Literally destroy someone's life

I don’t want to kill her, I just want her to suffer more and more each day.

I want him to be loved by no one and to be someone that everyone does not want. I want his entire love life to disappear and he cannot marry anyone and live alone in a house for the rest of his life.

I want to prevent her heart chakra from being destroyed and prevent other people from taking care of her and she will not be able to find true love in her lifetime.

No one will be friends with her, she will be completely alone, her social life will be completely over, no one will meet her outside or want to hang out with her.

She will always continue to live an unhappy, stressful, shitty life, but no matter what, she will not be able to end it by committing suicide and will continue to wait for her death.

Do you have any suggestions for such a permanent and powerful operation? Which spirit can provide this? I am thinking of Lilith, but I would like to hear your suggestions as well.

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That’s actually what I looked up to, but instead I desire to work with a being and show her hell.

Yeah that exact link was the first that came to mind as well.
This is not a single spell. This takes an amount of skill and at the very least 10 spells and rituals. So I guess when you do have the skill already to pull at least some of this work off, why not pick and choose some these suggestions and add some dreamwork.
With the help of any of your dieties or spirits of choice, plague your target with dreams and visions of hellscape, or even their own fears and visions of their personal hell. Imagine dreams like that haunting your day time, while also having to deal with even part of the stuff mr. Kendall put his target through.

Melinoë might be a good choice, although I have never had her aid in sending other people nightmares.