Best curse to make somones life hell?

I want to curse a scumbag.

I want this Man to go to jail and be raped by men. I want to see his face deformed.

I want him to become broke and lose everything he has.

I want him to lose his reputation.

I want him to be in jail till he dies. I don’t want him to die, I want him to suffer until he dies.


Try this but death could happen to

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I don’t want to kill him.

Read through the powers of all the Goetia spirits. Many of them have the power to make his life living hell in very wide and creative ways.


You have lots of options. Patience, discipline and power are the key.


My best advice, if you matter in this guy’s life at all, thrive.
Be the best you.
Be happy.
Be motivated.
This will hurt worse than any curse.
And if you don’t matter, why should they?


Raum has proved to me he is incredibly powerful at destroying enemies.

Maybe look into Raum and see if he resonates with you on some level?


Any curse is the best curse. What fuels that curse is what determines everything. If you’re weak willed your curse will be weak, if you’re furious and your will is law persay the curse will be one hell of a curse.


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As said previously, how powerful a curse is really depends on the magician, not necessarily the curse itself. Some of the “simple” curses can be quite shattering to the target if all the rage can be summoned, channeled into building the manifestation, and, more importantly, let go afterwards so you may go on with life. You’ll drive yourself mad obsessively waiting for results otherwise.

As far as spirits that can be of help, one’s own ancestors are ones often overlooked. Although Andras would be a good one as well