How Do You Use Food In Rituals?

How do you like using food, for yourself (not as offerings that are not consumed by you) in ritual?

Might be fun to share some ideas, especially this time of year with lots of fantastic things in the shops. :christmas_tree: :sparkles:

This is my main method of using food, loading with a sugar-fat combo before doing anything really heavy, and then having coconut oil afterwards: Experiment Report : Sugar Loading Prior To Major Work

I also host spirits sometimes and share food with them, so they can enjoy the physical vehicle, and sometimes I can also perceive their totally different experiences of eating, which is great. :smiley:


Citrus is your friend.
Mmmmm lemons.

How do you use them? :slight_smile:

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Well… the way I use them is somewhat illegal… So I’ll avoid the illegal parts?

Vitamin C is a conductor of higher frequencies lol.

Generally on a day where I know I’m going to need to use massive amounts of “waves”, I drink an entire gallon of lemon water and then before the ritual I consume 1 lemon to inhibit the waves.

I’d try to find a more scientific explanation of what it does but basically it makes the experience 10 times stronger than it would have been previously. It’s similar to how shamans inhaled tobacco through their noses but less suffocating.


Also, I forgot to mention alcohol as well.

This is less with the Goetia and more with druid entities.

Getting into a semi-drunk state helps with connecting to the energies of the Earth especially if you focus on the waviness of being drunk. I’m sure if you’ve drank you know the feeling I’m talking about.

Hmm it’s complicated to explain. There’s no “magic recipe”, Its more based on instinct than planning and experimenting, it’s heavily influenced by the seasons, the work I was doing before and what I’ll do later…
I guess the general idea is: seasonal food. Nothing deep fried or too heavy. Small increase on natural carbs and (natural) sugar after high energy work. Of course I’ll have all these guilty temptations we all have, but In small amounts per week.

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as stated, I use natural starches.