I want him dead! Help!

Ami…I don’t think most people here gives a shit about innocent people getting hurt. :slight_smile:



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Which would you like more: his death or his changed behaviour ( :slight_smile: perhaps with something positive to compensate you :slight_smile: )?

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I want him dead!! When we lost our son at birth he didn’t even want to bury him he wanted him disposed of as a clinical waste. That’s one example of how bad he is. Death needs to happen we both can’t be walking this earth together


Is there anything stopping you from casting a death curse without the use of an entity?

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The search button is still twerking up at right for her to click on it to select ANY of the droves of spells involving killing someone.

It is like the third most common topic on the forum.

I just took a casual scroll down this category and found this.


There are numerous ways you can achieve your goal through your hoodoo and root working. Why have you not explored this Avenue since I’m sure you hold many personal items Belonging to your intended target.


You also haven’t really talked much on the forum since May, and really you haven’t said much about yourself at all it’s gonna be really difficult for someone to give you advice since we don’t know your experience level, anything about your situation other than you’re feeling pretty hotheaded right now.

It would be unwise to give you access to information if you have no concept of how it works. Start doing something like this blindly and something is bound to go wrong.

I do hope that you find what you’re looking for, But I worry about you


I’ve been lurking I read and digest and I want to combine both hoodoo and rootwork with working with demons. I’ve worked with two demons so far but for other matters but want to receive the experience of others. Sadly when I’ve read posts on death the replies are vague like the ones I’m receiving. Yes I’m angry I have been for years and now it’s time to channel that anger into a spell/ request to get this person removed from earth. I’m beginning to think maybe you all don’t actually think this is possible with magic.

Here’s two things for you to take a look at. Operative word being to look at LOL. There’s lots to find on here, play around with the keywords on your search.


Hello, I think I can help you. Awhile back someone I work with got in my way, we worked together for years yet out of nowhere he/she decided to be in my way. I used sympathetic magick which is inspired from the Baneful Magick by E.A. Koetting. Not my intent to give out free information from someone else’s book, just sharing my experience and I hope it helps you as well. For the record I have been trying magick for over a year and haven’t been too successful yet when I needed someone removed from my reality, This form of magick (sympathetic magick) did not fail me. I’ve got no clue if he/she is still alive or dead but all that matters is he/she has been removed from my reality. That is all that matters. Side note, Last year I had a consultation with E.A. and he told me that desperation is crucial to make your magick successful, in other words You need to convince yourself that you’re in a life and death situation and of course that may be true for you.

Now I first took some clay and moulded it into a shape of a person then I carved the name of the victim on it. Now you can gaze at a phograph to connect to the victim or if you can connect to peoples energy without any photos (as I can) you can do that too. And if you have a fetish such as the victims hair or an item which belongs to the victim that would be preferable, so I hear. I didn’t have that option at the time. Then I took my consecrated ritual dagger held it above my head pointing upwards. Then recite:

Every Demon that can hear my voice! Come! All
Spirits that are around me, gather closer. closer.
closer. In the name of Satan, the adversary! In the
name of Lucifer, the light bringer! In the name of
Abaddon, the destroyer! By the powers of
darkness, and all the forces of hell! Destroy
(victims name) the one who has chosen to be my
enemy! Take everything that he/she holds dear!
Take his/her life and his/her soul! By the powers of
darkness, So it is done.

Then with the dagger continuously stab the clay figure (which symoolizes your victim) as long as you feel you need too. Release all your hatred, anger, pain which this individual has caused you, let all these feeling spill out. Then when you’re done, put the clay figure into a black box. with the intent to never open it or see it again. When I did this no more then a couple months ago immediately after this process I felt a sense of relief as if the spirits had taken my burden away from me. Another side note, its true what E.A. says about the magick usually works after you forget about it. About 4 to 6 weeks after I did this I had completely forgot about what I asked for. I dont know who it was but a spirit asked me “have you noticed you haven’t seen (such and such) at work?” at this moment I just realized I was completely oblivious to the fact I got exactly what I asked for.

Once these forces are set into motion, they will stop at nothing to achieve what you desire. Keep in mind this is and was my first attempt at sympathetic magick and I had great success. Remember to always give thanks and gratitude to the spirits.

Do as thou wilt,


Thank you

This is incredibly helpful I will purchase the books and get reading. I will update you of my success because I know I have the hurt and pain to successfully end this person’s life

Absolutely, you’re welcome! Yes, i would definitely recommend the book Baneful Magick (its a very informative source) I think they go for around $50 at the balg catalog.



Okay. Goo luck with it then. Plenty of info on the forum on this topic already. Can’t add anything new.

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So how this can be a revenge? Or justice.
I understand, this was what you wanted but I don’t think it is even a curse since you don’t know if the target is dead or alive, and what happened to them.

Why not make him suffer first? Use the Power of King Baal to make yourself invisible to him. He won’t have any chance to contact you or reach you in any way.
Then… you put a love spell on him.
We all know how destructive Love can actually be if it is not recognized.
Let him live in anguish and then, after you are done with him, end his misery with a death spell.
Use either a Demon for this or look into the path of Vampirism.
It might be possible to, at some point, drain someone of so much life-energy, that they not only get very sick but straight up die in their sleep


Vox Magicae.

I created a cursed jar, put the name, my piss, vinegar, Poison, blood inside the jar.

Outside i put Bael Sigil and death runes painted in red, then i did bind the person with visualizing an inverted Black triangle with flies and maggots around it and the person inside

Then for 8 days along i did cut myself drinking alcohol invoking Bael, reciting his name and cursing the person in frenesis

After it i buried my jar, and put vermins around It



Vomits, went to hospital due to low pression, fragile bones.

I think soon the bitch Will die