Supplements That Boost Psychic Power?

Anyone? :smiley:

I posted that I find coconut oil helpful here, it’s a whole long n=1 self-experiment thing and the tl;dr is to have a combination of sugar and fat before a major working, and then some coconut oil after: Experiment Report : Sugar Loading Prior To Major Work

Anyone got any other recommendations? Looking for things that are not “street drugs” ideally, and not entheogens, just things like herbal supplements, or amino acids, anything else mainstream that you found useful. :+1:


There is a thing called Shirodhara Therapy, But don’t know if it can be done at home.

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The only things that I found helpful are Caffeine and Nicotine ( lots of them ) plus some good Alcohol, especially whisky or vodka, beer or red wine, enough to get high but not drunk!

Bad advice, worst for health, but works great for me :slight_smile:


Mugwort is said to be good for divination. Drink it in a tea for several days or before divination.


L -Theanine may help. A friend had told me about it. It didn’t help me but no harm trying.


Good quality Ormus will certainly help. It can be made yourself but that can be tricky as you need lye and a PH meter. So typically you will be better off buying from a reliable source.

The exception to this being “live oil”. Which is essentially suitable salts (raw dead sea salt is usually best, but pink Himalayan works) that has been steeped in a carrier oil for a couple weeks. Apparently there is an alchemical reaction that produces “mono atomic elements”.

I use the live oil method, but I won’t vouch for it because despite good results, I have yet to be able to conclusively say it’s the oil or if it’s placebo.


I find that some nice vodka helps

Surprisingly enough, matcha (or green tea) is VERY good for what you ask. It has caffeine but it also has L-theanine, which boosts your energy but promotes a calmed focus.
White tea is also good.

A very clean diet full of veggies and fruit also help. The more colourful the best.

The problem with some supplements is that they can interact with other meds, or cause illness sometimes (we filter all through the liver and kindneys), hence why I am not including them.


I’m still interested, though PM if you prefer, because I have some serious work coming up and need every advantage I can get, I’m in good shape and this is only for a short period. I’ve tested some pretty fucked up mental/psychological things already.

Thanks for the l-theanine recces, definitely going to get some of that, and I love tea. :+1:

After posting this I remembered that I get a nice mellow future-sense vibe from chamomile tea as well, so mentioning that for anyone else reading this.


I made a batch of this a while back using the method of extracting from a solution of dead sea salt. I still have some that I have yet to decant the liquid from. I am curious what result you had.

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I would look into Nootrpoics, since your brain is the Fractal Antenna used for channeling the Universal Mind it only make sense that it should be running at its best when doing magick.

Website to buy a good Nootrpic

I would also recommend Binaural Beats by Hemi-Sync, this has amazing effects on consciousness especially when it comes to focus and expanded awareness.

It does this by synchronizing your brainwaves so your whole brain works coherently.


Website for Binaural Beats

Next I would say to stay clear of Ormus, it’s essentially and amateur colloidal salt solution and dose nothing of benefit for you. As an Alchemist my self I can say with certainty that its bunk, but do what thou wilt.

I’d suggest instead that if you were going to take anything Alchemical it would be Argentum & Aurum Potable or Drinkable gold and silver of the alchemists.

These pots are nano scale particles of pure gold and silver suspended in a solution which in this case is water. Alchemist for centuries have raved about the benefits of this medicine on the mind body and soul.

I recommend this website for it and have gotten it from them before.

One thing I’d suggest before using it is to enchant it with either the a Sun chant or Moon chant for gold and silver respectively to make the matter sacred.

Drinkable gold & silver

MesoGold | True Colloidal Gold Mineral Supplement

Other than those make sure your getting healthy fats and your recommended vitamins while drinking pure water.

And remember to always take necessary precautions before supplementing, do your due diligence research and make sure your aren’t allergic to anything.

Hence I am called Myrddin,
having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world
That which I have said of the operation of Supplementation is accomplished and ended.



Lions mane mushroom supplement is something i came across that i really want to try. Because its such a powerhouse for the brain i think it would work great for boosting clairvoyance and psychic power. Check it out. 9 Health Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Plus Side Effects)


I don’t know man, plenty of people report on that type of Ormus to help them. Presumably by replenishing the bodies supplies of minerals that many modern people need and lack. That being said even Thomas Geckler calls wet method Ormus “plant food” and not suitable for long term consumption, unlike a proper acid drop Ormus that is made with limestone and other minerals and metals.


Hmm…maybe I should make or look up/bump an Ormus thread…

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They’re most likely either people selling it or placebo. There is no data on it other than the materials used in its creation, chemically its an amateur colloidal sodium solution.

Not to mention Mono atomic elements aren’t possible for consumption, it means single atom, its would soon fall through you than be bio-availably absorbed.

You’re better off getting your macro and micro nutrients from foods and supplements, preferably food.

I’ve done Mass spectroscopy on Ormus of various kinds it holds nothing of value, but you can continue your use of placebo if you wish. :smile:

I’m going to be experimenting with taking copper supplements and until then I’m trying to get it from beef liver. Copper helps with transmitting energy so I figure it’s worth a shot


When I was undoing my 6th chakra knot and decalcifying my pineal gland, I used a kelp supplement.
It has iodine in it which combats calcification from flouride.

Within a month i was dreaming vividly and within a year I undid the knot.


I don’t know any supplement that could specifically boost psychic powers, but if you are looking for something to help you with focus, caffeine and L-Theanine together should be the best and most researched/proven combination to help with that.
That will help with your focus and alertness, but if instead you need to relax to meditate, maybe just L-Theanine should be ok, or avoid altogether supplements to increase alertness.

Vitamin-D taken late in the evening should help with having more vivid dreams, so I guess could help with visions too, but remember that vitamins will need to be taken with food to be absorbed properly.

Green tea is also good for stimulating the brain without make you jittery like coffee, and other “super foods” that will help with the brain should be maca, chia seeds and in general nuts.

As you mentioned using sugar to give you energy before the ritual, you can try honey too, that should be better than other forms of sugar.

And as other said, in general during those days of the rituals have an healthy diet (lots of vegetable and fruits, avoid sugary products and possibly dairy products or to eat a lot of meat, especially red one).

Hope this helps!


@Samael777 I wouldn’t have said it better!
Kudos mate for that high quality info!


If we are talking about psychic powers in the form of psionics then what you want is a full assortment of raw material to build your body up especially your brain so you can produce the physical neural structures necessary to perform on a higher level.

In terms of just amplification of what you already have which would still need those raw materials then sensory deprivation and pain, stress, etc are good ways to go as previous experiments have show. Light therapy combined with the Ganzfeld technique and prolonged meditation in that state works. I recommend white or pink noise spectrum of sound and a cold room to numb the body while flooding it with red or purple light depending which you respond too better. You can add the addition of thumbtacks to the arm of a chair to add in the extra stressor of pain and force your body and mind to rely on psychic abilities. Though of course there is some risk to your sanity but prolonged use has been shown to create more or less permanent enhancements to various abilities. The abilities enhanced depend on the individual but esp related changes are a given and possibly different forms of projection or alteration. Nothing in my experience is as readily available and fast acting at giving psychic amplification.


Ionic iridium, indium, gold, silver or platinum; mandrake salve (I apply topically on my third eye and heart area, but be very careful with dosage); caffeine from green tea for a calmer intuitive flow experience; I also like to do a juice cleanse or raw food cleanse every once in a while which seems to increase synchronicity the longer I do it (including raw meat sometimes if the mood strikes); other superfoods and adaptogens like royal jelly build up energy over time.