Pesky, overly egotistic Neighbours that really deserve to be excluded out of this town. Its our swamp!

So there where since one to two years new neigbour into my litle town called Muellnern and these guys are making nearly everything when they can and get the opurtunity too to make other neigbours lifes for no apparent REAL REASON a nightmare and a problem. Just for the sake being nosei and thinking like they are the shit and can trample on any foot without any big consequences…

Pfff, not on my watch!

Now they are trying theire best to cut OUR WATER suply shut just for the fuck off it. My family isnt the only one who depends on it or runs on it… There is no real reason why they must do this but they wanna, ima not let them win just for the principle sake that i am not gonna let some assholes win without a fight or giving them some damage that theyl never forget and best would just move out… with damage!

Of course there is community water supply but that is like you know a loose if we gonna take that shit in, im not, we are not, gonna bow heads to the likes of your unlikeable crapy egotisms shitty neighbour(2 persons) …


I have my plan in my mind.


If you want to contribute on this cause… Give me your best demons or recipes that makes a hell of a ride for these shitty neighboorrs to move out and be destroyed longterm.

I would, and i am sure we as a town community would be highly apreciative of our efforts.

Regardles im allready in war.

Give me your best!

Many Warcrys



This is a popular thread:

I’d go with a layering of techniques, and add entities like Andras and Dra’talon to the mix as there are multiple people with multiple energies. The only caution I would add is put protection spells on your family and friends and people you don’t want affected, as there could be fall out if you make a big mess, especially with Andras. :smiley:


@Mulberry @sanaRo thank you for your contribution.

I will take your advice to my account!

I dreamed about a huge fight in my family i think they wanted to warn me or my gut is telling me it was more a shadow work i do vk jehannums shadow mantras and i do have a trauma about my brother being disrespectfull towards me that really angers me and pushes me to fuck him up out of anger. But fortunately it was a dream…and i work on it and have it under my control.

But i get the, name HUICTIGARAS, HUICTIGARAS, HUICTIGARAS like a mantra the whole dream i think it is a demon when im not mistaken. I will do research.

Take from new demon power
Autor :Carl Nagel

I will practice and see…

Does anyone else know more about Huictigaras unfortunately i dont have even thoigh i do have a big amount of demonoltry books any big info on him.