Why this magick didn't work then?

This guy was helped by an experienced satanist and still his magick didn’t work. In this particular occasion he was asking satan for a meaningful relationship and still the magick didn’t work.

The obvious technical issues, potentially, and it’s hard to tell from a video, are the lack of focused energy and belief, and the way he worded it.

That and the salmon pink shirt! :stuck_out_tongue: (just kidding)

When you word it as a want, the universe hears that you are manifesting want, and that’s what you get, more wanting. Take a look at this article about the law of attraction that speaks to this idea:

But more than that, he seems to be doing what I call “going through the motions”. But magick isn’t about pretty words in the woods, it’s a way to get your being to direct energy so that energy makes change. This dude looked like he just felt kinda silly, he’s distracted by being on camera, he was nowhere near in a state where he could focus his energy if he even know how, which he didn’t seem to. The only one I can sense power from is the mage, but you can’t do this for someone when thy don’t take it seriously, the working is blocked.

After that, there are as many more reasons why magick even when done right fails as there are mages that do magick. You’d really have to ask the mage in question and even then it might not be obvious.
If you use the search at top right and type in “magick fail” you’ll see a lot of posts talking about some of them.

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