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Hey everyone. So I want to tell my story. Then I would like some opinions. So I’m going to try to make this short as possible. If you need more information about it just message me.
So a few months ago my mother was murdered in a hit and run. I’m gonna ask a few things since I don’t want to make a bunch of posts about it. Person was caught eventually when she turned herself in. But she pretty much hit my mother and left her to die. 7 days before my birthday at that. I would like to know what spells I could do to make this persons life a living hell, first off. Right now the person is in jail but only because I got her old bond revoked. It could be years before we go to trial over my mother because of Covid. But I just want to make her feel like she has made me feel. The court system in my state doesn’t seem like it’s doing that great for me right now either. I just would like to know what I could do to make this go in my favor, and to get justice for my mother. I have bought plenty black candles and such I just want to make sure I do everything right before I try anything. I know the woman that did this to my mother didn’t have any remorse when I saw her in court early this month. I just want to wipe that smile off her face. She really feels like she can get away with it, is the feeling I get.

I have seen my mom in my dreams a few times. Most of them were recent right after she passed. But I still have some now. I also wanted to know if there is anyway I could connect to her ? I bought a white ancestry candle from my local shop a few months ago so I could try to talk to her. I lit it up on her candle alter she had which has a mirror behind it. Once I sat there and meditated for a while talking to her my face from my nose to my chin all went dark and black. I was told today what happened when the woman hit my mother and how she hit her with her car and that all makes sense now.
I have felt a hand on my back when I was half asleep, once when I woke up at like 430 in the morning to get some water I heard coughing from my moms room in the back (she was a smoker, we think she had lung cancer but wouldn’t tell me) and today I saw a cloud of smoke form in front of me. After my cigarette had been out for ten mins. Then felt a hand on my shoulder. This was after I got back from my lawyers office.

Sorry if this is long. I don’t really have anyone in my personal life I can talk to about this. That can understand where I am coming from. And all the anger I have built up against this woman that killed my mother and had the audacity to smile in court. I just want that smile wiped off her face.

So I guess tl;dr what can I do to keep her in jail, and make her suffer. Also if anyone can tell me how I can speak to my mother better that would be greatly appreciated also


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Moloch can assist in both attack and defense, Bune can help you communicate with your ancestral spirits.

Just call them and ask and they will answer.

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Okay that’s awesome thank you. I have worked with Bune a lot before. That’s the name of my cat I got last year too actually.
So I finally found a picture of the bitch that murdered my mom today, I found her mugshot. I just need to get it printed out


Check out this thread:

And Belial excels at anything law related so if the courts are a problem, he’s your guy to get things done.