To Make An Attempted Rapist Suffer

So around a month ago I posted about my (unintentional) chaos magic + dating combo which quickly turned into a nightmare - [Be Careful What You Wish For…]

The short of it is we went on a couple of dates, he turned weird, I walked away from the “courtship”, he attacked me outside my apartment, I (just about) managed to get away.

As time has gone by I have just been staying at home, working on myself physically, trying to get ready for the open world again. But mentally & emotionally my once sadness over the situation has turned into an exasperated anger… It’s an exasperation that is starting to slowly consume me everyday & I can’t shake it no matter how much self care I do for myself.

I have been looking through this forum thoroughly the past week looking at different baneful casting threads etc, there are so many ways I could “go in”… My anger is more on the side of “irritated” than “rage”, so I am not sure if that kind of energy is of any use.

He last saw me where I was bloodied, bruised & terrified. A part of me wants him to remember me intertwined in such a casting to serve as a reminder for him to never hurt another woman again.

I am interested to hear opinions of what angle I should take - & what casting, evocation etc would you do if you were in such a situation…


Have you seen this one, or did you have something less drastic in mind?


I did indeed have the pleasure of reading this one - The rage & skill set combined that Conner had doing this was everything. Such a casting would guarantee my target would never hurt another woman again that is for sure! So nothing is “too drastic”…

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Thank you so much for sharing this @sanaRo, I will definitely be watching this through. Funnily enough I have been drawn to work with King Asmodeus recently.


Belial and Paimon. In my experience, they really raze fuckers like that to the ground. Kings Lebal and Abalim are great for removing defenses, as a precursor to Belial and Abalim.


Did he actually do anything “more” to you than what you related on your previous topic ? Or are you just filled with anger after previous events

Hi @HelixArc, luckily nothing more (currently)

It is anger from the previous events which has taken it’s time to rise…

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Thank you so much for your insight @anon41658706

A layered approach is a recurring theme I have noticed in such workings in order for it to have some “clout” towards said target…


What happened? Did he rape you? Michael is good for justice, Koetting used him once, he destroyed the witches’ ability to commune with the spirit world


This should help with the rage. I’ve used it twice and it works.

This method is good too. I used it on a similar target with a drawing of him on paper.

Also petition a spirit you’re close to or feel connected to. If you can use vampirism, then maybe vamprise his Chakras.


My previous post explains what happened [Be Careful What You Wish For…]

I was very lucky he did not manage to get that far, ironically I feel Michael was the one who got the car door open for me to escape… I have worked with Michael for protection purposes the past couple of years so I will look into invoking his “justice” side more…


Definitely. Something I have learned recently is to break down a targets barriers or defenses, and then applying whatever effect is desired. So, step one - destroy barriers. Step two - curse em. I’ve noticed breaking barriers also makes the target less able to cope with everyday life. I like to compare a person to a city - it makes sense to destroy the “walls” first, and then go about with baneful work.


Do it


This is a brilliant metaphor which will stick with me with any working I now do.

I am hoping because the target is the least “spiritual” person I have crossed paths with bringing down his defenses first should not be too difficult - I understand everyone has ancestors etc “behind” them whether they are consciously spiritual or not, so a barrier break down is needed for anything to work by the looks of it.

Thank you so much for sharing these @Twilight_Dragon

Funnily enough I remember watching some of Conner’s baneful course videos when they first came out on You Tube (I am subscribed to his channel) while on my stationary bike (random I know!)

Maybe my subconscious knew I would be needing to tap into this one day as at the time I was just focused on working on my physical well being while locked down at home due to covid.

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Well, in my experience (which can be wrong, or simply different), breaking barriers tends to expedite an outcome. Meaning, it can make things happen faster. I have done rituals without breaking barriers and they still were effective.
Imagine a medieval castle, with stone walls and a wooden gate. I think of breaking barriers as roughly equivalent to: when people would use a giant wooden log to ram and hit the wooden gates of a castle. It hits and hits the wall, and when the gates break - slaughter begins. (or justice, in this scenario).
Although I must say, I suppose it doesn’t matter how one thinks of it- as long as the barriers are broken.


That will make the BBC think we’re into slaughtering in the real world!


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