Experiment Report : Sugar Loading Prior To Major Work

I usually don’t advocate people eating lots of sugar but I have to share this, coz you’re all grownups, and I believe that it worked for me.

Background: I usually eat a reasonably low-carb diet, say between 50g - 80g total (not net) carbs a day most days, which means, meat and mostly green veg, with some eggs, cheese and cream in coffee, and maybe a handful of cooked beans, potato, or some 90% chocolate or cocoa occasionally.

I don’t weigh and measure everything, but I used to in the past and have a good idea what’s in the meals I prepare, plus, I don’t eat grains in general, and never drink soda and crap like that.

For around 3 months at the start of 2015, I dialled my carb intake right down and did a ketogenic diet, which I measured meticulously using urine ketone strips - I was eating between 15g - 45g total carbs a day, usually towards the lower end, and I felt the metabolic shift into suppressed appetite, steady energy, etc. - I REALLY liked it as well.

But what happened, as I’ve mentioned on here, is that major magickal works, like evocations, would cause me to crave sugary foods, even alcohol, for the rest of the day, to an extent that was very distracting, and that was one of the main reasons I came off the diet.

This happened regardless of how much protein or fat I ate, and the things I craved were really outrageous, like sugar-frosted jam doughnuts, cakes, cookies, and sweet fruit like bananas - things I don’t even like that much normally.

In ketosis, from what I understand, your body creates its own glucose and usually has the equivalent of about a teaspoonful circulating throughout your entire bloodstream, and it maintains this level constantly which is why you don’t get crashes after eating, have steady energy, no cravings, etc.

Something happened when I did magickal work that somehow messed with that, and also left me craving external inputs of pure sugar for hours afterwards, it drove me crazy, so I stopped in the end and went back to non-keto, lowish carbs, and that’s been my basic way of eating since the end of last May.

So that’s where I started out this particular experiment.


At the weekend, I bought a 500ml pot of Häagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate ice cream, and 2 hours after having some coffee in the morning (2.1g carbs for some cream), I ate about 400ml of it in a very short period of time, before I started to feel really sick.

I chose that because it’s about the only really sugary thing I like, 21.8g of sugars/100g, which means I had something like 16 teaspoons of pure sugar in under an hour.

I also wanted the fat in there to buffer the uptake of sugar, which might not be accurate, but that was my working theory.

In theory, this will have sent my body into “Holy fuck, what is she doing?!” four-alarm mode, desperately shuttling the sugar molecules into short-term storage so they didn’t turn me into a giant candied jelly-bean type creature.

I felt fine afterwards, though a bit queasy, and spent a couple of hours drinking plain tea and getting on with everyday things.

Then, I can’t get into too much detail what I did, but 6 hours afterwards, I successfully completed an EPIC amount of magickal work, and I felt at the time (and still do, looking back on my notes) that loading up with so much unaccustomed sugar beforehand boosted that, gave me more endurance, and (this is important) less fatigue aftewards, because whatever I eat normally, I feel hungry and a bit wrung out after any major magickal work, and I think that’s common with magicians.

The next morning I felt fine and chipper, and got busy with some other projects, whereas normally work on the scale I did would pretty much mean a day of watching Frasier, and taking it easy on the metaphysical side of things. :slight_smile:

Should we all be chugging back ice cream and cola, and justifying it as “magick fuel”? Hell no, that doesn’t seem to be good for anyone, but I tested this out after observing the keto thing and I am personally satisfied that it improved my endurance and recovery time around a major piece of work.

And I plan to use it in future, in advance of anything really serious that might be a significant drain on my energy - I’ll post here if anything’s worth reporting. I’ll probably tailor the days on each side to balance out the numbers overall, and aim to keep it limited to once a month or so.


Obviously, if you have health problems or KNOW you have problems taking or leaving the stuff once you’ve started, don’t get suckered in by this, we all have different strengths and weaknesses and things that get their claws into us more easily than for someone else. This didn’t grant me the key to the powers of fabulousness, it just made my endurance and recovery a little better, but it wasn’t a “make or break” kind of change.

Any comments or observations welcome! :slight_smile:


I always get hungry after an evocation which I believe is because the spirit takes some of my energy as my energy meshes with theirs when they appear. An energy exchange, which leaves my body searching for more energy and food is usually the way we humans get our energy!

When I do an evocation having eaten like maybe 3-8 hours before it, I feel hungry afterward and tired and the next morning when I wake up I feel like a blood thirsty vampire, hungry like a beast.

If I do consume sugar before an evocation like a candy bar, a handful of sugar coated gummy bears, and a lollipop (I get sweet tooth attacks sometimes) then I am full of energy after the ritual, I stay up all night, and literally do not eat for like 28 hours.

It’s almost like this extra sugar provides more energy for the spirits when they appear so they do not consume our normal reserves of energy. Just a theory. But also excessive amounts of sugar for me puts me in super calm, hyper focused mode. I have ADHD so sugar, coffee, soda does not make me hyper it does the opposite. I do not speed on ADHD meds like my friends do that take it just to get high, since I actually need the meds it makes me like “linking up with the gods and one with nature” type of focused and I stay up for like 37-46 hours studying, doing spells, etc.


Yes, that’s what it felt like for me, definitely during the keto thing when the drain would be ongoing, it was brutal!

There’s a bit in the novel “Carrie” where Stephen King describes Carrie’s body as burning up huge amounts of energy that (iirc) seemed to come from nowhere, and go nowhere, I don’t have the book handy but I think that like a lot of artists idly scanning for inspiration on how psychic powers would work, he hit upon something close to the truth.


I always do consume much sugar too.

They say,“sugar is the source of energy”. We can easily find expanations out there; sugar forms… made of C,H,O… needed by organisms to function…

So when we do rituals or any magical act, our brains operate at more than normal regular processing. That explains why we need more raw materials or food. Why sugar? The reason lies behind its contents; C,H,O.
Example: When one does evocations, awareness is heightened-parts of brain that performs nonregular processes work at these points of circumstances demanding more needs, wherein one of these needs is sugar ofcourse. Some of this nonregular brain processes are the ones that concerns heightened perceptions of sight, feeling,etc.

Actually, practicing magick demands more energy than ones that are more of mere physical exercises or works.


That’s an interesting point - our brains appear able to run on several different fuel sources, this article is WELL worth reading to begin with: How Much Glucose Does Your Brain Really Need?

Some parts of the brain can only run on glucose, so yes, they may be the parts most associated with evocation - I’m going to look into that some more! :slight_smile:

Sugar and a high-carb diet are not generally good for brain health:

Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes?

Ketosis Makes Your Brain Work Better - it’s why Dave Asprey puts butter in his coffee

Your brain on ketones.

So, overall I don’t advocate anyone eating a high-carb or high-sugar diet as a matter of course, but selective pre-loading for a purpose seems to have some support.

But please be careful folks, I don’t want y’all turning your brains to mush, and your bodies into little teletubbies… :slight_smile:


This was a recent one:

[url=http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3450298/High-sugar-diet-damaging-brain-extreme-stress-ABUSE.html]High-sugar diet is as 'damaging to your brain as extreme stress or ABUSE' | Daily Mail Online


Bumping this - eating about 30g coconut oil after a rit seemed to end that weird “my brainz so hungry” parched and hungerrreee feeling after a rit, I mean a heavy novel thing, not just checking in with a spirit.

I don’t have stats but if y’all look it up, coconut oil seems to bypass fat metabalism and get uptake like a carb, superfast, I seriously have benefitted but nothing I do should be attempted by anyone, because I’m motherfucking mental.

Trying raw meat next. :slight_smile:


Raw meat is great. Are you going for raw steaks or just raw ground beef and pork?

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Probably raw steak finely cut, I need to pop by the butcher we buy fancy stuff from and see what he says first, I eat steak rare (red inside) a lot, also lamb’s liver very lightly fried and still bleeding, but just want to get a professional opinion, don’t fancy giving myself food poisoning.

I’m wondering about raw heart as well, afaik the main hazard of raw meat is cut surfaces, so minced/ground beef is a no-no, seem to recall Hannibal eating raw heart in one episode though so that may be something legit. I mean for the non-cannibal killers among us, who have to trust middlemen. :slight_smile:


Well if you want to get fancy with meat eating on that front, the chinese do a pretty good job of it. Was reading an article the other day of how its popular in china to buy a fetus (I think that was the word) and cook it in some special recipe, because it greatly rejuvenates the old man with Sexual Energy (he of course has a younger wife naturally).

You should look into Chinese Medicine and the organs in relation to diet. Essential Fats and “Salts” (ones alkalinity) plays a large role in ones overall health. I love rare steak, but wouldn’t touch raw hamburger, especially after watching body builders in my childhood eat it along with those gross raw egg drinks.

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Have you done any of this and noticed changes in magickal ability, or anything?

And, erm, my old man doesn’t need to eat fetuses to get frisky, thank you very much! O_o


[quote=“Lady Eva, post:9, topic:7227”]Probably raw steak finely cut, I need to pop by the butcher we buy fancy stuff from and see what he says first, I eat steak rare (red inside) a lot, also lamb’s liver very lightly fried and still bleeding, but just want to get a professional opinion, don’t fancy giving myself food poisoning.

I’m wondering about raw heart as well, afaik the main hazard of raw meat is cut surfaces, so minced/ground beef is a no-no, seem to recall Hannibal eating raw heart in one episode though so that may be something legit. I mean for the non-cannibal killers among us, who have to trust middlemen. :)[/quote]

Hmm. I have been eating ground pork mixed with ground beef around the holidays for years and nothing has happened. I usually add garlic, salt and black pepper for taste, it is great. Raw heart sounds good. There was a man who ate nothing but raw eggs and meat for years, he had cancer and claims it helped him out a lot. Can’t recall his name. I did find this interview though:



Cool, I remember finding a blog ages ago where a guy ate nothing but meat, can’t remember if he cooked it but he claimed uric acid took the biological place of vitamin C, and that in the absence of the anti-nutrients inherent in plant foods, a total meat diet was healthful in a way that a diet really high in processed meats, starches like potato and corn, and just plain lazy about other veg, wouldn’t be.

I never fancied trying it enough to check it out, and my ancestors probably didn’t eat that, but I think biochemistry varies (when I drank, I could drink men twice my weight under the table and be fresh as a daisy the next day) so whatever. :slight_smile:

You must have good stomach acid and gut bacteria - I’m still dubious about mine, after I discovered I must’ve had a lifelong issue with gluten (because that sometimes really fucks your small intestine), and then a few years as a vegetarian, I’m going to lean towards caution for now I think.

I quite fancy some raw lamb’s liver, it looks like garnets when you slice it, nom… :heart:

(Apologies to any vegans/vegetarians reading this, by the way - feel free to share your findings on dietary changes and magick if you want, this isn’t intended to become a carni-bore festival!)


Well I do focus on magickal aspects of influencing that stuff and it works. I’ve been reading alot about it lately. Yesterday I didn’t eat for the whole day, so near the end of the day had beef steak protein and that didn’t fix my overall constitution until I got a little carbs in, especially the sugar ones …a “cheesecake fantasy” milkshake from Coldstone Creamery seemed to kind of balance things out.

But basically it has something to do with regulating the Ph Balance of your Body, and I seem to naturally do this as I’m highly aware the effect food has on my body when I eat it… as one must have a balance of Salts/Fats/Proteins, etc. Here’s a little article that talks about importance of Bodies Alkalinity. You can further relate this to Chinese Medicine if you do google searches on their more Esoteric Stuff to understand how it plays into Western Science and Magick:

(RPG Joke: the Steak and Milkshake increased my Hitpoints and Magicpoints. Hitpoint Chocolates work pretty good too)


Update - I tried eating raw meat on 10 seperate occasions (I thought it was more, but that’s what my diary says) in June & start of July, started with about 30g (1 ounce) of raw beef then increased it, it didn’t seem to affect magickal ability, dreams, or anything much in any way, and it was kind of bland so (because I usually only eat one proper meal a day) I stopped, because it was a waste of eatin’ opportunities, when a grilled rare steak goes better with garlic.

I’ll probably do it again, steak tartare was great once or twice over, but I didn’t feel any different to having cooked meat, fish, or avocado, or whatever.

I’m kind of planning to try a fruit-based raw vegan thing next, as a sugar-loading prelude, when I next have some heavy hitting work planned - I found a rather wacky site (link) that said dates talk to your DNA, and there’s a lot of other interesting folklore about them, so I may base the first one on dates - also, this: [url=http://www.alikamenova.com/beginners/health/my-date-island-diet/]http://www.alikamenova.com/beginners/health/my-date-island-diet/[/url]

Probably that for the 24 hours before, a 4 - 6 hour gap afterwards including doing whatever work then (ideally until I totally crash), then coconut oil afterwards, because increased sugars before, and coconut oil after, are the only two things I’ve verified several times that made a beneficial difference.

I ran out of coconut oil one night, and made do with butter (organic & mainly grass-fed, from these guys) and that was pretty good for recovery as well, 25g on its own with nothing else (except some black tea).

I’d like to try keto then coconut oil to see if it gets rid of those freaky cravings, but keto feels a bit “been there, done that” so it probably won’t be any time soon, and this heatwave seems to go better with eating fruit all day.

I’ve read claims that the body handles large amounts of fruit sugars better in the total absence of fats and protein-dense foods, so that’s why I’m going to try it alone.

Watch this space. :slight_smile:

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As far as I know with proteins its great for rebuilding say muscle. But its the carbohydrate that acts as the energy/transport…whereas protein is just a raw building block if that makes sense. So sugar or carbs you can think of like energetic carriers for your psychic transmissions. Just a thought.

Fyi I just bought a couple whole PineApples and a crate of strawberries and juice equivalent as I find myself waking up at random hours chugging the “Orange Strawberry Banana/PineApple” juice alot. It also has other benefits the sweet fruit makes your secretions sweeter.

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My experience on keto, which I LOVED otherwise, seemed to indicate some system burned sugars during intense magickal work and possibly kept doing so afterwards, to a degree that surpassed normal ability to manufacture glucose, and the improvement in recovery from coconut oil (which the body apparently converts to ketones even in the presence of abundant glucose) seems to suggest that the brain, maybe the entire neural system (including gut and spinal column) are just some fuel-hungry little motherfuckers, during & after doing intense work.

I’m in no way hung up on finding material “proof” that magick is “real” since I’m living proof of it, but finding a tangible effect on the body, from magickal work alone, that I was unable to replicate during keto by any other actions got me interested, and it would also be nice to discover if there’s a way of eating, at least on the day, that massively supports endurance and speeds recovery from the exhaustion that can follow some kinds of work.

At the moment I’m thinking, high-sugar > work > coconut oil, which is hardly a healthy diet to live by long-term, but since I’m trying to take over the world using black magick :o) I’ll take any edge I can get.

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High Sugar Drinks like SodaPops and Snickers Bars =) for coffee I would always use that condensed milk as it basically a thick syrupy sugar as a sweetener.

In my case drinking alcohol after the working seems to work the best. I don’t have any diet per se but I naturally barely eat any carbs at all (just because I don’t have enough room for that chicken if I do lol).

Anyways, I tried eating sugary things before and after doing magic and if I did it prior to the ritual, then I felt like I have a huge rock in my stomach and it was generally uncomfortable to work like that. If I did it after the ritual, I had to consume insane amounts of sugar, like eating a whole loaf of white bread with Nutella and condensed milk on top of Nutella, or eating a whole cake in one sitting.

But once I had to be a deacon at gnostic mass and surprisingly drained me like nothing else. After the mass I drank quite a bit of alcohol, I’d say enough to pass out for some, and the energy came back to me almost instantly while I didn’t even feel that drunk.
So after experimenting a bit, I find out that there is no need to go crazy, half a bottle, a bottle of wine is usually enough.

The only problem with alcohol though is the need to control yourself and not eat some shitty foods.

Forgot to add that strangely demonic work or work with the dead barely takes any energy while doing say planetary magic may be pretty demanding. In my case anyway.

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Er, so yeah.

I tried this - the day before ate less than usual, mainly starches: chicken curry with a lot of pulses & veg, it had about 125g chicken, and aside from that, 3 mugs of coffee with about a tablespoon of cream each, and about 3oz of cheddar with some raw onion.

My fruit-based day #1 started with 2 cups of plain green tea at breakfast (because I didn’t fancy full-on caffeine withdrawal muddying the results) then after 5 hours, some dates… within about 10 hours I felt like a raging psychopath, emotionally raw and extremely vengeful, but I persisted, did a full 48-hours on fruit, and I’ve never felt so utterly shite.

I stopped wanting any form of fat or protein almost immediately and during this time ate around 100g - 120g max of dates, 4 bananas, and an apple, which is far fewer calories than I’d usually get in 48 hours, still I felt puffy and mentally sub-par.

In the end I did the bare minimum of the work I’d scheduled and then had to sleep, and waking the next day did a high fat, high protein day, and felt a lot better.

From about 4 hours after my first fruit “meal” and until a clear day after ending it, I felt bloated and puffy, almost on a cellular level, and my boots felt tighter although I couldn’t see any evidence of swelling, but I wear the same pair (nice New Rocks with steel trim! :D) every day for just schlepping about and walking the dog, and they never felt like that before, nor again afterwards, so…

This MAY just be me, I probably battered my pancreas & liver a fair bit when I was drinking so much in my 20’s, but I got nothing like the lift I felt from eating ice cream in the OP from eating an isolated fruit-based diet, so I am going to presume that for me, the fat & sugar combination was important.

Not going to automatically judge raw vegans/fruitarians based on this driving me psycho, obviously, except to say that keto never made me feel that chainsawing people’s legs off was an acceptable reaction to minor annoyances, but metabolic differences seem pretty important and, well, whatever.

I won’t be doing this again, ever, although I did keep dates as part of my regular plan, one or two max though, and only after working out or something.

This more or less concludes my adventures in macros, I will remain with the use of fat + a bit of extra sugar beforehand (probably ice cream, because why mess with a winning formula) and coconut oil afterwards should I have any heavy-hitting work planned, that seems best for me, but other people’s gut biome, glucose tolerance and whatever will almost certainly vary.

My final conclusion at this stage is that it seems possible to make improvements to both endurance & recovery through adjusting dietary macro balances, and in my case, going further from the diet I usually follow, (high fat, mod protein and low carb) yielded returns on a kind of bell-curve - slightly increased plain glucose helped when combined with fat, novel amounts of coconut oil afterwards does as well, but pushing extremely high levels of carbs in the absence of fat and protein were detrimental on almost every level, and a high fat and virtually carb-free diet also didn’t deliver any magickal benefits, and although it was perfect for everyday life, it messed with my head when doing magickal work.

n=1 completed: usual disclaimer of not being a doctor or dietician, just a crazy lady on the internet who likes to talk to demons. :stuck_out_tongue: