Urgent Warning About "The Law Of Attraction" ⚠

Take a moment to consider the single biggest goal you have right now in your life.

Write your goal on a sheet of paper, in the format:

“I want to be/do/have (describe goal).”

Underneath, write this:

And are you ACTING like it? ~ Signed, Your Inner Daemon


“I want to be rich” - okay.

But are you acting like you want to feel rich, and be rich, like you’ll be a good steward of even more money than you currently have - or do you dwell on poverty, lack, things out of your reach, while wasting money on non-essentials, to reaffirm that all you can do is palliative care for your current miserable self?

“I want a great lover” - who doesn’t.

But are you acting like the catch of the century, to the type of person you want to date? Are you levelling-up your physical appearance, and all the other attributes that will attract that desirable kind of person? Or are you just stuck mumbling spells, splashing blood and other body fluids, driving yourself deep into obsession, and generally becoming the kind of person no-one wants to sit next to on the subway?

“I want a better home, job, car, social life, education…”

All of these things, if you make the most of what you have, by honouring it and showing it some attention, some love, and by treating it as a valid project, requiring focus and action - you will still succeed in having the “better” version than there was before, when all you did was grumble about its limitations and inadequacies.

But more than that, in my experience over and over again, you will set the cosmic machinery running that will deliver you the even-better version you long for, with a modicum of effective action on your part, because what you most long for is taking ten steps to each one of yours, to bring the two of you together. :thinking:

If the thing you seek - the perfect love, qualification, home, job - is out there, and seeking its own perfect recipient, are you a worthy candidate for that? Or have you given up on trying, convinced yourself that even if you work your ass off, there’ll be no purpose, that you are somehow subpar, unworthy, incapable, or just weak?

If so, you’ve defeated yourself before you’ve even begun, by quietly opting out as a candidate for the things you most desire.

So please, call a halt to looking at whatever you want to improve with such a hostile and dissatisfied glare, and stop treating its current form as a passive stop-gap; instead, treat it like a tentative first envoy from the world of amazing things, to be invited in, carefully tended to, and made welcome. Court the things you most desire, by taking every opportunity to make the most of their current form, and blessing their presence in your life. :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Important: I know for a fact someone on here needs to read this right now, so please read it and put it into action TONIGHT, as the very next thing you do, and don’t get butthurt, or feel criticised and singled out - I’ve made these same mistakes myself, we all do it, it’s human nature - but we can always do better! :smile_cat:

Further Reading:

  • Steward the money you have better - Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind - highly recommended book, even if you only have $5 a week after everything is paid up

  • Cure “procrastination” for just $20 (probably less). The Now Habit - book recommendation, and don’t worry, the answer isn’t “just do it - NOW” or anything so lame. This book changed my life

  • Freebie: search “Science Of Getting Rich PDF” - it’s out of copyright and freely available online. It will give you easy pointers to effective action, and guidance on how to court and make ready for your goals in life.


Fascinating. So it’s kinda like a self-fulfilling prophecy, right.


Exactly. :+1:

If you’re focused on the act like it part of the deal, you’re less likely to miss those small opportunities that show up, and can begin to make progress on the things you so greatly desire. Something happened to me earlier this year where I so nearly missed the significance of a thing that happened, so this post is really a cosmic “Thank You,” in the form of trying to help others not make that near-mistake.

If you look at any success you have right now, and backtrack, you’ll often see it started with the smallest new thing entering your life, and then the extent to which it developed is largely due to the time, attention, and mental attitude you brought to that situation. :thinking:

“Positive Mental Attitude” is usually MISunderstood to mean remaining ceaselessly chipper and upbeat, grinning desperately as the world burns down around you, but in fact it’s a very specific way of positioning yourself as in control of your own emotions, logic, and demeanour, which will give you a competitive advantage in any situation, now matter how bad things currently look.

And I’m a mere student of this, I don’t wish to speak with any authority as though this was my own work or my own discovery, these are the words of great men like Wallace Wattles. W. Clement Stone, and Napoleon Hill, I am just trying to point the way to their ideas.


Ok I’ll try!!!

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Thanks @Lady_Eva, especially for the book recommendations.

Definitely true about the laying the groundwork yourself - the Universe helps those who try and help themselves (with the issues they are trying to correct).


Yes, like being broke, working so hard on sigils and whatever to manifest a fortune, then you go for a walk and you only see a penny, so you kick it away in disgust - but that penny was a rare antique, and if you’d picked it up and blessed it, cherished it as the first emissary from the Kingdom of Money, you could have been retired on a golden beach (or whatever other daydream) by the end of the month, or at least far ahead of where you started, and maybe discover a new vocation for trading antique coins.

When I started doing magick as a child, I treated everything like a current, the small was more than symbolic of the large, it carried it within, like a skin cell carries the whole genetic code - a family friend who was doing well, I stole her lipstick, to have a bit of her energy, and I’d pick up random objects in the street, if that day was going well or if they were close to something special.

Recently an entity I talk to was confirming the power of recursive patterns in magick, of like attracting like, and that this is woven into the very fabric of the universe, not some mumbo-jumbo of half-understood old rites.

If you treat each thing you encounter as an Ambassador for its kind, it will immediately change how you view even the poorest current circumstances, because they’re not guardians or wards to keep you out - they’re put there by the Universe, to give you a chance to start levelling up, and showing how awesome things can be with this in your life.

If you were to climb this staircase, it’d feel like the same step repeated over and over again, except that at some point, you’d finally reach the top. :thinking:

That bit made sense in my head! :eyes:



Beboop! You have seriously just gave more insight and information in an afternoon than I’ve received all summer.

You have seriously made my day.

(And no, I don’t think this post was directed or geared towards me. However, your insight helps.)


Interesting. I was talking to my aunt recently and she told me to write down goals on what I want to accomplish, so I did that hoping my spirit guides heard me.

@Lady_Eva Is this version basically writing down your goals but a more magical manifestation version?

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Kind of, it’s not so much the writing, as that second stage - look at whether what you wrote is true. Do your actions and conscious choices bear it out? :thinking:

In the example of someone who wants to be rich, that states that the desired end-state is to FEEL rich, because we go by how we feel: what we’re aware of creates an emotional state in us that we compare to our current state, and we think we’d prefer that state of feeling rich to the state of feeling poor.

So someone who’s saying “I want to be (aka, to feel) rich,” if all they do is sit worrying about money (especially worrying without having an exact budget or grasp of their real financial situation - ostriching, as it’s sometimes called) - then they’re saying one thing, but doing another.

They’re not only making sure they are being, feeling, poor, but also, totally out of control of the money energy in their lives.

A better tactic would be, first, to get realistic about their current financial situation (like someone who manages a lot of money would expect to be), second to avoid dwelling on poverty, which is saying “Hey, I want to feel poverty!” in terms of the ACTIONS taken, and third, do stuff like read about investments, global markets, even just history of money, anything that’s a positive part of the current of money.

Then, start managing what money there is, no matter how small, ideally using the methods in that Secrets Of The Millionaire MInd book I recommend, and of course add some sorcery and whatever to the mix.

But the primary thing is to avoid dwelling on, ie “being,” feeling, poor. That just tells the universe you like that shit and actively seek it out, so it will usually oblige you by sending you more of the same.

Be a welcoming host to the money current in all ways, and don’t bitch out its current shape or size by dwelling on everything you dislike, any more than you would with a powerful guest you wanted a favour from. If the CEO’s daugher from a company you wanted a job with came to stay at your house, you’d hardly spend all day telling her that her ass is too bony, and she has terrible teeth.

If you want to “be” as in feel rich, do what you can now in that direction: think of things you’d keep in your life, your home, even if you were a multi-millionaire. Focus on those whenever the old thought patterns re-occur, knowing that “with this thing, at least, I am rich, I am complete.”

By doing that, you’re BEING, feeling, rich, and making room for more of the same, showing that current a welcoming home.

Enjoy what you have, enjoy paying bills, because they’re probably a fair chunk of your income and so they’re the biggest chance you get to spend money - enjoy the fact utility companies owned by fellow millionaires have trusted you for a month or a quarter with their services, because they know you’re a person of substance.

Your landlord’s not greedy, he’s someone who knows you’re good for that much money every week or month, and when you spend the money, or check the debit’s been made, release it with joy, knowing that you’ll always have more. Money does like to flow, so enjoy seeing it doing that.

So, tl;dr :smiley: make sure the way you CHOOSE to feel aligns with what you state you want to feel, in the future - we don’t attract what we WANT, we attract what we are.

See everything as currents, looking for homes to flow to, and all the things presently in your life as representatives from their current, or kingdom.

And here’s one weird trick I just recently grasped:

most mainstream books about Law of Attraction emphasise (not incorrectly) gratitude: keeping a gratitude journal every night before bed, taking time to be grateful throughout the day, noticing small things for gratitude practice.

I don’t know about you but when someone hands me homework with its own exercise book, hits me with the implied guilt that I’m being Ungrateful if I don’t complete it every night (for the rest of my life), and then tells me how to feel, I get kind of… uncomfortable. :eyes:

Gratitude itself is one of those words that has a vaguely guilt laden and preachy feel to it, I imagine most of us were told to “show some gratitude” for a thing we disliked as a child, worse if it was a present we’d been looking forward to, and then when we unwrapped it, it turned out to be something unwanted.

You can skip all that by taking the view of everything as an ambassador for its kind – the shack you live in right now is just a low-ranking (but well-connected) emissary in the Court of Houses, the rust-bucket you drive is there from the Kingdom of Cars to see what kind of a host you’ll be, to a BMW or a more lordly motor: and if you’re single, that side of the bed, the primeval state of your personal grooming, and the extent to which you’re a catch, are all interacting with the cosmic consciousness, telling it what kind of husband or wife you’ll revert to after the honeymoon glow has worn off – and ONLY going to attract people who vibe with that. :japanese_ogre:

They may not be the manifestation of Car and House you want, the empty space in your life may grind on your nerves, but if you could just conceptualise them as a representative, as a Part One, introductory version, then it becomes easier to treat them with respect, understand that their presence IS, still, a blessing (after all, some people have nothing), and to begin seeing yourself as someone with these things in your own life, your own personal spiritual court.

I’m going to hop to a different metaphor for a moment: tennis.

You don’t get to play tennis well without, first, playing tennis badly, and you don’t get to be a tennis champion without graciously handling the early stages of some very bad tennis indeed. Same thing, really: you have the bad tennis before the good, and there’s no point breaking your racket or beating up the coach just because today, your game’s not where you want it to be.

You feel the love for the tennis current, and persevere, learning and observing the early stages as a part of a far bigger picture. And you probably don’t sit and hate on better players - you may feel mildly envious, but you see them as a chance to learn, not as people who hogged all the tennis energy, so now you can’t get your fair share.

(That’s another weird trick of LoA - bless those who have what you want, or at least, desist from a festering hatred of them. That hate attaches in your own mind to the concept of success, be it tennis excellence, “smug marrieds,” rich people, whatever, and tells your brain that is NOT safe and desirable territory to operate in.)

Back to the emissary metaphor! :smiley:

You may find it easier, then to be appreciative – a much nicer word, IMO – of the things that exist right now in your life, even if they’re not where you aspire to be, because they’re a start – they’re part of that energy, reaching out to you, being present in your life.

Courting them, interacting with them graciously, seeing them as the first stage of the awesomeness of their kind, and considering them not as things you’re entitled to, but as forces blessing you with their companionship, may be easier to reconcile with a black magickal practice, than exhortations to show gratitude, and make lists, and drag up a false feeling of cheeriness and humility, which you may just not be able to find at the end of a long day. :thinking:

Hope that’s not too confusing, just trying to brain dump what I have before the weekend, when everyone clears out and does cool real-world stuff. :sunglasses:


It low-key reminds me of a scene from Princess and the Frog (yeah, sue me).

“You can wish and dream with all of your heart, but that star can only take you part of the way. You gotta help it along with some work of your own and then you can do anything you set your mind to.”


I don’t mean to sounds arrogant if it comes off that way, but I really thought all that was common sense, to be honest. Caveat being common sense isn’t so common, but still…

Mindset is everything, along with laying the foundational groundwork.

All that being said you certainly formulated it all in a very powerful and easy to digest way for the people who need it.


I’ve mentored grown-ass people in my profession who can’t get this:

Though, I’ll admit they likely know this, but it’s been buried beneath a whole bunch of other stuff so much that they lose focus of the values that once drove them to where they are today. Sometimes people think that just because they’ve gotten to X place, they don’t have to put in the work anymore. Life is work. haha

I’ve found that as I’ve built relationships with a lot of different groups, it takes all kinds of kinds and everyone’s experiences are so vastly different (be it because of culture, parenting, etc.).

I’ve also noticed that we’ve had a fair bit of young people here lately (I say this as a relatively young person myself) and they could definitely benefit from reading it.

“Magic isn’t a system of cheat codes to make all your problems go away with no work.”


That’s an interesting pont. :+1:

The reason I respectfully disagree about it being common sense, is that common sense is about navigating the observable world – we observe what IS, not what we have decided to bring into being, and we compare and contrast, so we know not to drink bleach but have some water instead; we observe others have nice things, and we compare them with what we have, and maybe find our situation lacking in comparison. :thinking:

That’s the difference between wanting to be (feel) rich, while observing that you’re dirt poor, and so, knowing no better, also feeling poor, and maybe a bit resentful about it, because that’s a reasonably rational reaction.

Most forms of “I am sensibly observing my own reality and having an appropriate reaction to that” invite a strong (and unwanted) current which pushes other, more favourable, kinds of currents out. Many “common sense”/realist types of people people would think you’re mad to wake up in a leaky one-room hut with no electricity, and absolutely feeling like you’re the richest man in the county.

And I would say that anyone who has ever felt unhappy or disatisfied in any way with their lot in life, or resented others, hasn’t mastered this, and as far as I know that’s most humans, though probably not all. :smiley:

PREACH IT! :fist:

Thinking in this way is a form of work, and Wattles says that people will often shy away from controlling their minds in this way.


Being I’m a bit allergic to the idea of LoA as something malleable, it may very well be for some people but I’d have to guess it has a lot to do with how you’re brain is wired up, I’d suppose the safer alternative for some would be ‘Be sure you’re living up to your own standards from moment to moment’ and that should land you where you’re supposed to be, and if you’re getting throttled - that might be baked into the cake as well (I’ve been going through a bit of a cosmic pledge-hazing it seems for the last couple years - finally seeing if for what it is). That might have ‘12 Rules for Life’ flavors to some but if you really think about it there’s wisdom in that as well - ie. if you’re curating the heck out of your own content then you’re organizing your own inner world as well - possibly better - than the person whose running from goal to goal with LoA.


Wow! You just dropped a lot of bombs on me there! Lol😀

Okay yeah I think I get what your saying. So basically Be thankful for the things you do have? Which well flow happiness ,and much more

My family use to tell me this all the time now I’m remembering.

Also do we actually write down “Signed, Your Inner Daemon” ? Which Daemon is greek for Demon right?

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These look solid enough to me:

12 Rules

The book is divided into chapters with each title representing one of the following twelve specific rules for life as explained through an essay.

  1. “Stand up straight with your shoulders back”
  2. “Treat yourself like you are someone you are responsible for helping”
  3. “Make friends with people who want the best for you”
  4. “Compare yourself with who you were yesterday, not with who someone else is today”
  5. “Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them”
  6. “Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world”
  7. “Pursue what is meaningful (not what is expedient)”
  8. “Tell the truth — or, at least, don’t lie”
  9. “Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t”
  10. “Be precise in your speech”
  11. “Do not bother children when they are skate-boarding”
  12. “Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street”

Source: 12 Rules for Life - Wikipedia

#4 is IMO the strongest point, not comparing yourself to anyone else except your own progress is an absolute powerhouse technique, and #2 is always good advice.

I don’t see it delivering the exact precise shape and size of dining table you want, as LoA did for me :smiley: and so many other things (it’s the single method I’ve got the most consistant & reliable results with, regardless of magickal paradigm or worldview at the time) but then it’s not designed for that, and it certainly sits pretty well alongside it, on the more common sense, “Don’t drink the bleach” end of things.

We live in a blessed time with so many amazing minds sharing their wisdom, all different flavours so one can choose what makes the most sense at the time. :heart_eyes_cat:

Yes - if you want to be rich at some unspecified future date, that’s about feeling rich, so work on feeling it now and be pleasant to all manifestations of the money (wealth, abundance, finance) current, and don’t give undue time or attention to manifestations of the poverty current.

See paying bills as you spending graciously on things, stuff like that - which can be hard for some people. :wink:

It’s intended to give y=us a moment to pause and check if we’re keeping true to what we claim to want, to be/feel rich, loved, healthy, etc., so yes, it is helpful.

Daemon, is a kind of soulm within you, a genius spirit, I take it loosely from the description here:

This is a similar idea:

I could have used the word daemon to denote what I portray as sentient-like currents of Wealth, Love, Cars, etc., but that would have got too confusing, including for me. :smiley:


Reminds me a lot of what grant morrison coined the term "Hyper sigil " Same ideas and concepts


I find that people seldom observe what actually is, but rather their perception of what is. It almost sounds like the same thing, but its not. Perception attaches values and meaning to what is observed. It’s what we call perceptual filters. It’s what dictates what we tell ourselves about what we experience and this influences our feelings. That’s why multiple witnesses to the same event give wildly varying accounts of it. That tendency is what allows us to reframe things more favorably if we choose and therefore change the feeling. But, yes, the feeling precedes the reality. Not the other way around.

Well, fuck. Throws my controller and rage quits.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I feel as if this was for me as i just began law of attraction. I think I’m gonna cut down on my subliminals as having multiple for each topic seems like insecurity.

I loved the tennis example since it has relevance to me.

Thank you for this. It’s very informative.