ruin and expand it out with programming and pure will to do whatever type of shielding I want.

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Im not very familiar with runes ( but have a book, so can learn), but I am familiar with C. Cosimano, just didnt have time to practice and the usual Gallery of Magick books, but that doesn`t talk about energy work…

Oh that is perfect then. It is basically a thoughtform that utilized a rune as a base to draw energy from and the foundation of its programming but you can substitute similar things that have meaning relating to the shield. Think of it similar to the fuzz stopper or whatever he named the anti cop thoughtform. Just drawing from different energy sources and archetypes.


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